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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Retro Tuesday with a cluttered twist

I was all over a store your stuff feature in a 1955 Good Housekeeping for Retro Tuesday.  And considering the see picture below (the view I see when laying on my right side in bed which is how I sleep, so yeah....)   is my Hello World! first thing I see in the morning...  it makes perfect sense to me.


Yeah, I know.

And I need to pause a sec and explain  that picture because I can't help myself  - Everything I run across in this whole decluttering process, in every room, ends up in my bedroom.

If I don't know what to do with it and am all, I'll deal with that later -  I've been pitching it in my room and although I didn't intend for my room to be part of the clutterpalozza - Looks like that's just what will happen.  And soon.  There have been a few unintended consequences of the decluttering process.

My sink was one.  
I'll save that for another day...

But my sink or my first morning Hello World! view is not what this is about.   This is a retro Tuesday with a cluttered twist...

retrotuesay stamp

  I was leafing through through the Woman's Day, 1955 and found a feature on making your closets hold everything.  And it was interesting to me because - Okay, partly because lately I'm storage obsessed but beyond that if you scan magazines from the 1940's and early 50's the living spaces are bare; there aren't a lot of doodads around and there isn't any excess clutter.  There isn't a lot of excess anything.

Come to think of it there isn't even almost enough to my 21st century eyes. It's barren appearing.

The 1940's and early 50's are all about reworking things you have so you don't have to buy new and making do.  I don't think people had the money to amass things.  Certainly not so much that they didn't have a place for what they owned. And clearly shopping wasn't an activity.

Cut to 1955 and you have this...


Although that still doesn't look like a lot of stuff to me...


Hold everything you have seems like
kind of a new concept though.


(You can see bigger images if you
click and go to flickr)


This whole concept of more storage
seems new to me...


Although , they don't make clutter they way they used too..


Kind of condensed and neat.  Containable in one closet.
Manageable.    I'm longing for some good old fashioned clutter.


Instead of this business that I'm drowning in.

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Babes Mami 3/30/10, 10:15 AM  

Any progress is some progress? I'm attempting to be your cheerleader! It doesn't look as bad as you made it sound the other day though. I love 40s and 50s so I love your retro tuesdays!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/30/10, 10:46 AM  

Its definitely better - and the kitchen is way better than it was in the last picture. If it wasn't retro tuesday, I would have done the new and improved version of the kitchen today. But I couldnt find a kitchen ad I wanted to do and I really didn't want to mix the clutter posts with the retro tuesday ones, so much.

And its funny how much everyone likes retro tuesday - even my friends call me and tell me they like that...and the retro thing isnt really something I have in common with most of them. so that strikes me sooo funny!


Vonlipi 3/30/10, 12:22 PM  

I think people only bought what they really needed. And judging from the pics they didn't have a lot of clothes either...

I so need to declutter my closet...not funny!

I am Harriet 3/30/10, 1:14 PM  

Were you in my house taking pictures of my kid's bedrooms? Sure looks like it :)

Those are some funny, and not so realistic looking, photos.

imelda 3/30/10, 1:19 PM  

you arent alone in cluttermanagement. i have my share of stories, too

The Mom (aka Amy) 3/30/10, 4:22 PM  

our bedroom is the same way. that is where no one, but us goes. so that is where all the crap ends up.

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