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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mmmmmm, Tangy!

That show, The Doctors, don't watch it.   I saw it one time before, sometime last year and they were doing a segment on running around without underpants.  But oh! not in a creepy, raincoat way, in a healthful way, yeah - Whatever. 

I don't watch medical shows.  I worked in hospitals for like, twenty years so don't watch 'em.  It's not entertainment, it's like overtime or something.   The other day I couldn't find the remote and it was on so I was the prisoner of several painfully photogenic physicians for a while.  Fortunately there was nothing about underpants this time.

The segment was about spring cleaning and it was actually- it pains me to say it - It was good.   

They had advice about cleaning your appliances.  Some tips I knew, some I didnt.   Since I have a ratty old dishwasher and they started talking microbes my OCD was just banging.  The show motivated me to bomb my dishwasher with three dish-free washes - One with a few tablespoons of bleach, followed by one with a coffee cup of vinegar .... followed by one with half a container of Astronaut Juice.


It does look clean(er) and shiny(ier) in there, I must say and smells a heck of a lot better.  Are the dishes cleaner?  Well my dishwasher is 14 years old so your dishes are probably way cleaner than mine anyway but I'm thinking in a microbial sense - yeah, they probably are cleaner.

At least my OCD and I are going with that premise.

***Update - A lot of people have been confused about the Tang part.  Supposedly... the citric acid in the tang works to remove the hard water scaling on the dishwasher, leaving the parts cleaner in general, shinier and gives it an over-all clean smell.  I think it works - based on what I noticed.  Since it's the citric acid not Tang itself you can use any kids drink that is high in citric acid. ***


Babes Mami 5/20/10, 12:19 PM  

germs in the dishwasher? Buying Tang tomorrow.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/20/10, 12:20 PM  

I know, I know.... Yuk.

J Sedai 5/20/10, 6:09 PM  

maybe the overlaod of Vitamin C is what does it? I might have to try this, my dishwasher could use a freshing up

Maureen 5/20/10, 8:59 PM  

The Doctors can be a bunch of clowns but sometimes they have good stuff.

Ruth 5/21/10, 1:13 AM  

I don't watch The Doctors all that much but I have to say Travis Stork is awfully cute. ;-)

Chandler landscaping 5/21/10, 1:35 AM  

Agreed! I think those hospital shows are exhausting too. Good ol' tang!

Mayet 5/21/10, 3:52 AM  

interesting!!funny coz the other day I was agonizing about mine coz it needs some cleaning--I might try that but need to find some substitute for Tang. I don't think we have it here.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/21/10, 8:40 AM  

It's actually the citric acid in the Tang and I understand and kids drink high in it will work. Tang comes in big sizes around here so it was easy for me to get. But it's not the only one that will work from what I understand.

@eloh 5/21/10, 8:44 AM  

Bleach= kill
Vinegar=flush out

imelda 5/21/10, 8:45 AM  

i love tang more than any other juice drinks

Vonlipi 5/21/10, 9:27 AM  

I can't believe I missed that post! I don't watch THe Doctors either...too much BOTOX action going on there for me to believe them....but I loved your dishwasher tips. I had read that you could run a cycle with half a lemon in the little cage (I have one in mine). A compartement that closes. It did wonders with the smell! I find the smell gets better or worse depending on which detergent I use...

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