The Crazy Suburban Mom: Tazzy Head Bookmark Giveaway because FedEx is so crafty!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tazzy Head Bookmark Giveaway because FedEx is so crafty!

A woman with Photoshop and a 
laminating machine is a dangerous thing.


I've been using both to do sort of Where's Tazzy? 
Bookmarks for friends...


If you know me you've gotten a book mark of Tazzy


Perhaps in Waikiki


Or going to the ATM


Or checking to see if her feathers make her butt looks fat...

But a home laminating machine is ...  hmmmm.  Here's the thing - They are a giant pain and expensive to buy and use - something I didn't know until I bought the bulky thing.

Mom Central sent an email about Fed Ex's Out of Office blog, and when I went and found that FedEx stores would have laminated Tazzy for me I was all, well okay - Never mind what I was all...  Let's just leave it at having laminating done is much easier than doing it.  

Oh  FedEx, FedEx where were you when I was laminating my Tazzy onto the Eiffel tower?


They asked if I'd get the word out and I of course I agreed.  There are really cute projects to do and I want to spare you the laminating pain I had.

Should you ever want to laminate your bird to a foreign landmark.

Um.  Never mind that last thing.

As a fun extra - I have one of the little square Tazzy Head bookmarks and I'll do a giveaway if anyone is interested?  Not that I'm even sure anyone who isn't forced by me would want a book mark of Tazzy's head...  just sayin'


Leave me your email and let me know you want to be in the giveaway and I'll do a random drawing.
Entries until Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Winner Announced Thursday Morning

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of FedEx Office and received the items necessary to facilitate my review. In addition, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


Lin 5/30/10, 11:01 PM  

Can you just spare me the random drawing and giveaway crap and just give me one of those bookmarks?? 'cuz I would really like that because I think Taz rocks and so do you and it would make everyone in my life jealous AND I'm like your best friend in the blogging world--well, I think I am anyway.

Hey, maybe I'll trade you for a Hobbes bookmark!!

Anonymous,  5/31/10, 7:53 AM  

What a cool toy! I want a laminating machine now. I dont' know what I will be laminating, but i'm sure I'll find something!

Hey, I'm in for the bookmark...Tazzy would look great in my bookmark basket in my library!

I am Harriet 5/31/10, 8:48 AM  

Hi Tracy!
Just 'dropping by' and I had to tell you that I love your renovation!
Looks like things are rockin' in NJ!


Momstart 5/31/10, 10:26 PM  

He is kinda cute!

Vonlipi 6/1/10, 9:17 AM  

Count me in for the bookmark! Tazzy is sooo cute!

Will you make some of Ginger in her muffin?

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