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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retro Tuesday with a colorful zoom, zoom, zoom...

After the 1960's all interior car color options started to disappear and what's up with that anyway?  I don't think I've seen an interesting color on opening a car door since the mid - 70's.

Slowly car interior colors have dwindled to:

- Black
- Gray
- And my personal favorite - and probably yours too - jaundice

None of this applies however if you get a Bentley.  If you get one of those you can opt for  Hello Kitty  embossed pink leather seats in a chartreuse striped and paisley exterior. Not that that would be in especially good taste although I'd sure like one.

But for those of us not getting a Bentley, I continue...

Seriously.  How could red have been a bad idea?


C'mon... look at it.


And for real, this Ford Fairlane


I would put these aqua and white seats in my living room.


And the yellow and black bumble bee thing going on  here is officially better than pink embossed Hello Kitty ...


Even white's looking good in 2010...


...because I'll tell you of all the colors to keep?  Black?


Do you have any idea how hot the interior of a black car is?  Especially a black leather interior... I haven't had a new car in decades so I'm kind of stuck with what someone else picked but every one of the last four cars I've owned had air conditioners that failed and two of them had black leather seats and I drove around like that for over half of the last ten years.

And no I'm not even kidding.  

It's amazing I'm even overweight with all that sweating.

So that was my Retro Tuesday salute to car interiors, but not any one in the last few decades because they are just awful.  I want some color in my cars, man...  Is that wrong?   


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imelda 4/27/10, 7:23 AM  

i was brought back to the olden days. ty for sharing

Nikki Cupcake 4/27/10, 8:19 AM  

i was just having this exact conversation with my dad just this past weekend

we just bought our 3rd volvo 1800 es and the first one had black interior the 2nd one has black interior but the newest one has bright orange interior

i told the guy that we could always just refinish the seats but then i got dirty looks for the fact that that's how the car used to come

J Sedai 4/27/10, 10:36 AM  

I miss those two toned cars, one day when the kids are all grown up I'll have one and it'll have all modern stuff under the hood, but be all pretty on the inside! you give me such ideas Tracy!

marla 4/27/10, 11:06 AM  

I WANT THAT HELLO KITTY BENTLEY. for several reasons, and the first is its hello kittiness! and my first car (a 1964 plymouth valiant station wagon that my folks handed ove3r to me in 1974) had that red interior. it also had an edge on the dashboard that could behead you if you stopped short.

MoonDoggie 4/27/10, 12:45 PM  

I've often thought the same. And don't get me started on the hideous patterns on cloth car seats. yuk

Maureen 4/27/10, 4:09 PM  

Oh I love this post! And I'm not even a car aficionado! The bumblebee car is certainly different. And look at the fancy schmancy people. White shoes on the Mr. You don't see too much of that anymore. Not that I would want to but...

Lin 4/27/10, 6:33 PM  

I can't believe they would put yellow on the BACK of a carseat! Can you even imagine how dirty that is gonna be with your crummy kid kicking it with his shoes??? Now THAT is why nifty colors like yellow, turquoise and white went out--Kids. Kids ruin everything.

Lynette 4/28/10, 11:51 AM  

not interested in then hello kitty but would adore hot pink interior to a black car? or a hot pink vw bug with white interior.....whatcha think?

bonnie 4/28/10, 9:23 PM  

When I was growing up my brothers and sisters shared a hand-me down Chevy that was salmon pink and white. I don't remember the seat colors but the steering wheel was salmon pink hard plastic. If I had that car now I might even like being stuck in traffic : )

Postcardy 4/29/10, 2:28 PM  

I sort of remember seeing plaid upholstery on 1940s cars. This is the only picture I could find (but it is a beautiful one):

LV 4/29/10, 5:25 PM  

Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Only difference, we never had one of those cars.

Happy Cottage Quilter 4/29/10, 7:40 PM  

I remember the first used car I ever bought was white with a red interior. You are so right, the interior colors are all the same now. Of course the old cars gulped gas like there was no tomorrow, but at 25c a gallon who cared ;-)


Coloradolady 4/29/10, 7:43 PM  

Oh, how I wish I had one of these cars....they are great, I'd even take the black interior too, and I usually want to pass on black! Have a great VTT!

Deborah 4/29/10, 9:40 PM  

No, Of course it's not just you. I personally would like the bumble bee car. I love yellow! The white with the red interior is nice too.

CC 4/29/10, 11:22 PM  

Love,love those gorgeous cars. Thanks for sharing.. Happy VTT..

AshTreeCottage 4/29/10, 11:35 PM  

I love those old cars. Cars today are boring by comparison. Great VTT!!

Susan and Bentley

Miri 4/30/10, 12:42 PM  

You are so right! Loved seeing the colorful interiors and the super cool exteriors!

~~Carol~~ 4/30/10, 4:14 PM  

I would personally like to see some color other than the grey interiors we've had in our last few cars! I suppose it all has to do with resale value, but why shouldn't a gal who loves pink not be able to have a pink interior, without it being a custom job and cost a fortune?! Fun post!
Happy VTT,

viridian 4/30/10, 4:47 PM  

Love that aqua and white. i'll order it with pink and gray touches here and there, please.

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