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Monday, March 15, 2010

Son of Help!

I want to thank you all for the guidance you gave me over the week end regarding storing my kid's guitarage...  Thought I'd show you my progress...


I know it might not seem like much changed but there is now a path for my kid to get to his bathroom at night without uttering... um, let us just say a discouraging word. 

Or two.

I can also get to the laundry room which you will notice is not so much a room as a nook.  No, it's not even a nook.  My dining room is technically a breakfast nook so what's smaller than that?   The laundry nook-speck? And as small as the laundry nook-speck  is the washer, dryer, water heater AND Hvac is in there...  Crazy, man. 

I looked over all the suggestions and my favorite was from  Janiss   who didn't exactly suggest  getting a 5 bedroom house that's 3300 square feet with several walk-in closets as much as tell me that wouldn't help.  I however, am willing to take the risk that that won't help and if anyone has a 5 bedroom house that's 3300 square feet with several walk-in closets laying around that they aren't using....

I'm willing to make that sacrifice and give up my house...

...that's a third that size ...


That's a no then? 

Okay, moving on...  My second favorite comment was from wngl  who asked if I tried calling Eddie Van Halen's mom for advice.  And that made me laugh like no one's business.  Oh, I wish I could but I think most of the excess guitarge fell on Valerie Bertinelli and I can't call her.  I just can't...  Nothing personal against her or Jenny Craig but I find those (any of them) diet commercials ripe with * ahem* disclosure issues.  And that's all I'm gonna say about that.  Except because of that I'm not speaking to Valerie Bertinelli.

So that's where I am.  Basically, I've cleared a path from my son's room to the bathroom.  And one to the laundry nook-speck.

4 Comments: 3/15/10, 1:04 PM  

Couldn't see any of the pics (flickr is behind my firewall - le sigh) but my son has those we wall hangy thingies (that's the technical term). :)

Maureen 3/15/10, 1:22 PM  

So he is now free to P!

Babes Mami 3/15/10, 2:09 PM  

YAY bathroom path!

Boooo No excuses for laundry now lol

J Sedai 3/16/10, 7:27 AM  

Progress HO!! keep it up!
and I believe the word you're looking for is closet, I have the same thing a Laundry Closet (and I have a 4 bedroom house) also my Laundry Closet is in my "dining room" that I use as my "office" (sewing room, but office sounds better since I now sew for $$)

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