The Crazy Suburban Mom: My giant chrome retro sore thumb

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My giant chrome retro sore thumb

Did you ever buy something and love it but  not know what to do with it? The thing's too awkward to store and the fact that my staging ability is pathetic doesn't help, at all.

Every place I put it, it looks like a giant chrome retro sore thumb.


Truth is it's not even the thumb itself that makes me swoon.

(read on)


It's the light the thumb throws off that turns my heart to jelly.


I never tire of photographing my giant chrome retro sore thumb.

boomerang server1

  Make that photographing behind the thumb...

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Maureen 3/4/10, 1:59 PM  

Cool pics! Did you do it on purpose?

P.S. I had a hard time getting this post. It said the page did not exist. (So if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. And now it works!)

Barbara 3/4/10, 2:16 PM  

I have one of those. It's in the closet. Same problem.

Stephanie 3/4/10, 2:18 PM  

Pretty cool! It just needs some cookies and stuff and a party! Peace, Stephanie

blueviolet 3/4/10, 2:35 PM  

You see a thumb, I see a thing. ;)

Mick 3/4/10, 2:48 PM  

Do you have a coffee table? or maybe put it in the middle of your kitchen table?!

Vintage Whimsy 3/4/10, 3:19 PM  

I think it needs some little tea sandwiches. Or maybe some of the party loaf I posted on VTT today. lol

P. 3/4/10, 3:41 PM  

Ooh, pretty. I love the mid-century modern style and the light pattern is awesome. Maybe some aqua or other colored glass aquarium stones or marbles on the different levels would make it even more sparkly? Even just plain, I like it!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/4/10, 4:43 PM  

I love everyone's ideas... Obviously you all stage better than me!

LV 3/4/10, 4:45 PM  

I have seen those before but not lately. Yours is a very nice one.

J Sedai 3/4/10, 5:29 PM  

if you load it wit pretties (granted it'll be staged and full of pretties) you won't get cool light behind it anymore!!! EEK

humm maybe put it in a dim corner on a table and hit it with light on purpose (kinda treat it like a mirror) to bring more light into a spot? and stet it on something to raise it up a bit so you can surround it with pretties? or perhaps just a FEW pretty things on the trays centers so it's not quite so NUDE but will still throw the AWESOME light. I live sparkly/shiny things AS IS (like empty vases, apothecaries, and the like).

Lynne 3/4/10, 5:48 PM  

That's really amazingly fascinating! No wonder you don't get tired of it.

CollectIn Texas Gal 3/4/10, 6:14 PM  

Sore Thumb TidBit Tray! Very unique and with Aura of it's own! Some of your beach rock thingies or jewelry that would catch that awesome light. It looks 'SmokinHot'.

Coloradolady 3/4/10, 6:21 PM  

wow....I love this and you are right, wonderful light from behind this little jewel. I have to say, I would have bought this too! Love it!! Have a great VTT!

Vonlipi 3/5/10, 7:41 AM  

That is one gorgeous piece! I love the way the light bounces of it! I'm not a good stager so I don't have suggestions. I only know that it needs to be shown!

thasnifty 3/5/10, 8:01 AM  

That is fabulous! I woulda bought it and then put it up. I would not have known what to do with the lovely piece. The light show is amazing. I am soooooo not good with mod decor. I think if I had a lot of it, it would work.

-brightest blessings-

Goose Hill Farm 3/5/10, 12:42 PM  

Some little goodies or some nicely arrange fruit will make it more appealing!

Pretty piece. My daughter would LOVE it!


Lynette 3/5/10, 4:15 PM  

guess what! Yeah you got it....I have one of those too. It is gathering dust til my next party. Storage?? On top of the kitchen cabinets.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" 3/6/10, 5:33 AM  

I have one like this too but smaller. I store it inside the hutch. It does look better though with some goodies on it.

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