The Crazy Suburban Mom: What I've learned about decluttering so far...

Monday, April 5, 2010

What I've learned about decluttering so far...

1.  Bins Bad. Shelving Good. -  All previous attempts at decluttering have begun with me running out for more bins.  Not Tupperware bins but bins the size of Pods.  Not that I have anything against Pods, by the way, and many a day I have dreamed of having them just back a truck up to this nightmare and hauling my pain away.

But this time I got rid of the junk first and I have bins left over.  Yeah, no kidding.  I have empty bins and I'm not even done with decluttering.

2.  There will always be a darkest before the dawn phase of decluttering.  There is no way to open Pandora's box of craptastic junk and have it not look worse than it did when all your stuff was hidden in closets, attics, and every crevice.    At least for a while. 

You have to know this will happen and just steel yourself.

3.  The decluttering version of the diet saying: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.  There is a huge relief that comes with lightening the load you've lived under, even midway through the process.  Getting rid of junk feels like losing weight; it's odd, really.   And the relief is proportional to how bad you felt before.

4.  Put the fear in organizing.  Maybe taking all your stuff out and really seeing what you've accumulated isn't such a bad thing.   If you have it stuffed into bins and hidden away it's not very scary but if it's all over your kitchen table and you have to look at the things you haven't seen in two years and have to ask yourself why in the world do I own this two foot by seven foot pile that means nothing to me?

It's pretty scary.  And sobering.

5. The clutter law of unintended consequences.  Once you start the process things you've been ignoring  can not be ignored.  Basically, the project gets bigger.  How big I guess depends on many things.   But I think it will always be bigger than you imagined; just know that going in and be zen with it.

6.  The. Migraine.  There will be stress.  I think that's the main message here.  You will react to it however you react to it.  Letting things go is hard and decluttering is physical besides.  It's not easy but it is worth it.

And so far that's what I've learned.


Maureen 4/5/10, 5:02 PM  

I hear ya! Any major cleaning always involves a "what the sam hell have I gotten myself into???" moment. But when it's done, it feels soooo goooood!

juliet 4/5/10, 6:05 PM  

a nice blog and style of writing...

Vonlipi 4/5/10, 9:58 PM  

You ARE my decluttering idol! YOU ROCK!!! I hope the migraine is history!

J Sedai 4/5/10, 11:52 PM  

where's the like button when you really need it?? great break down, now if I could get my mother in law to read it! LOL way to go, keep it up!

Cascia 4/6/10, 11:21 AM  

Great tips! I need to start decluttering.

Crafty Notes 4/6/10, 12:22 PM  

Put the fear in organizing? I love it! I'm really good about shoving stuff in bins and letting it sit....

Maureen 4/6/10, 8:04 PM  

Come out, come out, wherever you are......

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 4/7/10, 12:13 AM  

"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." I think this sentence has just helped remotivate me on going to the gym! Thank you!

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