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Monday, March 29, 2010

Film at eleven

Things are progressing nicely with the clutter. Ginger's not as nervous anymore and me either.  If pushed to do math, I'd say half the stuff in the attic is gone.   I wouldn't have guessed that much would be gone in four days.

I'm not a hoarder or a candidate for Clean House but there was a double quarter-pounder with cheese and could you supersize that and oh I forgot to ask for extra pickles amount of stuff up there. 

A lot of what's left will be staying and is not the kind of stuff labeled 'hutch breakable' because what the and I don't have a hutch and when did I and which one am I referring to anyway and when did I buy collectible ceramic penguins by the way?  It's more the kinds of things attics should hold; the summer/winter clothes variety of thing.  And also stuff I know I have to deal with like garbage bags filled with my son's old stuffed toys but the mysterious items are gone.

I think.

I've got a few more pictures from the journey because things are progressing nicely.  Ginger is much more relaxed than she was in this picture.  She was a bit of a mess that day. I have not developed that tic I was worried about.


The cropped version is probably too small to see the 'help me' face? 


  But that was her expression...

The floor in the living room is pretty clear and I've put away (or given away) the craft supplies that were just everywhere.  I think I inhaled several seed beads, by the way.   I neatened up Tazzy's area although you can't tell in this picture.

But you can see how much more relaxed Ginger looks...


Especially in close up...


That's her downstairs's muffin.

Upstairs is just horrific.   I've made no progress in my son's room although I've made a dent in the hallway.  As to my bedroom....

My bedroom.

My room has been the an unintended consequence of this.  I didn't intend for my room to get in on the organizaganza but it seems to be a casualty of the whole process and I can't explain what happened exactly but maybe clutter's like a tsunami or something.  Just a huge wave of crap moving across my house.  Room by room...

Film at 11...

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blueviolet 3/29/10, 5:14 AM  

Excellent job of straightening and tidying up! I can see that Ginger is a much calmer dog now. ;)

J Sedai 3/29/10, 6:00 AM  

my kids look like Ginger sometimes, but usually only when their closets are getting the once over. and yes junk and clutter is much like a tsunami!

Nikki 3/29/10, 9:49 AM  

great job!!! I love going through everything and throwing stuff out and then cleaning! Your place looks beautiful and like you are really making great progress. I have like 3 loads of laundry waiting for me at home lol and a floor to vacuum, but can't do anything from my desk at work! you've inspired me!! I want to go home now and clean! lol:)

Babes Mami 3/29/10, 9:51 AM  

Yay to more progress! When I clean I tend to throw things where they go first, we have an apartment so everything is off the one small hall. For example if I clean the living room and find crap that goes in our room I chuck it in there, then when I get to our room if something goes in Babes room I toss it in there etc until it's clean. It's what works for me.

Maggi 3/29/10, 10:09 AM  

Ugh, I so need to do this to my house! lol You've done a bang up job so far! :D Ginger is sooooo cute!

Amy 3/29/10, 10:44 AM  

want to come help me that is what I need to do now.. Just letting you know I found my chocolate peeps at Target I could not find them at my Walmart..

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/29/10, 11:28 AM  

Thanks everyone and I am making progress but I did just take pics of my bedroom which is getting worse and not better at the moment - because that's were stuff is ending up.

Plus I've been intending to do laundry so there are these piles that are just getting bigger, just not done!

And ginger is feeling better about the process at the moment! LOL poor thing was a mess!

ladyjanewriter 3/29/10, 1:03 PM  

Hurray! Good for you for getting rid of the "What the...?" boxes. If you forgot about those collections in your lifetime, they ain't worth it.

Ginger does look calmer. Maybe she's the canary in the coalmine for your clutter, sorta.

ladyjanewriter 3/29/10, 1:08 PM  

Oh, also? Maybe ask around for extra cleaning help. Your friends may know someone who is unemployed or under-employed and needs the extra cash, is trustworthy, and has de-cluttering talent.

I mention this because of my friend who was kind enough to give me the contact for the housesitting and pet-sitting gig I did this weekend.

People are too proud to admit when they need help, and giving a talented unemployed person a meaningful day-job can really make their week. Especially if they've spent months getting interview rejections, it's just too easy to feel pretty much worthless.

Xenia 3/29/10, 1:51 PM  

So... you're headed over to do my house next, right?

I love Ginger's more calm look and I'm feeling like one of those muffins would be good for me to sit and relax on too! :)

Maureen 3/29/10, 2:34 PM  


Captain Dumbass 3/29/10, 4:20 PM  

Some days I wish I could just pull out all the important things and burn down the house with all the rest.


Christina's Hearts 3/29/10, 4:34 PM  

good job cleaning up...and thanks for visiting...make sure to visit again!

Xmas Dolly 3/29/10, 7:25 PM  

Okay, well you did such a great job with that how come you can't get off a couple of screws/bolts??? Hubby says spray with WD40 & spray while you're moving them back & forth. That ought to do it to get the old one off & let it soak over night if you have too. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous,  3/29/10, 7:56 PM  

You are doing an amazing job. Good on you!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 3/29/10, 8:07 PM  

Well I'm impressed! That looks like a huge amount of progress!

Lin 3/29/10, 9:12 PM  

Hang in there, Ginger! It's almost over!!!

Poor thing. Gees, she looks sad.

Funny how the dog gets freaked out--my cats LOVE when the house is ransacked and boxes are everywhere!

Elizabeth Channel 3/30/10, 11:40 PM  

Quite inspiring! My house would never stay like that for more than five minutes, but a woman can dream, right?

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