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Monday, May 24, 2010

Geneen Roth - A Women, Food and God Video and Ginger if you need her

  I did a post about Ginger this morning because I know the eating thing isn't for everyone.

peeking ginger

If you want to skip the weight issue thing,
click here to go directly to Ginger.

 I wanted write something about the book Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything but than I found a reading that Geneen Roth did and I'm still, okay.  Crying.  I'm crying.

Why is weight so close to every sad emotion I own?

It can't just be me.


Maureen 5/24/10, 12:46 PM  

I absolutely believe that weight issues are related to loving yourself. That's why diets don't work. They only treat the symptoms.

Geneen Roth 5/25/10, 3:13 PM  

It isn't just you...and you are not alone. Many of us struggle with this. Compulsive eating is a way we leave ourselves when life gets hard...Compulsive eating is a way we distance ourselves from the way things are when they are not how we want them to be. If you don't allow a feeling to begin, you also don't allow it to end. I hope Women Food and God helps to ease your struggle. Thinking of you...

Geneen Roth

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/25/10, 3:20 PM  

Oh my.

My, my, my... Mostly what I do here is funny... But I can't seem to not work through some of this 'out loud' on my blog because this is my life too.

I don't even know what to say that you commented, Geneen.

But I have these tears falling down my cheeks again.

This is going to take me some time to process.


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