The Crazy Suburban Mom: Progress on my son's room!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Progress on my son's room!

First I'm going to take a deep breath and go to my happy place...


It's been a frustrating 48 hours with the new printer and yes, I know this isn't about organizing but that's coming.

It printed, but at unexplained times.  And mostly what it printed was it's own 'test' pages so it didn't know there was anything wrong with itself. Which was frankly annoying.  Plus most of the printing is was doing did not involve times I'd actually hit the print button which was kind of spooky.

Anywho,  after untold hours of dealing with drivers and the device manager I found that the Dell 948 printer has some bizarre quirk involving a middle school mean girl I'm not talking to her hissy fit over an obscure user setting in the control panel.

Basically you can scream at it, "PRINT, YOU USELESS PILE OF GARBAGE!" all you want but the printer just  sits there and says I've got my fingers in my ears and I'm saying La La La and can't hear a thing you want to print until you change that obscure user setting.

That no one knows about.

And the printer never mentions it either... Finally I happened upon the answer randomly...And so after my thousandth and first restart because of course that change required yet another RESTART but hey, I had to pee anyway - it prints when I want it to and not when I'm watching TV across the room.
Which was frankly, creepy.

And than there is  PART TWO of this post.....which is really the main topic anyway, but not really - Please don't ever buy a black carpet because you think it won't get stained because a stained carpet starts looking good after looking at this for a few years...


But forget that,  I'm swimming in Yay! 'cause my son's furniture is moved!

Remember how I took the stuff and random guitarage out of his room  and it all ended up in my hall?

bens stuff3

Books and games...


Cords, boxes, game systems and help me....more guitars...


And it still looked like this?


Well, my interior designer, the guy who power washes my house, was free yesterday and my son didn't have to work till two so they moved his furniture around and even though the room is still the other side of a mess ... That room looks like it has ten more feet of room in there and I'm not even kidding!

Remember my plan?
Ben's Room
Well this is the room as it looks now.... and if you can ignore the dirt and the awful carpet and the fact that there is still stuff to do, okay a lot of stuff to do... 


You might be able to see that the room looks more spacious?

Maybe it's just me but that room looks like it has a ton more room. And I also know it's hard to see because of that awful carpet... Yesterday my son bought the guitar hanging hooks and he and the power washing/interior designer worked out something for the closet for the hard cases.  And something about the desk in the closet too.  And the plan is to give him my flat screen over the week-end.  Buh-bye! Flat screen! I so loved watching QVC in HD!


Babes Mami 4/30/10, 10:40 AM  

I really does look like a lot more space!! Yay! It will be over soon!

Maureen 4/30/10, 11:46 AM  

I know what you're saying about the black carpet. I used to have one in my living room and it drove me nuts! Thankfully it was an area rug and it took a hike.

J Sedai 4/30/10, 7:45 PM  

yay for interior design/presser washers! and it's amazing what a rearrange can do to a room!

Selina 4/30/10, 11:24 PM  

yep black carpet is not good because you can't tell if it gets dirty..

Life (In Notes) 5/1/10, 12:11 AM  

It definitely looks more spacious! Huh? Never would have thought that about black carpet, but good to know!

misguided mommy 5/1/10, 12:49 PM  

your sons room is giving me a nervous break down. I want to come organize it for you!
I'm doing a give away and trust me you want to enter...ha there is probably some helpful organizing stuff you can win by entering

Dorothy 5/1/10, 2:23 PM  

My two granddaughters age 21 and 22 are the very same way so I'm wishing you the best as you complete your task, patience and courage because it's amazing what they seem to keep in their rooms..

Dorothy from grammology

Petula 5/1/10, 5:10 PM  

Good luck in getting it just the way you like it.

Tokio 5/1/10, 7:54 PM  

It does look more spacious, and will look a ton better when everything is all organized.

Though that carpet is going to need some serious work!

imelda 5/2/10, 9:46 AM  

yes i dont like a black carpet too, its stains are too visible

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