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Monday, May 24, 2010

Frugalosity Teriyaki sauce recipe and link for BOGO Free Kikkoman coupon

This morning I convinced myself that ready made teriyaki sauce was grossly overpriced.  I don't know what started me on that but I couldn't get it out of my head. I obsessed all morning about this, weird.  I know.

 And I had thawed salmon in the fridge in need of cooking.

I hemmed and hawed about what to do because I was out of the pre-made stuff but I actually had a bunch of stuff I thought would make a decent teriyaki so I made one up.

Here's what I used and the why's after...  and a semi-unrelated but related coupon at the very end.

1/2 Cup Soy Sauce 
2/3 Cup of Light Brown Sugar (or less to taste) 
1/4 cup Vermouth
1/4 cup rice wine vinegar
1/2 (or more to taste) teaspoon of fresh grated ginger
3 large cloves garlic smashed

Put all in a sauce pan and heat gently to dissolve sugar. You don't want a hard boil here, nothing dramatic.

If you cook this too long you will end up with a syrup which might be alright but I wasn't going for that.

Okay, the why.

Soy sauce - obvious.

Light brown sugar -  That's what I had.  I'm sure you could use any sweetener your heart desires and probably less than I used.  Maybe half of what I used but I was going for sweet as opposed to gag-me salty.  I find some teriyaki sauce so salty that's all I can taste.

Vermouth - I didn't have saké and when I was growing up a neighbor lady (the one who drank) said, "Use vermouth in any recipe that calls for white wine... Plus that crap keeps forever in the fridge."

And no I'm not kidding about the above.

Rice Vinegar - The tang and because I didn't have saké.

As to the fresh grated ginger and garlic - I keep them in my freezer so I always have them.  You could leave them out or use the powdered stuff.

But honestly...


Look at it.  And it tasted better then it looks.

I brushed some on half and hour before cooking, than right before.  I broiled it till almost done - brushed again and than finished it for another sec or two.

The whole broiling affair takes, oh shoot - minutes.

I really liked the sauce better than a lot of sauces I've paid tons of cents a bottle for. I would totally make this again and I even have sauce left over.

And because the soy sauce I have is Kikkoman brand I was perusing the site... And I found a great coupon (here) When  you buy any of their sauces get their new Ponzu sauce free.

Ponzu is a Japanese citrus sauce and this is a mix of that with soy sauce - if that made any sense at all.

I don't usually do the coupon thing here but since I was posting a recipe and talking about it in a way to save me money how could I not?

*And because I've got to say's the way of the world - This isn't an ad.  Kikkoman doesn't know me, didn't contact me or any of those other things that would cost me $11,000.  I just like the their products.  M'kay?  Sheesh.*


Maureen 5/24/10, 7:14 PM  

The salmon looks good!

You know I had never tasted vermouth before and last fall i came across a recipe that called for it. Chicken in a dutch oven with vermouth, tarragon,grapes, etc. It was deeeeelicious!

Janiss 5/25/10, 2:25 AM  

Oh, that looks SO good! In fact, I had salmon on my mind this evening because Brian was making some and I had a marketing panel to attend (held by the local writers' organization), and had to leave early. Ugh. It is 11:30 pm my time and I am probably going to dream of salmon when I go to bed.

Sparkle, btw, probably got some in my absence. Lucky cat.

Amrit 5/25/10, 2:40 AM  

its a nice recipe...thanks for posting.

J Sedai 5/25/10, 3:11 AM  

ooo that looks SOOO yum, I'm gonna use that recipe, we to a thing with beef and veggies, like shishka bobs sans the sticks, in a roasting pan, and put it over rice, I bet that sauce would be DIVINE! I'll be sure to give you credit when I try it!

@eloh 5/25/10, 6:31 AM  

Seeing this picture... now I need salmon.

I used to make spring rolls in mass. All my kids loved them... and I made my own (sweet and sour)sauce because the stuff from the store came in tiny jars and even then was expensive.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/25/10, 9:00 AM  

Maureen - That sounds good! I hear that you can do that 50 garlic clove chicken with vermouth too. As far as I was told by the neighbor lady you can really sub with vermouth. I don't know if its true for everything but I use it a lot. Excpet when I use sherry - like in mushrooms - which also keeps forever

Janiss - LOL on Sparkle! It was a really easy thing to do... you could make it? It also was pretty highly flavored - the sauce - so it didnt require long marinating. Which was really really nice

Amrit - :)

J - I was thinking when I did this that I would totally use it on beef and chicken too. In fact it made over a cup of teriyaki so there is leftover and I need to make something else anyway. I dont' know what tho. Had chicken that way over the week end which is why I was out... And actually dont even know if I have any beef...expect maybe hm...

eloh - so hmmm.... can you send me the recipes for those??? I would totally love to know how to make sweet and sour sauce. Like duck sauce right? The orange stuff. and your right, expensive.

and springrolls to. Ive never done that but totally would

Kimberley 5/25/10, 12:31 PM  

I am bad for buying pre-made sauces from the store but I have to say if the extra cost saves me time cooking and cleaning then I will just have to make that sacrifice! Thanks for sharing the recipe I may have to try it out!

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