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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Always will

Wasn't I just carrying you ?


Being pregnant was so hard; I almost lost you.
You almost lost me.


Do you know you had the biggest eyes I'd ever seen?

I didn't think I could love you more.

But I was wrong.


Everything you did made me love you more.

Just looking at you made me love you more.


It still does.


Always will.


Anonymous,  5/19/10, 8:18 AM  

That is beautiful. What an expression of a mother's love for her son. Crying now. Thanks :)

dondi 5/19/10, 8:27 AM  

You got a wonderful kid! You must be a proud mama.

Nancy 5/19/10, 9:27 AM  

love the eyes, very handsome!

dddiva 5/19/10, 10:44 AM  

Great post- and yes, the time flies

Still On The Verge 5/19/10, 11:08 AM  

What a beautiful post.


Mayet 5/19/10, 11:32 AM  

the love of a mother!!

this is beautiful.

Maureen 5/19/10, 12:44 PM  


Mom Mayhem says: 5/19/10, 1:16 PM  

Awww-Beautiful post!

Evil Twin's Wife 5/19/10, 1:33 PM  

The time does fly by, doesn't it? Beautiful boy!

B Boys Mom 5/19/10, 3:45 PM  

I love each of my babies now men so much I would do anything for them. There is nothing like a mothers love.

Babes Mami 5/19/10, 5:59 PM  

love it!!

~Shelley~ 5/19/10, 7:24 PM  

Absolutely beautiful post!

Angela @ Nine More Months 5/19/10, 7:50 PM  

An adorable baby and now a handsome young man! What a lucky momma. :)

ceemee 5/19/10, 9:33 PM  

Great heart-warming post!

Barb 5/19/10, 9:52 PM  

That was amazingly beautiful. I still feel the same way about my 30 y/o daughter except even more now that she has a baby of her own.

Lin 5/19/10, 10:42 PM  

Crap. I'm gonna cry again. This kids-growing-up crap has GOT to end! Isn't it hard to let go??

BK 5/19/10, 11:34 PM  

Simply beautiful.

Ruth 5/20/10, 12:40 AM  

Awesome post. The time just goes too fast, mine are 14 and 18 and I feel like they were just little tykes not so long ago!

jellybelly 5/20/10, 2:22 AM  

You did a great job raising him!

Enchie 5/20/10, 4:49 AM  

I sense an over-whelming feeling from the author reading this post. The greatest gift parenthood can give is being able to cherish every moment we spend with our child. And you are blessed to have witnessed everything.

sandy 5/20/10, 9:51 AM  

Motherhood is a HUGE high. Very nice.


-=einz=- 5/20/10, 10:51 AM  

aaaw... that's so sweet!

Stacie's Madness 5/20/10, 11:58 AM  

holy cats that's beautiful

yeokeehui 5/20/10, 9:32 PM  

That's great. Does he know it?

Thrifted Treasure 5/20/10, 9:54 PM  

Sniff... I have 3 boys so can totally relate to how I love them more and more each day even though I think it's impossible to love any more than I do or my heart may burst. You have a very handsome son. Mine are still little.

wendy 5/21/10, 3:24 AM  

very sweet post. i also have 2 boys, still young though. 3 years old and 5 months old. i love every minute i spend with them, consider and take in the tantrums and diaper moments.

@eloh 5/21/10, 7:43 AM  

Beautiful child.

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