The Crazy Suburban Mom: What's taking Viva Las Vegas Elvis so long?

Friday, March 5, 2010

What's taking Viva Las Vegas Elvis so long?

I didn't do a weekly weight watchers update on Wednesday because I didn't go this week.

I don't even have a good reason.

I've kept you all up to date on my weight loss.  I've given you visual representations of my losses but I've never said how many pounds I've lost so I think I will now.  You guys have encouraged me for over seven months now,  it's just time.  I've lost about thirty pounds. The really crazy thing is I've lost not only the thirty pounds but about as many inches (which is just a horrifying before image to think about) since that early morning in July when I compared myself to a sweating Fat Elvis encased in jewel-encrusted white plether singing Hunka Hunka Burning Love.

It's not a pretty visual but it keeps me on my diet. (read on)

I say about because it's about 30 give or take water (and chocolate) weight depending on when I weigh in.

The weird thing is I feel stuck.   Remember when my kid when to the luthier apprenticeship in September and I wrote this post?   

Next week my kid starts his luthier apprenticeship. I talked about it in last week's weekly weight watcher update here. It's not close enough for him to live at home and I'm having a tough time of it.

Ma, you have to let go.

Yesterday we took a trip to the guitar school to sign stuff and pick up a tool list so today he can order a bunch of guitar related paraphernalia. We've been to the school a few times, but not recently.

We made good time on the drive, exchanged guitar-related pleasantries on arrival - Well, they did, I wouldn't know a guitar-related pleasantry from a corn on the cob - And commenced guitar-related conflabbing. Head Guitar Repair Dude goes over tools and contracts and logistics. Strings, frets, whatevs. Out of nowhere Head Guitar Repair Dude says, Did you get your hair cut? And my kid says, Yeah. Head Guitar Repair Dude is all, Not you, Dude, your mom.

Yeah, I say and he's all, You look totally different. I'm thinking it's the diet, not the hair.

They move on to other stuff. Safety, listening, being on time, and than this, Did you lose like 30 pounds or something? And I go, More like 20.

And he looks at my kid and says, Dude! Your mom's bangin'...
Than we all fist bump to my success. So I'm mad blushing about now because this isn't something that's happened recently and my kid totally reminded me about the blushing later.

More than once

And they go on about more guitar - I don't know - stuff. And my kid gets the list and they finish talking instruments and tools and more guitar related - I don't know, stuff.

On the way out the guy yells to my kid, See you next Wednesday and Dude, bring back your Mom.

I really enjoyed this because I've not seen this look on my kids face in a really long time.

He's come so far in that time.  He went in to that program a high school graduate and came out with a profession.  A craft.  What he does is an art and he didn't know how a few months ago and he has his first full time job.  Compared to him?  Well, I thought I'd be a lot farther along in the Fat Elvis de-pleather me department.  It's not that I've gained since than...It's just.  Hmmm....  I don't even know.  I guess I thought I would be closer to .....  Hmm....  Viva Las Vegas Elvis, I guess...

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Lin 3/5/10, 10:08 PM  

Wow! That was cool. Guitar Dude checkin' out the mom!! He noticed--that's all that matters. Good for you. :) It's those moments that keep you going.

Abby 3/5/10, 10:38 PM  

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