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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Heywood - Wakefield, who knew?

I've been looking for a coffee table for over a year.  I scoured estate sales and every table I found cost, a hundred bucks, Lady.

And I would ask the polite version of ARE YOU NUTS? which sounded like...  This thing is not a antique table, this is an old table and the dings do not lend charm they just make it look like kindling. 

And mostly I got a shrug back.

The short version is I've not had a coffee table.  Ever.

This weekend because I've been Freecycling my own stuff I saw an offer come through for a coffee and side table.  I went to the picture.


And oh yeah, I thought they were a mess.

And I loved them at first sight.  So I emailed back and told her my coffee table plight and how for a year I'd have taken anything but how much I loved these and they were just the style I wanted.  And than emailed again and told her how much I'd love them. Again.  Even knowing the whole thing was making me sound like a coffee table stalker.

And than I waited because I really thought a hundred people would have responded before me.

But a few hours later she emailed me back and the next day...


They were mine.


All mine.


I thought from the pictures they would be a total mess, but nope.  They have some issues and I'd love to get them refinished by someone who knows how - Not me - someday but for now, Dreamy!

And not only are they lovely beyond compare they were made by Heywood-Wakefield  a company famous for all that fabulous drooly blond atomic stuff we all love and covet.


Mine was their Contessa line...

1959-heywood wakefield

Slender Elegance, I like that.  I feel thinner already.


There are a few books out if you're interested.


The company was around a long time (est. 1826) before the blond wood thing and for a time after.  And it was re-founded in 1985 to bring back the Mid-Century Modern style that was their most famous line.  I'd love to find some of the blond stuff for sure but for now...

My four dollar Naugahyde orange ottoman (that must be 50 years old if she's a day - I call her Bernice)


Is glad for some ligit Mid-Century Modern company.

For more Vintage Thingies Thursday fun and fa-la-la  go visit Colorado Lady!

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Lidian 4/8/10, 8:24 AM  

Those are gorgeous tables! I especially love the end table, my parents had two bi-level end tables just like this only in white melamine with gold speckles (I think) - I wish I had them now! Where did they go, I wonder?

Vonlipi 4/8/10, 8:52 AM  

You certainly hit the freecycle jackpot! I love those and would steel them in a heart beat. Watch for the middle aged lady with a french accent hidding under the scrotum tree (yep stepping in caca!).

Postcardy 4/8/10, 9:31 AM  

I never knew about that company, but I remember that kind of style.

Mick 4/8/10, 9:56 AM  

LUCKY YOU! What a deal! Now you've got me drooling Id liek 2 of those Hey/wake Twin beds like in that add you found please!

Vintage Christine 4/8/10, 9:58 AM  

I'm pretty sure we don't have Freecycle down here in southern Mississippi since everyone just throws their junk out the back door (and sometimes out the front door, too). But you got those tables for FREE? They are beautiful even without being Hey-Wake. What a lucky girl you are!!

Brimful Curiosities 4/8/10, 10:08 AM  

Freecycle is a wonderful thing. Those tables are a great find.

Dragonfly Treasure 4/8/10, 10:17 AM  

Great finds!! Love bi-level tables!

Maureen 4/8/10, 10:54 AM  

What a great find!

Waterrose 4/8/10, 11:52 AM  

Wow what a find! My parents had that type of furniture.... wish I still had some of those pieces.

Lin 4/8/10, 12:00 PM  

Now, how the hell did you find that???! Only you! But I'm glad you did--they are very cool. Happy Coffee Table, Tracy!

Anonymous,  4/8/10, 1:30 PM  

Absolutely true story re: naugahyde. In the reception area of the office was a naugahyde sofa - we were a young company, that's the best we could do, also in the reception area was a receptionist of the pretty but oh so, how shall I say this, naive persuasion. She asked if it were a leather sofa. She was told no, it's naugahyde. She thought for a moment and said "Wow they had to kill a lot of naugas to make that" - Absolutely true - hand to God!

viridian 4/8/10, 1:48 PM  

jackpot! If I come to visit will I become slender and more elegant?

CC 4/8/10, 4:12 PM  

Wow!!!! You did really,really well. Your tables are gorgeous. It's a good thing you waited..and found the perfect ones. Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

Ruby 4/8/10, 4:53 PM  

Love your enthusiasm! Makes me want them even when I DON'T like them! LOL All the more left for you, right? Great post!

Coloradolady 4/8/10, 5:57 PM  

I tried to check freecycle..and got confused by the sight and gave got a great deal...and what a find! I remember the style so well. Have a great VTT!

Tara Beaulieu 4/8/10, 6:25 PM  

You totally made out on these! See? Good things come to those who wait! I am slackin off and posting nothing vintage or thingie-like today. :)

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 4/8/10, 6:46 PM  

Blimey, those tables are awesome! As is your orange ottoman!

Happy Cottage Quilter 4/9/10, 12:15 PM  

How cool is that! Great furniture.


Becki 4/10/10, 10:56 PM  

I have a table just like the one on the left in the original picture. I keep it next to me in my office so my husband can't give it away while I'm working :P

Thrifted Treasure 4/12/10, 11:52 PM  

They are fab!!! They look so much better than in the freecycle pic! I'm on the lookout for a coffee table too!

Nancy 10/12/10, 4:59 PM  

I have my Aunt and Uncles entire 1951 HW living and dining room sets. Danish modern in champagne. They are treasures!

Nancy 10/12/10, 5:01 PM  

Nice to hear of other Heywood Wakefield fans. I have my Aunt and Uncles entire 1951 danish modern living and dining room sets in champagne. They are a treasure!

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