The Crazy Suburban Mom: I'm putting on my big girl orgainizing panties, want to join me? It's real simple...

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm putting on my big girl orgainizing panties, want to join me? It's real simple...

Um, so by now everyone in the the known Universe with an internet connection is aware of the guitar containment facility, a.k.a. my kid's bedroom, on the second floor.

Geeze Ma, was that entirely necessary? 


Now I'm stuck in a holding pattern because I don't want to make all the same organizing mistakes again. In the past I'd clear out his room, redo it, and tell him how to maintain order.  Never works.

Partly because it's my system (not his), partly because okay, want to know what I know about organizing?


This time an added door prize is I told him to clean out his room. In retrospect I should have been more specific. Cause yeah, it's out for sure but...

I lost my hallway more or less. 


Mostly more.  

Now I'm overwhelmed with the enormity of the project and run screaming from it instead of diving headfirst into one of those big bins to see what's what.

What the heck was that?

Nuthin, that's just mommy screaming..

I've done nothing with it for a day in a half.  Maybe three. Tops. And just lived with the stuff in my hallway.  Scratch  that - as my hallway.

Randomly, (or maybe the Board of Health pointed them in my direction ) I got an email that said:

Real Simple and iVillage are teaming up on the Get An Extra Weekend Community Challenge.  When you join, iVillage will send you small, manageable steps to make each day more efficient--giving you a weekend's worth of free time!  Readers can sign up now and tips will start flowing March 29.  The sign up page is HERE.

I went to the sign up page and this is what caught my eye first " You'll learn how to ...  clean and organize your home the speedy way"   

And I wrote back and said, Yeah. Oh yeah, please?  Have you seen my son's room? Send. Tips. Now!  And they did.  This is the first one...


Whether your family computer lives in a home office or occupies a corner of the living room, it’s likely to be hanging out with a lamp, a printer, and perhaps, separate speakers—all with their own wires, each with a will of its own. To keep cords under control, grab an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube and cut it from one end to the other with a pair of scissors. Snap the tube over the cords and, using duct tape, attach the whole shebang to the underside of the desk, away from the leg area. You can also use paper tubes to corral lengthy extension cords by loosely winding spare footage and slipping it inside a roll (no scissors needed this time).  Danielle Claro


I'm so...





If I'm being honest (and what have I got to lose now, with my hallway and now this dust covered cord bedlam and whoopadaisy.), I've got lots of these small areas all over that together add up to visual clutter.  Big Time.

Enough already with the disorganization.   I'm putting on my big girl organizing panties and doing the challenge (and giving myself a fist bump to celebrate taking the first step).  

Anyone wanna hop into their big girl organizing panties with me for the "Get An Extra Weekend Community Challenge"?  You can sign up HERE

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thasnifty 3/19/10, 7:57 AM  

ok you motivated me and now I joined up. Now I have to keep this motivation going until the 29th ugh. But your wires look like mine. I generally find it much easier to just avoid looking at my wires, or inside my drawers, inside my cabinets, my closets, under the bed, etc for fear of being reminded me that I need to organize.

Thanks for the reminder that I kinda have to get some of this under control. I wonder if I order a hazmat suit, will it get here by the 29th?

All kidding aside, thanks for sharing the link. This looks fun and pretty doable.
-brightest blessings-

rachel... 3/19/10, 8:24 AM  

Timely! I just did a huge job in my oldest daughter's room! And posted about it, too! Good luck with that - I'll be checking back on your progress! ;)

Babes Mami 3/19/10, 8:53 AM  

I'm generally pretty organized (thanks for the OCD Mom!!) but I'm still signing up because you never know what you will learn.

Lynette 3/19/10, 9:09 AM  

tracy, you are so right. I have a huge task of cleaning out a room too. See a blog on that one! I joined along with you too!. BTW
on that cord issue. long cords, long long cords. paper towel short. so inside used an old vacumn cleaner hose for the same issue. it is bendable!

Lynette 3/19/10, 9:12 AM  

hey on the CSN teaser in the side bar, you think you will see your review item? so far teasers abound and have only seen that this or that is coming. I wonder? The review item they are to send me should be mailed out today? Wondering if it is.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/19/10, 9:28 AM  

Thasnifty - If you can get a hazmat suit by than let me know.

Rachael - Going to check out what you've done in a bit. Followed so I could.

Babes - so true, so trues.

Lynette - thats a great idea and I emailed about the other thing.

Looks like we got lots of big girl organizing panties going on this morning. Tracy

the hillbilly 3/19/10, 10:42 AM  

Paper towel rolls I'd have never thought of that. I can't wait to tie up those loose cords for printer and speaker and power; all cluttering my desk top. Sounds like a hillbilly should have thought of that.

Jingle 3/19/10, 10:52 AM  

Good for you for really diving into it. I get rid of as much as I can. I really do like to minimize. Although, my studio would prove otherwise! LOL!

Maureen 3/19/10, 11:04 AM  

Kids' rooms.....Don't get me started!

Six Feet Under Blog 3/19/10, 3:20 PM  

I seemed to of loss mine. lol

bingkee 3/19/10, 4:12 PM  

Though I don't have a kid, my husband's mess is also like a kid's. He is a musician with more than a dozen guitars, amps, 2 gigantic keyboards, mixers, and other musical stuff---and an endless stream of wires and more of the same thing, I have been able to clean it up and organize it with his help ----and so we could do it more quickly. I'd "harass" him (hehehe) just to make him get up his ass and work with me to clean it up and organize every 2 weeks.

@eloh 3/19/10, 9:49 PM  

Sorry, you don't want me hanging around... I'm hard wired to hoarde.... anything and everything.

Hey, can I have that piece of paper towel tube... I can't believe you were going to throw that away.... crafts man...crafts.

Buggys 3/20/10, 8:57 AM  

I love to throw things away! It gives me such pleasure. On the other hand, my husband is a pack rat! They do say opposites attract, right?

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