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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Retro Tuesday, not... and something else...

And I know this is a strange one but I have a serious question at the end if you can plod through the wackadoodleosity of Retro Tuesday, Not...

I found the ad for the RelaxACizor months ago but could just never, never quite bring myself to post it for Retro Tuesday.  It's just too strange. Out there..  And I know, I know coming from someone who did The Minute Hygiene that sounds kinda odd but I did that a long time ago and there's something else...  

Wait a sec. Let me back up...

The thing is today I have to go grocery shopping.  I mean I really have to.  I'm out of like, everything especially coffee creamer.  Being out of coffee creamer is worse than being out of toilet paper... If I'm out of that, I go for tissues.  If I don't have tissues, I go for paper napkins even paper towels but there is just no substitute for coffee creamer.  I can not be out of coffee creamer.  NOT going to happen.  Had I thought this through I would have done the Retro Tuesday post Monday night, but I never do that.  I bring you Retro Tuesday fresh from my brain every Tuesday morning.  As a result I'm pressed for time now.

So now that you know way too much about my relationship with toilet paper and coffee creamer onto...

retrotuesay stamp

And than later if I can do Retro Tuesday,Real  I will but for now all I've got is
Retro Tuesday, Not...


Okay, so this diet ad thing?  

Well, of course it doesn't work, they never work...   And there was the inevitable recall (in 1971, after 400,000 of these things sold) by the FDA.  Because according to The Museum of Medical Quackery

"The Food and Drug Administration warned today that the sale of second-hand relaxacisors is illegal.    The warning stemmed from reports that owners of the electrical devices are attempting to dispose of them by offering them for sale in classified advertisements. The devices provide electrical shocks to the body through contact pads.  They were declared dangerous to health in a California court ruling last April against Relaxacisor, Inc., the distributor.

  In his decision, Judge William P. Gray said the devices could cause miscarriages and could aggravate many pre-exisiting medical conditions, including hernia, ulcers, varicose veins and epilepsy.

  The sale of the  thing second hand seems to have sparked it not the thing itself which is a bit odd but... okay.  However, back to the ad. What's always bugged me about it  is, okay it's a toss up.  First these claims; besides being laughable they are well, just look.


And second the picture in the ad.  

I'll admit it looks like she's doing something in that ad; but reducing's not it.


...although Good Housekeeping approved.

Okie-dokie... My question.

I've got this grocery shopping gig I'm facing and it's 10 am.

I don't even know what store I've going to go to.  I don't know what I'm going to buy except for a poorly hashed out list and I know ( I just know from experience) that in one or two days my family will be all, There's nothing to eat in there (when standing in front of an open (and painfully full, I might add) refrigerator.  I don't get that whole thing.

Don't get it at all.

Especially seeing that I now have the cavernous new 21 cubic foot fridge  (Hey, it's cavernous to me) instead of the old ker-phlunking 18 cubic foot one....  So my question is:  Am I doing this wrong?  Is there some secret to this that I didn't learn?  Did I cut that day in High School? Did someone post this secret of the universe  on a blog somewhere and I missed it?  How do you guys handle this?

I don't know if I'll have time to do a linky but if I don't and you want to link to this EMAIL ME and I will add you link right here in this post.  Which maybe a better solution anyway for Retro Tuesday...   And I'm going to add one now just to show how it will look ...

Vonlipi's Favorites

The Green Suitcase 

Scarborough Seashells

And hey, I'm liking this better than the linky's ...any thoughts? 

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J Sedai 3/16/10, 9:32 AM  

Mad Men did and episode on this devise I think. it was pretty funny. and yeah she's doing something "relaxing" in that picture!

Maureen 3/16/10, 12:01 PM  

The crazy crap that they came up with...sheesh. I remember my aunt had a machine that you would stand on (something like a doctor's office scale) and there was a wide elastic-type belt that you put around your waste. When you turned it on it would shake the dickens out of you.

Oh, and on the food issue, I just ignore it, or give them each an allowance to go buy their own food. Maybe I'm a wench but....

mama-face 3/16/10, 12:07 PM  

Oh, crap, now I feel even worse about postponing going to the grocery store another day. Our cavernous fridge can be overflowing and all I hear is "there's nothing to eat" routine. Go shop yourself.

How many inches did you say that woman lost? While in her negligee? 3/16/10, 12:49 PM  

Awww I already posted my entry for today! Maybe next week!

But I did leave you an award on my blog! Come check it out! :)

Babes Mami 3/16/10, 12:52 PM  

Tell them you refuse to feed them until what's in the fridge is gone! I have heard that there is a part of where you can put in three ingredients you have and they will come up with several recipes you could make. BUT if your kids are like my little brothers..if it isn't microwavable they aren't havin it.

J Sedai 3/16/10, 6:15 PM  

I only shop once a month for most of the food, I go back for milk and eggs, but freezer and pantry stuff is once a month, so at the end it begins to get REALLY creative, like if there's a box of Orzo, a bag of frozen collard greens, some cheese, well you get the idea, CREATIVE! LOL

Lin 3/16/10, 9:56 PM  

I gave up the grocery shopping a LONG time ago--Joe goes instead because he likes it. Okay, so we have like 13 different kinds of crackers and 9 mustards--it's the price I pay.

I want to work out like THAT girl.

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life 3/18/10, 9:27 AM  

I wear that to work out all the time:) HA!

It reminds me of this shaking machine with a belt that my aunt had in her house...she swore it worked!!

Um...i dont think so...


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