The Crazy Suburban Mom: Retro Tuesday is lousy with aqua

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Retro Tuesday is lousy with aqua

Seems I'm in an aqua state of mind for Retro Tuesday.

retrotuesay stamp

It's all the decluttering that's got me reevaluating and really seeing what I've got and I'm sick of  gold.

And every page in every magazine seems to feature  aqua.  


Of course when you're talking the 50's and 60's it makes sense.


(This one's even showing aqua with gold to taunt me)

I was really looking for a Retro Tuesday theme but I was drowning in a sea of atomic aqua with just enough pink and yellow thrown in the keep me afloat and send me into a drooly mid-century modern frenzy.

Much like these folks.  Although I'd like to think I'm cooler.


I'm not, but I'd like the think so. 

Even this one here?  Below.  Can't stand a thing in it and still can't take my eyes off of it.


I never could nuzzle up to the whole wagon-wheel thing but they got me with the color.  I not only want to nuzzle up to that Old Deerfielde Dining room set but I want to have it's children.

Um.  Never mind about that.

Let's all shake off that visual and move on...

But speaking of nuzzling...

Isn't there something crazy appealing about a guy who can't afford furniture.  Am I right? 


Or am I right?

Okay, kidding.  I cropped a chair out of the ad.  But what's with her oozy thrill at laying on the floor.  Maybe I'm missing the whole, yay I'm about to get rug burn thing.  I dunno.

I just have to stop Retro Tuesday now.


First because I'm torturing myself...

household magazine 1955

And second because there is no end to the aqua pictures...

masonite paneling 1958

And it would just go on until it was Retro Wednesday...

retro wednesday

And than Retro Thursday 

retrotuesay stamp

And eventually it's just gonna be...

retrotuesay stamp

And everyone would be sick of it and emailing me, could you stop now do you think? Um. Please.

So I'm going to bring this Aqua Tuesday to a close but Oh! What a time we had.

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natalee 4/13/10, 9:12 AM  

LOL>> im not an aqua person either.. but I have to tell you a secret.. I love Gold.. I know Im soo tacky..(an italian girl from jersey what do you expect??LOL

Babes Mami 4/13/10, 9:31 AM  

I love aqua..on clothes, websites and everything but my home. Although the wagon wheel...I couldn't look away it was so ugly and yet so beautiful. Scary.

@eloh 4/13/10, 9:45 AM  

Have you ever thought about buying some off price gowns with all the trimings..gloves and pearls... then just sit around the house and wait to freak out any visitors... maybe go out and get the mail... I think about doing it all the time...

Did you make a funny on rug burns or is it just my twisted mind?

shelley 4/13/10, 9:46 AM  

hi there,
i haven't popped over in a while to say "hi" and see how things in your part of blogasphere are going so "what's up?" aqua is a nice color but can we talk about the 60's love of avacodo? uhhhh yuck!
shelley :)

Tara Beaulieu 4/13/10, 9:56 AM  

Well you know me and my love of all things aqua. I don't have a retro post that's aqua this week, but I DO have an aqua-related post from this week that sorta kinda vaguely talks about something old... you wanna link to it? I love all the adds you find, you make me sick! ;)

Mick 4/13/10, 10:03 AM  

Im crazy for that wall paper in the 2nd picture from the bottom! And OF COURSE they ahve a matching turquoise tv set in their kitchen! Happy Tuesday.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 4/13/10, 10:13 AM  

Natalee, I hear you! LOL, and am thinking of SO MANY houses I visited as a kid and I'm so not kidding. But my house is just filled with gold at the moment and I'm just overwhelmed with it and feel like a change. It's not even that I hate the color - I'm being over dramatic, my powder room is all gold and it really is fab but man, how much can I take for how long - my powder room, the kitchen, dining room....couches... I dunno, just want a change after a few years :)

Babes - yeah I know, I know!

eloh - LOL! no but the visual is priceless and now I wanna. And did you get the box of buttons???? In the mail? Hmmmm? and yes I did make a rug burn innuendo... not your mind. Or yours and mine...

Shelley, Hey! and Hi! and avocado yeah. You know... I'm afraid I will soften on it sooner or later... no, really I am

Tara - really your jealous of me? Omg I feel the karma evening out over all that sea glass although Id rather find the sea glass than the ads but oh well we cant pick our karma.

Mick - oh yeah I know I know, I love that stuff. And the TV is crazy amazing!

Vonlipi 4/13/10, 11:17 AM  

The wagonwheel thingy cracked me up! I love aqua and all kinds of blue...If I could everything would be aqua...hihihi

Lidian 4/13/10, 1:09 PM  

I like aqua, but why all the bright RED accents in a lot of the pics? That is no good at all.

And that guy who wants to sit or lie on the floor - um, no thanks. I did that in kindergarten and never again. I need back support!

Maureen 4/13/10, 1:15 PM  

Now look at those knee socks with the red dress - groovy!

Megan (Best of Fates) 4/13/10, 1:34 PM  

Before this post I never realized that aqua is what's missing in my life.

RE - Entrepod 4/13/10, 8:22 PM  

aquaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!

Lin 4/13/10, 10:57 PM  

I like the chicky with white knee-hi socks. Nice look. And no, all that aqua didn't detract from her wacky socks. :p

Postcardy 4/15/10, 4:45 PM  

I like the picture with the aqua TV and the big circles on the wall.

Coloradolady 4/15/10, 6:13 PM  

LOL, I had a friend who's house looked very much like these pictures. Her mom had everything aqua or turquoise....and still today, when I see her, I see these colors and her retro house in my mind. Have a great VTT!

CC 4/15/10, 7:19 PM  

I couldn't live with aqua..I just know I couldn't. Didn't care for it back in the day..and alas,it's still not for me. However,there are some mighty strange colors out there now..
Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

Deborah 4/15/10, 9:48 PM  

I love vintage home decorating books actually. something about the color combinations no matter what they are appeal to me. I am a vintage girl through and through.

Laura 4/16/10, 12:26 AM  

silly silly silly! (Love it!)

~~Carol~~ 4/16/10, 4:27 PM  

You had me at that first picture, with the aqua chairs! And that aqua TV in the kitchen? Hello! I love that too. I could just study those old pictures for hours and hours!
Happy VTT!

Miri 4/16/10, 6:28 PM  

Great aqua but what really had me drooling was the sheer apron!

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