The Crazy Suburban Mom: A Retro Tuesday that could give you nightmares...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Retro Tuesday that could give you nightmares...

Weird night.  I woke at 2:30 with nightmares and tried to go back to sleep.  Shouldn't have.  I slept on and off till 4 and it was the same story.  I should have just cut my losses and gotten up at 2:30 because now I feel.... off.  Anyone been there?

I haven't done a food-related Retro Tuesday in ages; haven't found anything in any of the magazines I've been using that I wanted to do.  This morning on a whim I brought some magazines inside that live on my porch (some old magazines smell so bad they will knock you flat)  and with the conviction that my stomach was strong enough, I steeled myself and commenced with the business of...

retrotuesay stamp

The magazine is a Woman's Day from 1954 and I thought it was from the 40's until I looked at the date.  Funny how some magazines are more progressive in style.  And of course ads would follow the style.  This magazine still reflects the decade before - Heavy on sewing. Heavy, heavy.

Today I was attracted to food related stuff.  The first ad that caught my attention was this one...


I'd totally love to find them at an estate sale not that I have room for them and all except for that clown one which I so do not want and would like to forgot I even saw.


Although they aren't what Retro Tuesday's about today.

And neither is this but I couldn't resist...


It's called the New Wedding Ring Salad.

Looks more like the Jellied Wedding Couple meets CSI Lab Salad to me.  And want to know the only thing that could make that salad grosser?

If it came served in this...


And I'm sure that happened to horrified children all over the country because they came from the same magazine just a few pages apart.   And really the only thing worse than that?

Okay, Okay...  I got it.  Follow me here.

It would be if your mom fed you...


Jellied Wedding Couple meets CSI Lab Salad...


In a Psyco the Clown bowl and made you...


 Sit on Bencho, A Dear's face while you ate it.

But....  None of that was what Retro Tuesday is even about.

And I'm guessing I lost a good few of you by now...

As for myself, I'm taking a deep cleaning breath.  Inhale the good air, exhale the clown air...  Inhale good, exhale the Jello willies...  Inhale some oxygen, exhale sitting on Bencho's face...

I'm so sorry about the clown thing, Retro Tuesday is about white sauce.


Kinda seems boring now doesn't it?

The thing is I've been trying to cook in a more interesting manner and sometimes adding a sauce is all it takes.  Chicken gravy.  Cheese sauce on - Well, just about anything.  I might lick a foot covered with cheese sauce.  Um, forget I said that.   Moving on... Sometimes I want something to just thicken up the jus at the bottom of a pot roast and so I've been buying those little packets.  I have about five Knorr gravies in my cupboard now but I got them on sale for half price and they don't go on sale when I need them so I thought this might work for me.


I like powdered milk.


Cold.   It's way best to drink cold.


But in recipes it's fine.


And nope, haven't tried it yet but I plan on it.  And I'm so sorry about that nightmarish visual.   And the licking cheesy feet thing. 

It was a weird night, lemme tell ya.

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J Sedai 3/23/10, 7:21 AM  

that clown is creepy, and they usually don't bother me, and jello ICK!!!!

have you tried the sauce?? I think I do a similar thing on the fly with pan drippings, milk, butter, and corn starch? looks kinda like what's on the spoon in that pic. let us know if it's tasty!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/23/10, 7:25 AM  

I just noted that nope, havent tried it yet but Ive seen alot of things like it that work well and it probably does work. But I intend on trying it - the packets Ive been using are 99 cents on sale - crazy for a cup of sauce. twice that not on sale - and yes totally what you do works and I think this would be similar but it would just be premade so you can just have it around and it would be as easy as the packs and cheap. way cheap

J Sedai 3/23/10, 8:05 AM  

I don't think I've ever used gravy from a packet. I've always just made a rue (butter/fat from beast and flour cooked to a paste, then add liquid of choice) or the corn starch slurry. gravy for 99 cents is crazy talk! like I said lemme know if this works, I've lots of friends that can't/won't make gravy and I could do up batches of this and pack it in cute jars as lil presents!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/23/10, 8:11 AM  

I totally agree about the roux - last time I wanted to thicken something I made a roux but with my diet and all - to be honest, the gravy packs add almost no calories. I know there are other options - there is the pourable flour stuff - I can't remember whats its called but it doesnt clump and its made for that but its nutso expensive for what it is, which is pretty much flour. And there is the cornstarch option but it doesnt work for everything - for me. And theres other thickeners - some more like flour some like cornstarch - some just like adding an egg. But for no cal and ease - the packet thing. So Im hoping this will work. That said, this concept isnt new and there are tons of versions around - for the same reason your talking about... have you ever seen this site? you can find a ton of gifts in a jar - by googling gifts in a jar. One year I gave 'dreamsicle cookies' its like a creamsicle cookie mix in a jar. Odd mixture - lots of Tang. I know, sounds weird. but the cookies taste so good

Clueless 3/23/10, 9:04 AM  


Mimi 3/23/10, 9:05 AM  

I soooo enjoyed reading this post (except for the creepy clown that will haunt me thru my entire day). Love, love, love finding so many fabulous retro-recipe blogs, and just became a fan of yours!

