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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Put the fear in organizing!

Things have progressed since I posted this picture and all others like it the other day.  And also I worked like a dog (Well, not my dog - She doesn't work but picture some other dog that would work)  swabbing the decks, battening down the hatches and shivering me timbers because I couldn't live like see picture below for all that much longer without developing a tic.


And my fear of tic development isn't so much because of the mess; I assure you I'm not especially neat.  It was more the feeling of undone everywhere I looked.  There was simply no place to rest my eyes.  Not a room, not a space, even my laundry nook-speck-room was  jam packed and filled with OMG and what exactly am I supposed to do with all this mess and why did I buy it in the first place

So I had to finish a room.  Any room. I picked the one that was under that  mess in the above picture.


It's much neater in the dining-breakfast room/nook.  Overall I am very happy with it. All except that rug.  That thing has to go and soon.  I used to like it and it went with the room but we now call it, the doody rug.

Everybody in the world guess why it's called the doody rug...

peeking ginger
 Except Ginger can't guess cause she knows...

So. Yeah.  But before you think the house looks better let me turn the camera to the right so you can see my kitchen...


And left so you can see more of my kitchen.


Things are going much better in the dining-breakfast
room/nook however the kitchen's a might problematic. Still.

I did the one room but the house itself remains in flux.  Everything is still pretty much everywhere and I'm trying to deal with it all the best I can.  My son's friend came over today and I quickly said, We're cleaning around here and he said, That's what it looks like.  And you know...

I can't decide if that means it really does look like spring cleaning is going on here or it looks SO bad that he felt sorry for me and that he was so utterly dumbstruck he could only agree with me because he just couldn't think of anything else to say without offending his friend's mom...  Either way I'm grateful and we are taking him out to dinner.

I went to the library this morning and took out a few books hoping for some insights and ideas.  Perhaps getting everything out at once wasn't so bad although granted, it's overwhelming.

Maybe there is something to be said for hauling everything out and having to look at it.  Having to say to yourself, Good gracious and for the love of snollywaddle, what the heck was I thinking when I brought this stuff home?


This one because I'm hoping for some ideas that will work
in a small house... Even one loaded and craptastic.




This one because all that space is very appealing at the moment...
Honestly, space is the only things that's very appealing at the moment.


This one because I might be getting tired of the color in my kitchen...


And this one because they scare me and maybe that's what I need...

And maybe that is what you need every once in a while.  Someone or something to scare the perspective back into you and the crap out of you. Or out of your house as it were..

A bit of fear might be just what's called for in organizing...

I'll tell ya... to see all you have all over.  Not in bins or stuffed away.  Not neatly put away but on the table and the floor...  Maybe that's the way you have to see you're stuff to really know how much you have...

It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes ever -  Spilling your guts is about as attractive as it sounds.
Fran Lebowitz.

Maybe we all need to spill our closets and our bins from time to time...

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Babes Mami 3/27/10, 4:57 PM  

I have truly been enjoying your journey to declutter nirvana. I love the suitcase (is that the small one you kept) with the lamp on top. Looks very nice.

Doody rug...not so much. I found some decent rugs on craigslist if you don't want to buy brand new.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/27/10, 5:02 PM  

Babes, yes that's the small one but I ended up having the put some craft supplies in a second one...I may explain it in another post - not sure it would be all that exciting a post and I moved things already I don't know. but yes, that's the small one :) Im also thinking of trying to tackle painting that piece of furniture because its a mess.

And as to the doody rug. ugh. Im hoping to find one very soon at a garage sale or something. I don't want to buy a new one because Im afraid Ill get it and walk down the next morning and find - Doody Rug 2.0

Maureen 3/27/10, 5:48 PM  

Hey - it's looking good girl! Now don't go getting your knickers in a knot. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

That picture of Ginger is a hoot! Perfect for this post. You two are like Ms. V and Henry. The adventures of....

Maureen 3/27/10, 5:48 PM  

Oh, and I covet thy suitcases! Love em!

Eternally Distracted 3/28/10, 3:23 AM  

My OCD was loving the first few pics and then I got to the kitchen ;0)... Good luck with your decluttering!

Sandy 3/28/10, 9:42 AM long did it take you to create such a mess? And how long did it take you clean the one room? Makes me tired just looking at it.

You could do a room a day, how many rooms do you have?

Good Luck
Bridge and Beyond

J Sedai 3/29/10, 6:09 AM  

impressive! keep up the good work!

now picture people going thru and labeling ALL of your things, and then having to sign for it, not seeing it for a month, and then the reverse, and having the boxes spill forth all your stuff again. on the plus side, you de clutter before you move, and then again while unpacking. Like I said, definite clutter advantages, but not if you like your privacy. LOL

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