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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All about PAM...

And as much as I realize that sounds like a pay per view porno, it's not.

A few weeks ago I ordered a new non-stick pan because the old one - like every one I've ever had, became Velcro.  I asked what I was doing wrong and how to keep the new one  in fresh out of the box, roll an egg around the pan without a quart of oil and a prayer, slick.  (post is here).

Everyone pinpointed exactly what I was doing wrong.  Pretty much stacking stuff on the pan and the bigger issue.  This stuff...

I couldn't remember what it was about PAM so I wrote and asked the company.  I thought maybe it was the way I was cleaning the pans or cooking, something.  Here's my answer.

Dear Ms. Reinhardt,

Thank you for your email concerning our PAM® Cooking Spray.

I am sorry however I can not speak to another companies [sic]
reasoning.  You may want to contact the company who manufactures your cook-ware and see what the instructions for using it are.

If you have any further questions please do not hessitate [sic]
to contact us.


 I don't even know where to go with that answer.... Besides grammar check but far be it from me to be the grammar police - It's so rare for someone to have less grasp on grammar then me, it was sort of an ego boost.

I wish I had a copy of the question as I wrote it but they don't take emails, they use a site fill-in form - and it took them what?  Two weeks to formulate that answer....

I believe what I asked is why companies suggest you do not use PAM on their non-stick products.   And I did think they would answer in a direct manner since the new PAM Professional®  " patented oil blend resists residue buildup on your cookware, so cleanup is easy. "

And PAM, if you think for a second that I believe you don't have the answer as to the whys of my question and the wherefores of the cookware (I believe is the correct spelling, not cook-ware. Maybe that's the Ye Olde English spelling...Or it could be a normal variation cause like I said, spelling - Not my thing. )  companies... Well - Here's the thing:    I have other cookware that I could use PAM on if it's really not suitable for non-stick...  But you didn't answer my question.


If you had said to me, Try PAM Professional®, here's a coupon.  It doesn't have lecithin...  I might have tried the new stuff.


C'mon, I would have been okay with almost answer that:
1.  Seemed like it took more than two seconds to write and...
2.  Made me feel like you valued me as a customer and...
C.  Didn't sound like W.C. Fields in an old (very old) movie saying - Get away from me kid, ya bother me  and...
4.  #Fail


Vonlipi 5/26/10, 9:53 AM  

I hate it when you write a company for a comment or a question and they answer that non answer crap! What's wrong with thrm? Don't they have customer service reps? It's not like PAM is made by a small boondocks company! They obviously don't want us to buy their products!
I sent a complaint via email to Chloraseptic because their losenges with a liquid center had a solid center and didn't numb my throat ; it's been a week and NO answer!

Vintage Christine 5/26/10, 9:53 AM  

Well, at least you know that the answer was written by an American because if it had been written by an Indian from India the English would've been better. Yes, I know we can't understand them when we call Customer Service and our call gets shot over to India, but they still speak better English than we do. I stopped using Pam and just use a little bit of EVOO on the "nonstick" pans. Works great, rarely sticks.

ladyjanewriter 5/26/10, 10:01 AM  

I hate that I don't have a job, and that Joe Hessssssitate with multiple s's does. Grrrrrr.

(Sorry, am bitter.)

I kept trying to explain to my mom that they're hiring by the pound these days, and that it's worse than usual. Maybe I should link to this blog post as proof. I think I will.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/26/10, 10:01 AM  

Christine - Yep. Pretty much what I did while waiting for the answer. I filled a mister bottle with oil to mist the pan and I guess that is what I will do forever - since I can't get an answer that will work for me.

And a shame it is. Since I've been a customer of that company through 20 years worth of non-stick pans.

V - Yep, agreed. You would actually think there would be a better way to address issues to solve them.

Anonymous,  5/26/10, 10:14 AM  

It is truly sad that nearly everyone I know has had a similar experience. it is clear these companies do not care for our business and I for one humor them by giving my business elsewhere when they pull something like this. Go elsewhere-they clearly dont care.

ladyjanewriter 5/26/10, 10:24 AM  

Yep, I totally sent the link to my mom, along with a venting e-mail about how ridiculous the job search is for me these days.

Maybe I should get a lobotomy so I can get a job.


Anonymous,  5/26/10, 12:54 PM  

I just had a similar run-around with Garnier except they did send me 2 $5-off coupons. But since I will never use a Garnier product again they are useless. Anyone want them?

I got an "answer" from a customer rep who obviously never read my email to Garnier. So I got a non-answer to a non-question. Shortly thereafter I got another email from Garnier to rate their customer service - hoo-boy I'm sure they regreted doing that.

I no longer, use non-stick pans - they never non-stuck even when they were new. I bought stainless steel pans last year and I am so in love with them. I still use PAM, it works better than oil on the stainless steel. And if the pan gets a little ugly, a little Bon-Ami cleans and shines - God, I love these pans.

Da Dude 5/26/10, 9:12 PM  

I use BBQ formulated Pam a lot on my grills, non-stick and otherwise. They clean up easy. I don't use it a lot in my non-stick pans. I usually scratch them.

Babes Mami 5/26/10, 10:14 PM  

Thanks for writing us but it's your fault that our product isn't supposed to be used on pans. Now go away!

Lame customer service!

@eloh 5/27/10, 2:38 PM  

Dude, my dad says I git two bee the custoomer seervice guy. i kan right reel good.

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