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Monday, April 12, 2010

Shlumpy about sums it up

I went shopping this morning because well, I don't know why.  

Wait, I do.

First, with cleaning out the attic last weekend I realized I have no summer clothes to take down this year. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. My summer wardrobe is a null set.  I'm down half the pounds I need to lose and there's nothing up there for me this year and then there's this...   I feel stuck.

I'm making progress on decluttering my house but my body feels cluttered.  Does that even make sense?

I haven't been to Weight Watchers in about three weeks and lost my ooomph.  I feel blah.  And style impaired (plus fat at the moment).  

The word shlumpy about sums it up.

I was looking around for inspiration on style and I like the videos on the Kmart Design Site because they have a cool vibe and an artsy look (which I love) and  the ideas are really good.  I went back to this one which I've always liked...

And it got me thinking...

About how little I think of design in general.  And than about the scarf thing because something like that really finishes outfits and how long has it been since I thought - outfit, anyway?  Much less finishing one.

How long has it since I thought past, is it clean. If we're being honest.

So I went to Lane Bryant this morning because that's the only place I have a credit card.  

And hey, no offense Lane Bryant but I could use a place a bit more varied.  I mean I have hot flashes, you know?  And they have a lot of stuff with an excess of zippers and day-glo graffiti graphics and ....Well, on someone who says, is it hot in here to you? Like, 17 times a day wearing too many zippers screams PATHETIC AGING GROUPIE, which I don't know is kind of ew.  Anyway.

I did my best...


Not the scarf I got but close and I'm with Mary, they rock.


Got my own person version of Daisy Dukes.
Or Daisy Dukes for the cellulite set...


And some capri pants for when I don't want to be Daisy Dukeish


Honestly, this shirt looks so much better on.  It's sort
of long and lean and probably better with a tank being a bit shear.


The black and white top thing...


And this blingy tank for under it...


Now this...This looks so much better on I wasn't even go to post a
pic but I got a blazer to wear over it so I'm showing it.
I promise it doesn't look like an oddly wrapped bandage on.


The blazer... Which looks nice over stuff I have too...


The shirt looks nice under this too...

So that was my morning.   I got tired of wearing things I didn't like that did nothing for me or maybe that's not even it because I'm used to that...  I wanted to wait until I was done losing and to be honest spent money I didn't have  - And did everyone in my hemisphere hear me yelling CHARGE IT!  Uh-huh...thought so....

...but I think my efforts to stay in the clothes I was wearing was bringing me down, man.  Way down.  Making me feel I wasn't progressing.  Stagnating. And than I did finally stop progressing because I stopped feeling good about myself.

Or something along those lines.

At least I hope I'm right because now I have these clothes to pay off and if it doesn't help I'll be stalled and have these clothes to pay off.

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Babes Mami 4/12/10, 2:16 PM  

Something I am learning on the weight loss journey is not to wait to buy new clothes. Don't buy two tons but enough. For the very reasons you said. You start to feel blah and ick and gross and all those words because stuff is too big and isn't looking right.

Congrats on new clothes!

Vonlipi 4/12/10, 2:27 PM  

Buying new clothes was a really good idea! I'm sure you'll be back on track in no time. The weight loss journey is just that a journey: You have ups and downs and stalls,sunny days and rainy ones. You must not give up!

mama-face 4/12/10, 5:51 PM  

It is interesting how dressing nice makes one feel like a entirely different person. The clothes are beautiful. Enjoy!

Dana 4/12/10, 6:27 PM  

Love your choices in clothes....must check out Lane Bryant soon. Now that you have those new clothes, I'm sure you feel so much better about yourself because you look good and feel good about yourself again. Like you and everyone else said, weight loss is a journey and it doesn't happen overnight.

Maureen 4/12/10, 8:33 PM  

You go girl! Another step in the right direction.

Anna 4/13/10, 1:25 AM  

Oh, I so understand everything you said and yes, "Shlumpy" is a perfect word! I'm in a similar situation with my weight and a new outfit does wonders for the attitude. You've got some cute pieces! Enjoy!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique 4/13/10, 8:08 AM  

Never give up on your journey/goal!! One day at a time~ And I think giving yourself little "susses" ( what we call little gifts or fun surprises!!) along the way is important too! Love the scarf! Keep it up!! And have a great week!

Lin 4/13/10, 11:02 PM  

I think it's important to get new clothes whenever you go up or down 10 lbs because your old stuff doesn't fit so well then. I love the new clothes. Make sure you go and get some cheap new jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings) to make it all sparkle. You can get cheap stuff that looks GREAT. Go on....go spend some more money to make yourself feel good AND look good. You deserve it!!!

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