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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going Green on Retro Tuesday

I like green; it's my favorite color.  I'm sure you all know my irrational love and plans to marry the color atomic aqua. And if we're being really honest I don't even hate Brady-bunch avocado.  I used to love it followed by a short period where I disliked it because I was sick of it and am gradually finding a soft spot for it again.

retrotuesay stamp

For me it's bring on your greens and don't stop till I cry Uncle.  Which I won't so basically it's bring on your greens.  That's it than, just bring on your greens.

Green and I have a long history.  I used to have this weird thing I did walking home from the bus stop.  Half-way home I'd close my eyes and walk the rest of the way without looking with a blue green fantasy rolling around in my head.

The short version is when I opened the door everything in the house would be blue and green.  Or blue-green.  Or aqua.  Or marine blue.  Or any of the other Crayola combos I was so fond of.   I haven't told a lot of people about it because I get responses like, think of living in a fish tank much?  And yeah, I understand that but it has more to do with the calm of it all, I think.

Plus, my mother disliked green.  A lot.  She hated green.  And I'd like to think I just love green but it could be I didn't start loving green until I found out she hated it.  I certainly could have started just to annoy my mother.

In any case.   I do love it.  And it did annoy my mother.  So I was a winner either way.

There is a green I don't like though.

And it's all over vintage magazines.  That 1940's green.  I looked around for the name but really never came up with a single good name I could use besides that green I can't stand from the 40's which actually works because surprisingly everyone knows the green I mean.

visking film

That one. 

But I bet you knew it before you looked.   Kohler's website has some information about color time lines and according to them  "The 1940s and World War II brought soil-hiding khaki and olive green, as well as patriotic reds and blues. Doing its part for the war effort, the American textile industry even restricted the number of colors available for fabric, thus suppressing the appetite for new colors and new clothes every season."

And okay  maybe this makes sense.  The American textile industry restricting the colors available would account for the prevalence of so nauseating a color.

Honestly, what can I say about a color that can best be described as soil-hiding?

Kohler called this color either Spring Green or Spruce Green, I can't tell by the site.


Dramex called it Shadow Green


Here's some of those soil hiding textiles now...


visking film

Although really with the plastic stuff all over it I guess it could be any color.  As an aside - One house in my neighborhood had  plastic pants on all the furniture.  Bizarrest thing ever in summer when you're wearing shorts and your thigh skids across it and it makes this noise similar to a 12-year-old boy doing an armpit fart on purpose.

And even though everyone really did know, It was the couch OMG it was the couch! They razzed you about it all day.


I think it looks awful with yellow.

Interior Decor as PERFORMANCE ART
in a visual representation of 


Geranium Red...


It's an improvement over the green and yellow and really adds something that (maybe) saves this room.  It's almost kind of cute.  Or maybe it's just that I like the little things in the front.  Anyway...  I don't want to look at this green anymore...

In fact it may be the perfect color for my kitchen because I think it might be an appetite suppressant too. I'm feeling a little queasy at the moment...  Shadow green around the gills you might say.


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Vonlipi 4/20/10, 10:25 AM  

My mom liked that green a lot! She had some clothes in that hue and she had painted some of my dillhouse's rooms that green which is partly why I don't have it any more...

Gayle Herbert Robinson 4/20/10, 4:32 PM  

I have to say, green has a different effect on me. I loved green until I became pregnant. I had really bad morning sickness that lasted all day for months. Before I became pregnant, I was eating Healthy Choice dinners a few days a week and other products throughout the week. Once I became pregnant, the green box made me even more nauseous. Once I was over the morning sickness, I still would get queasy looking at the green Healthy Choice box. Would you believe I still don't like look at that shade of green. And I still can't eat any of their products. Which I thought were delicious. That color green ruined it for me.

Babes Mami 4/20/10, 6:10 PM  

I love green, makes my eyes pretty. In the house, I have sage green furniture. I'm mostly all over your retro tuesday bc I like the view!

Maureen 4/20/10, 7:46 PM  

You did your homework today! Interesting about how they wanted to quell the appetite for new things during wartime.

imelda 4/21/10, 12:05 AM  

i love green a lot, too. it was the color of my wedding, the color of my curtains and the color of my bedsheets

Janiss 4/21/10, 2:12 AM  

THAT is the color of my grandmother's 1957 Cadillac - the spite Cadillac she bought after my grandfather left her for a younger woman and bought himself a Caddy. She had to have a better one, and hers included a bunch of extras, including electronic windows (in 1957!) and a custom paint job - of THAT green. She had that car until the very late 70s (the engine finally blew) and I loved it... but hated the color.

J Sedai 4/21/10, 6:37 PM  

I love green too, in every shade, I really can't find one I don't like. I did a couch in colors kinda like that it's just slip covered.

Coloradolady 4/22/10, 8:49 AM  

I love the green from that time period...the green from the 70' so much!!! However, some greens are not so bad! I really love the retro greens and I have two walls in my sewing room painted very similar to the ones in the ad! Love this fun looking back in time! Have a great VTT!

Happy Cottage Quilter 4/22/10, 11:05 AM  

I remember when Avocado Green and Harvest Gold were the rage in the 70's. And I remember going to my Mom's friends and they covered all their furniture with plastic! Happy VTT.


AshTreeCottage 4/22/10, 11:15 AM  

I'm still laughing about that Visiqueen Film ad!! Thanks for this post. What fun to look back at those old ads!! By the way, I'm not too fond of that shade of green either.

Susan and Bentley

Elizabeth 4/22/10, 11:50 AM  

That VisQueen film ad is probably the best, but the red kitchen with ALL THAT FLORAL is pretty great, too!! I agree, the green of the era was gross!

Postcardy 4/22/10, 1:29 PM  

I like the 1940s green, but I am still sick of 1970s avocado green.

Sherrie 4/22/10, 1:51 PM  

I love green. My favorite is my jadeite green. My kitchen is decorated in that color green with punches of red. My living room has the olive green color....but I do not do spruce or hunter green, never ever ever. Yuk! Thanks for sharing.

CC 4/22/10, 2:32 PM  

What great fun to look back on all those ads.And I could live with lots of red touches in my kitchen..but great grief..that green.Ummmm, no!!!
Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend..

Charlotte 4/22/10, 4:17 PM  

I have been wanting to paint my house a shade of green. I also love green while my husband doesn't! Go figure!

~~Carol~~ 4/23/10, 8:59 AM  

Obviously you feel very strongly about this, and frankly I don't blame you! That really is a disturbing shade of green. I thought that pale jadeite green was from the 40s, but maybe it's from the 30s? I looove that green. My grandparents' house trim was that color, and Grandpa used it on some little stools that he made. I've loved it ever since. This was a fun post!
Happy VTT!

Ulla 4/23/10, 2:27 PM  

You found wonderful exapmples of a colour you don't like! The old ads really look different from today's ads.

Deborah 4/23/10, 3:15 PM  

Green is my second favorite color next to yellow. I like every shade of it actually. Love the vintage ads you included in your post.

Miri 4/24/10, 9:34 AM  

Now I always thought that the 40s green was like the 30s green (often called apple green) but that is definitely not the green you've shown...this green is not too nice and on walls is really awful!

Thanks for the heads up!

I too remember friends' houses with plastic slipcovers...sweaty, awful things.

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