The Crazy Suburban Mom: A few random thoughts and then onto the main point, which is the book Woman, Food, and God

Monday, May 17, 2010

A few random thoughts and then onto the main point, which is the book Woman, Food, and God

What do I want to talk about today? 

Picked Pandora up Saturday and asked the lady behind the counter, "Is it always like this?"

Counter Lady:  You can never tell with used cars, I always buy new so I don't end up with someone else's headache.  Will that be cash or charge?

I felt myself go into MUAY PAD THAI attack stance.  MUAY PAD THAI is the lost art of  ASIAN KICK-BOX SPORT COOKING.   Totally wanted give that woman a spinning General Tso's back kick to the groin and scream, "FUNNY, THE  SALESMAN DIDN'T MENTION THE HEADACHE PART!"

But I just paid.

And now Pandora's back lift gate doesn't go up automatically, sometimes. Again.  And never on the first click. She's been in for that already but I know how it is to fix/ not fix an intermittent problem.  They rebooted the door basically. But the lift gate never, ever works from the panel inside the car. My fault about that I forgot to mention it; and honestly I don't know if that's broken or I just am doing something wrong but probably not. Cause the left door opens... But than again.

The right side door won't open from that panel either. At all.

But I can't even call them.  I'm starting to say, "It's me again" when they answer.  

I'd rather talk nail polish.


And because my taste in nail color is similar to that...


 ...of what the average three year old girl keeps in her Polly Pocket purse, I picked Chrome Gold.   It's also a pen so it makes doing the toes easy.  C'mon, who doesn't want gold-leafed toes?

And onto the actual point...

  And it's not about my van or toes.  Has anyone read  Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything
I read it over the week-end and it's very good.

Really, really good.  Geneen Roth ,the author,says on her website,  "Your relationship to food is an unexpected path to almost everything. It is doorway, not a wall, an opening, not a closing. All that you believe about love, change, joy and possibility is revealed in how, when and what you eat.  The world is on your plate."

I've read her other books but something about this one was uniquely different.   I absorbed the other books intellectually; they made exquisite sense to me and yet I didn't do a single thing she said.

In the past even though I knew she was talking truth, once I was done reading, I was done.  I was back in my life and what she said was gone.  Not apply-able.  And I don't mean not-applicable, because it was - I mean I wasn't able to apply a thing.

This book was very personal.  The core - the message - of the other books was there but something made this book about my life. Me.

As to the God in the title.  It's the spiritual sense - not an overt God in heaven almighty type meaning so just sayin' if that's a turn off for you - it won't get in the way. 

I'd really like to take something from this book once a week, or so and maybe write about it and than maybe have other people write about the same thing - maybe do a Linky or just link to so I can find what other people wrote too.  If they want to.
I'm going to start next week sometime to give people a chance to think about it and get the book if they want to.  


Vonlipi 5/17/10, 8:19 AM  

I have the same taste in nail polish! Are those Birkenstocks? I love those and I'm still mourning the ones I had....

That books sounds interesting, I'll look into it.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/17/10, 8:41 AM  

They are Birkenstocks! I actually wish I had a fun colored pair instead of a boring black pair. I might buy a more girly pair this year!

And the book is really great

Debbie 5/17/10, 8:56 AM  

Your car tales make me so sad. I am sorry for you! Hope it all gets going well soon.

Denise Burks 5/17/10, 10:21 AM  

I few nights ago I stayed up really late and channel surfed. I found Oprah interviewing Geneen Roth author of Women Food and God.

I kind of liked the show and I thought that the message was significant. As much as I have been obsessing about weight loss and how my emotional barometer drives my pursuit of fitness, this particular show should have been a real attention grabber for me. But sorry to say, I just wasn't that inspired. In fact, it had the opposite effect. During the commercial break I ran to the kitchen to fetch a big bowl of Rice Chex.

This morning a friend forwarded a Anita Renfroe ( ) video to me. Anita Renfroe is a comedian that I discovered several years ago when her William Tell Overture Mom Song became a YouTube sensation.

Now that is inspiration!

I totally agree with Oprah, Geneen and you, dear friend. I need to accept myself just as I am in order to embrace a loving and nurturing lifestyle. If I see myself as crap, that's exactly how I'll treat myself. But the thing that Oprah forgot to tell me, which Anita Renfroe did, is to lighten up and get a sense of humor, too!

I love your blog!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/17/10, 12:45 PM  

Denise, The sense of humor thing, so true. And the thing that Oprah missed telling about on the show is that the book is sprinkled with quite a bit of humor. And its interesting, I've found Geneen Roths other books to have...what I call attempts at humor and some were kind of funny.

This book I've found the most genuine. And the most genuine in humor too. I actually laughed while reading this where as while reading the others, I just recognized that somethings were humorous. Its a different thing...

And thank you so much for all those kind words!


Maureen 5/17/10, 1:18 PM  

I was going to ask if she was the one on Oprah. I caught a bit of the show. I should order the book because I'm book-less right now. Thing is I'm headed to Montreal to move my daughter back home! Hurray! So not much reading time but I can join in next month.

ladyjanewriter 5/17/10, 2:02 PM  

Again, Jersey needs a Lemon Law if you don't have one. This is redonkulous.

I'm trying to remember if I read Feeding The Hungry Heart or not...that book sounds amazing. (Like I need more books).

And, oooooo. I think I may get that nail polish! The pen looks really goof-proof, and Sally Hansen Stuff lasts a loooong time without chipping. My pinkie toes are all jacked up and twisted funny and I'm all self-concious, but a little pop o' color could be fun!

ladyjanewriter 5/17/10, 2:03 PM  

Oh, also that nail polish looks like it could be FUN for art projects! :-D

jellybelly 5/18/10, 3:59 AM  

Nice nail polish...hmmmmm...gotta give it a try sometime that nail polish pen.

Johnnie 5/18/10, 10:16 AM  

I don't know where to start. I name my used car headaches too! Just got one. His name is Sam. Pandora... nice choice.

LOVE the toenail polish and I am so excited to bust out the gold leaf pen. Thanx for the tip.

Getting the book from your link. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.

Thanks for the blog follow!

Lin 5/18/10, 10:18 PM  

That is some funky polish and them is some funky toes, Tracy. Criminy, toe #2 and #3 are Long--way long. I have stubby toes.

Why am I fixated on your toes??

Ruth 5/19/10, 4:18 AM  

Oh-kay, Pandora needs a serious exorcism, she is totally possessed by the breakdown demon! As for the lady who "always buys new", there's an old saying that a car loses half its value just by driving it off the dealer's lot. New cars have bugs that need to be worked out too, IIRC the Toyota recalls for the brake problems were all on models that were a year or 2 old or less. I don't remember if you said how old Pandora is but my parents always go for cars that are at least a couple years old (their current car is a 2006 Buick Century). They usually work out really well, at least for a few years, and when it gets to the point that there's a repair that would cost more than a new(er) car they junk it and get another one.

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