The Crazy Suburban Mom: A 7 Act Regular Retro Tuesday Drama and because I can't stop myself, let's make it To Go...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A 7 Act Regular Retro Tuesday Drama and because I can't stop myself, let's make it To Go...

The women in vintage ads took a lot of heat.

(I'm making these images clickable in case anyone cant read them)

Or maybe women in the 1940's and 50's just had lives like that.  In any case they never quite seemed to do life the right way, the best way - The way their neighbors, in-laws or husbands would. And advertisers played on their insecurities.

Bob's main problem turns out to be spoiling the boy. My main problem is I want to scream, QUIT BEING A JUDGMENTAL TOOL AND HELP YOUR WIFE CHANGE A DIAPER EVERY OTHER MONTH WHY DONTCHA?

See of all the spoiling Madge is doing Bob main contention is he doesn't want his kid having any sissy laxative...

As a related aside:

There were two Fletcher's Castoria B-17 Flying Fortress bombers during World War II, both part of the 100th Bomber Group.

Didn't they find the thought of a Laxative Logo-ed bomber dropping um, well frankly anything, on a town just the most bizarre visual in the history of bizarre visuals?  

 Back to Bob and Madge.

Look at that baby suck that stuff down...

And look how happy Bob is.  No doubt picturing all the Baby Daddy Diaper Bonding moments he will soon be missing, "Gotta go play golf, Madge.  Geeeze, Hon open a window in here."

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Vonlipi 5/18/10, 9:13 AM  

Geez Louise! I bet Madge is hitting the cooking sherry pretty hard...She doing everything all by herself and has to argue with that bonehead of a husband.

'you are making a sissy out of him Madge'

Lynette 5/18/10, 9:53 AM  

poor Madge, dish pan hands and all....and to think he may be a not at all. You bet that with all that castoria he will be able to grow strong and beat the poop out of
sorry but your right this was a funny ad sequence.
How could I ever ever top that one.

bingkee 5/18/10, 1:40 PM  

Thanks for sharing this funny retro-post....I love it.

Babes Mami 5/18/10, 2:55 PM  

If I was Madge I would have headed for the hills long ago! I agree Bob needs to stop golfing and smoking cigars and change a Fletchers' Castoria diaper!

Jamie 5/18/10, 5:50 PM  

Bob would totally be divorced today. If he could even get a modern woman...

Janiss 5/18/10, 6:09 PM  

Nowadays, from what I've gathered from my parental friends, "Bob" would be miffed if the kid wasn't getting spoiled ENOUGH! But at least he'd chip in with diaper duty now and again (although with nowhere near as much frequency as he should!). And fortunately, no one would be drinking that vile laxative.

Sparkle the Designer Cat 5/18/10, 6:11 PM  

My human (directly above) isn't telling the whole story. She and her fiance often discuss whether we cats are being spoiled. And we DO get kitty laxative, otherwise known as hairball remedy.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/18/10, 6:50 PM  

Sparkle - Oh Ive had a long haired cat - hairball stuff is not negotiable!

Maureen 5/18/10, 7:50 PM  

In my world, Bob would be sporting a couple of shiners!

Lin 5/18/10, 10:18 PM  

Bob is an ass. I'm glad those days are gone--well I THINK they are anyway.

Ruth 5/19/10, 4:07 AM  

Bob needs a smack upside the head...and Madge needs to get rid of him and get herself a B.O.B.! ;-)

Coloradolady 5/20/10, 7:21 AM  

It is a good thing I was not born during this, oh, my....yes, Bob needs a lesson or two!

I remember this stuff, and think I had several doses as a kid!!

Great ad, love it...have a great VTT!

LV 5/20/10, 9:21 AM  

Loved your post today. I remember that product very well. The story you featured today was great.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm 5/20/10, 11:37 AM  

Oh, my, lol! What a funny ad and post!


Miri 5/20/10, 12:18 PM  

LOL! Why did they always like to "dose" a kid?

Madge in the end seemed to know just how to handle her "Big Man".

CC 5/20/10, 7:02 PM  

I am of the humble opinion that perhaps Bob needs a knuckle knot right between his eyes to get his attention..maybe then he would listen. :). Poor you suppose she ever got Bob to change a diaper???
Happy VTT..have a wonderful weekend..

Thrifted Treasure 5/20/10, 9:56 PM  

These cracked me up! On a related note I need the exact opposite of a laxative for my youngest today, hasn't stopped poo-ing all morning, maybe a cork would do it ;-)

shopannies 5/20/10, 10:33 PM  

love the old advertisements and magazines

Sarah 5/20/10, 10:54 PM  

That was great...totally loved your commentary! The Dad sorta came across as an idiot if he thought a little boy could use the same laxative that he could...but whatever. :)

How funny...


Gracefully Vintage 5/21/10, 2:06 AM  

That is too funny- i love those adds or at least the pics- how funny to look back at how things were-
Just became a follower- from another momma-
Cute Blog

bonnie 5/21/10, 7:27 PM  

At least Bob didn't drag his Mom into the argument for backup : )
I'd rather have him out playing golf than have to listen him all day.

labbott 5/23/10, 9:40 PM  

What in God's name was up with the baby that she needed to buy the economical family size bottle? ~JerseyDivaMom

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