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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Send. Machete. Now...

Still got on my big girl organizing panties and moving on with the clutter challenge. It's been all take no lip from jumble and pandemonium here in suburban New Jersey. Or maybe it's hold no clutter hostage?  I don't know and maybe I'm mixing metaphors but the dust around here is thickly fierce and it's pretty much discombobufuddlating.  Anyone know of a good air filter?

Or a machete?


 I'm convinced that organization is about getting rid of stuff first.  That it's impossible to organize clutter.  So this week-end was a non-stop brutal do I need that and if not yer outta here and no, you did not give me the best years of your life you're a magazine rack get over it.

I've got no pictures of the blood shed.  It's probably best.  

But really, what's wrong with me?  I found school supplies I got for my son the summer before he was going into his high school senior year and they are waiting to be picked up as I write this. Freecycled 'em.  The awful thing is they were in a bin I'd just stopped seeing.   Coat closet.  Floor.  Blue plastic bin. On top of it was several pairs of shoes and wrapping paper.  Some hats.  And near as I can tell, garbage.

Don't think I've noticed that bin let alone looked in it for - Well, over a year now.  And it's a HUGE bin.  Feet big. Feet tall.

It's empty now.  The school supplies are going to a good home (a teacher).  These perfectly new things  had lived for more than a year in a  blue Godzilla over Tokyo sized invisible bin along with several half done crochet projects, a few totally done ones (OH! That's where they got to), some potpourri in revoltingly brilliant colors that had lost it's smell and some - near as I can tell, garbage.


What's wrong with me and how many huge invisible containers are there around here that I don't see that hold stuff I don't know I have?

Plus garbage.

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Babes Mami 3/21/10, 7:23 PM  

Yay big girl panties!! Your battle with clutter is entertaining me. :]

J Sedai 3/21/10, 7:53 PM  

wow! see this is why moving every coup;e years is good! I don't have time to aquire bins of stuff I don't know about. also them weighing our stuff and then only allowing us a certain weight (and charging us $$$ if we go over) helps! I'm impressed you're taking it on so! and more impressed you're freecycling things that still have life in them, instead of just trashing everything! way to go! (after you should get a treat for yourself, pie, pedicure, which ever)

Maureen 3/21/10, 8:30 PM  

You sound like me. I put things away for safe-keeping and then forget where I put them!

Hurray for Freecycle! I just picked up a piece of foam for a bench. I went to buy it first but it was $44! Hello Freecycle!

@eloh 3/21/10, 11:08 PM  

Many, sadly, many.

I looked for my sewing machine for five months.... it is my one and only hobby (?)... sadly, I found it by accident... in the giant blue tub... that had become part of my "decor" and I had sat next to... the whole five months of hand wringing...

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/22/10, 9:21 AM  

OH ELOH! You got the same blue bin and me???

Maureen - aiyiyiyi!

J - when I moved more it was better - you are right.

Babes - That's cause you don't have to step over it to get to the bathroom at night :)

Jingle 3/22/10, 9:32 AM  

Don't you just LOVE Freecycle! It gets rid of the guilt of throwing things away and allows you to totally get it out of your house! It's fabulous! Good for you for continuing your journey through clutter! LOL!

LinGZ 3/22/10, 9:46 AM  

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Vintage Christine 3/22/10, 10:23 AM  

Well, since you're so obviously EXPERIENCED in this, howz about coming over to my house and getting brutal with my piles and piles? I was just about to go to Walmart for plastic bins but now I'm afraid to do that after reading your post. I'm not sure we have Freecycle in these parts but I'll check it out.

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