I am a retro cookbook collector (mainly WW cookbooks/mags) & have always been fascinated by the amount of time & energy women put into making meals that were so weird. Recently, I decided I was eating way too many frozen meals out of a plastic tray and wanted to incorporate some retro cooking into my life. Surprisingly, it's very therapeutic!

Anyway...Hope you'll check out some of my adventures in the retro WW recipe world.

Babes Mami 3/23/10, 9:44 AM  

Loved the post! Clowns scare me as do peaches and mayo and I'm sure people put them outside and ewww now I'm creeped out again lol.

Vonlipi 3/23/10, 9:48 AM  

Clown,jell-o,clown,mayonnaise,jell-o,bench,jell-o,clown,bench,mayonnaise,CLOWNJELL-OMAYONNAISEBENCHCLOWNCLOWNCLOWN!!!AAARRRGGGHHH! MUST rip out eye balls...MUST,must m u s t (quiet sobing)

That was one funny post. I haven't had some kind of sauce in ages (9 weeks). I could eat cardboard covered in sauce...hum sauce...

Jingle 3/23/10, 10:19 AM  

LOL! You crack me up. And yes...I will now have nightmares. I hate clowns. Hate 'em. For reals, hate 'em kind of hate, here, folks. Hate 'em.

Lidian 3/23/10, 11:37 AM  

White sauce will always be just old white sauce - nothing new about it!

I do not like clowns and would neither sit on one nor eat cereal from a clown bowl - shudder!

Maureen 3/23/10, 12:52 PM  

Jellied wedding ring...blech! Peaches and mayonnaise?

Vintage Christine 3/23/10, 1:24 PM  

It appears that several of your readers suffer from a severe case of coulrophobia. As for me, I suffer from gravophobia, or the fear of making sauce. Since I can't. Not even straight out of a jar!

Vintage Christine 3/23/10, 1:26 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mom Mayhem says: 3/23/10, 1:59 PM  

Wow-Um -Interesting clown bowl and clown seat. Also white sauce -Whenever I hear white sauce I think of (No-notthat-Get your mind out of the gutter! ;) I think of a restaurant where I grew up -it's famous for their white sauce they serve with the chips. It's funny when you meet someone familiar with the restaurant and you both immediately say -White Sauce -Yum! =D

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/23/10, 2:39 PM  

This was truly a weird one - I'm so sorry! I don't even know what to say. I think I should go make a chicken jello salad and eat the whole thing... to pay myself back

Tara Beaulieu 3/23/10, 7:58 PM  

ROFLMAO this was an hysterical post! Who in their right mind eats peaches with mayonaise? Mayonaise, seriously? Eugh.

I like the cereal bowls, don't even so much mind the clown one. It's the sit-on-my-face dude who creeps me out. Totally shudder worthy.

emailing you now with my lazy retro post. :)

Lin 3/23/10, 10:17 PM  

Jello mold AND clowns??! The hell??! Criminy, Tracy, that's more gross than your stinky porch magazines!

@eloh 3/24/10, 5:20 AM  

I remember Post Tens, clown bowls and cowboy cups....

That stool cover gave me the shivers....

We have some stuff down here... a mix... I need to go get a jar and sit here and compare.

Postcardy 3/25/10, 12:31 PM  

That jello salad is disgusting. I have a couple of jello salad recipes that I like to make, but I wonder whether anyone actually ate the awful ones I have seen in magazines and books.

Maureen 3/25/10, 12:39 PM  

Tracey - I was just going through some old circus programs and you came to mind. You would flip out if you saw the clowns. Cuh-reepy!

P. 3/25/10, 3:29 PM  

LMAO! I'm right there with you on the creepy clowns (*shudder*). If a marriage could survive the wedding ring jello mold with mayo, it could probably survive anything!

Coloradolady 3/25/10, 6:54 PM  

I had to laugh, my daughter never liked to eat breakfast, and if I served her anything from this clown would have sent her running!!! I think I'll have to pass on the jello old looks as scary as the clown bowl~ Great post...happy VTT!

Serendipity Handmade 3/26/10, 12:37 AM  

I shudder at any icky aspic-type of molded ring that has mayonnaise in the middle. BAD Thanksgiving memories! Eeewwww!

Great post -- happy VTT!

Debbie 3/26/10, 8:41 PM  

Okay, the jello is gross! But the cheese sauce on anything, I agree with you there. LOL.

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