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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home, sweet, home...

For someone who hates being away from home I really enjoyed being away this time with one exception.  I didn't recall that the internet connection was practically dial-up.    The first group of photos I started to download seemed to take a long (excessive/ridiculous/FredFlintstonian) amount of time getting to Flickr.

Like forty minutes later they were loaded... Almost. 

I really love The Grand Hotel for lots of reasons but their $9.95 a day slow as oatmeal going up a darned hill in February high speed (and I'm imagining air quotes around the words high speed as I type that) isn't one of them.

The only thing worse than paying for a wireless connection in this century is paying for a slow wireless connection and it sort of brought me back to the days of AOL in the 80's.  I could almost hear, You've got mail.


Guess it was always this way I just noticed this time 'cause I'd planned on posting photographs the entire time  in lieu of writing so the sound of OH. FOR. THE. LOVE. OF. HIGH.  SPEED.... COME... ON... ALREADY.....   Shot out of my room in an omnidirectional manner...  All damn weekend.  And  I didn't really visit anyone because it took forever for everyone's blogs to load.

But I promise I'm back to visiting tomorrow.


 I've always gone to Cape May in the late fall but this time, in the spring...Wow.  The weather was lovely. Especially this morning.

It hurt to leave. 


peacechaser 4/18/10, 6:10 PM  

I have enjoyed these pictures all weekend. Just gorgeous-if I ever get close to this area i will stop for sure. Calming. peaceful. lovely.

Lin 4/18/10, 7:18 PM  

I think it was your computer's way of telling you to turn it off and walk away for awhile. It's okay to do that, you know.

Good computer. :)

Maureen 4/19/10, 1:41 PM  

Oh, now I know where you were. It's where I thought you were. Sounded like a nice time. We went to Mexico in January and had to pay to use the computer so I only checked in twice. $4.95 for 15 minutes! Surprisingly, I was OK with it. The beach was calling my name!

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