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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tsunami alert for Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware, big...

I loved Pandora at first site but when I got a load of all her electrical power drivel and mayhem I about peed my pants.   Finding out one of her automatic power sliding doors - they open and close when you press the abracadabra button - had already been replaced didn't help. 


So I bought the Maxi-Care extended warranty.

And I know, I know.  The salesman was  laughing all the way to his pay check but let me tell you...  the $2360.00 that I spent in January is surprisingly close to what I would have spent in repairs already.

And it is not even a full four months (date to date) since I signed the contract. 

In February I had the blinker relay problem which was electrical and about $275 to fix (if I had to pay).

Now this problem, the Air Conditioning.  Much bigger.  

Big like 8.7 on the Richter scale, big. 

Big like Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware  needed a tsunami alert after I got that phone call, big.

"Over a thousand," they told me, "Oh and you need new shocks" (or struts... I can't remember now.  Some bouncy-bouncy things) but that's covered."

How much?

"About three or four hundred."

Do it.   

"And your rear windshield wiper isn't working, did you know that?"

No, is it covered?

"No but it's only $58."

I'll get back to you.

I'm only getting estimates for how much the repairs would have been because I'm trying to keep track of whether the warranty was a good value but I don't want to annoy the guys with specifics.  I figure after one more repair it will be a moot point - BECAUSE THAN THE REPAIRS WILL OUT-COST THE WARRANTY AND OMG ABOUT THAT.

After these repairs, the total will top $1650 (plus some more since I'm not getting exacts).  Add in six days of car rentals and that $2360 price for the warranty is looking KA-RAZY reasonable considering I've got almost two years left on it. 

So to those that say extended warranties are a bad idea, all I can say is - I'm doing a happy dance about mine.  And I'm doing it standing next to a free rental car with air conditioning.


Grace 5/6/10, 10:39 AM  

You pick your battles, you win the war.

Babes Mami 5/6/10, 12:36 PM  

Yay happy dance! That's awesome, that you will have AC in Pandora again. I need to get mine checked because summer in South Carolina is about 2000 degrees.

Maureen 5/6/10, 12:50 PM  

Woohoo! Gotta love that!

Pollyanna 5/6/10, 5:31 PM  

I had an extended warranty on a used Blazer that more than paid for itself - blinker issues, windshield wiper issues, a horn that wouldn't stop honking, windows that wouldn't go down (except, I swear, only when going through a McDonal's drive-thru), and a whole host of other items. Best money we ever spent.

Lin 5/6/10, 10:23 PM  

Is that Pandora on the new header??? Niiiicccce.

@eloh 5/6/10, 11:59 PM  

You sure are good at naming stuff.

Maybe call the next one "Dear Sweet Sainted Mother Mary"... just sayin'.

Janiss 5/7/10, 12:48 AM  

I have an extended warranty on a 2006 Mini Cooper I bought last year, and I thought I might have to use it because yesterday, it just died in the middle of one of L.A.'s major thoroughfares. So I had it towed to the repair shop, courtesy of my AAA-plus (100 free towing miles!).

So here was what was wrong with it. Ready? Are you sure? Absolutely positively sure? I ran out of gas. My mechanic filled it up with enough fuel to get me home. So I have yet to use the warranty.

J Sedai 5/7/10, 1:11 AM  

wow, that's going to end up being a good deal on your part pretty soon!!

and I like the new banner, but everyone I know is changing their blog pages! it makes me think I went to the wrong place, LOL change is good and all but dang every one at once?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/7/10, 6:52 AM  

I think everyone here's gotten some good use out of their warranties!

Lin, it is Pandora! I've been trying new headers and really havent liked any so I kept changing them, but this one I like. I'll keep it a while.

eloh :) I didnt name the van Pandora till after she turned out to be pandora.. Id have been just as happy if she'd turned out to be named 'lottery ticket'

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