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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was looking through an August 1962 House & Garden Magazine this morning for Retro Tuesday

retrotuesay stamp

hoping to find something iconic but mostly finding kitsch.
Not that I have anything against kitsch... 

arabesque ensemble

And it has a place and it's own special appeal and all.  But this...

(read on)

arabesque ensemble

is just...

arabesque ensemble


arabesque ensemble

And not so much iconic...

Oddly though, on the same page - To the right of the tights-wearing elf shoed be-belled masked Mardi Gras musicians was this black and white picture and I might have missed it's iconicosity if I'd not read the text.  To be honest the picture was kind of meh.


Meh at first glance maybe, but on second look, iconic.


Did you see who built that storage unit?
Yeah, I know, right! Charles Eames!


I have the U. S. Postal stamps commemorating the Eames...

eames stamps image

I bought the whole sheet and never used even one; I framed it.
Even their stamps are perfection what can I say?

Who doesn't know the chair...
(no question mark needed, no one doesn't know that chair)


The Lounge and Ottoman is one of the most famous...
maybe the most famous.

There is a lot of information to be had on The Eames.  Check out The Eames Office for...

"The Eames Office is committed to communicating, preserving, and extending the legacy and work of Charles and Ray Eames. This website should be considered an ongoing resource for many images, products, and text unavailable elsewhere."

It's a truly fabulous website.

I looked around for a while trying to find schools with these storage units, or homes or anything but I couldn't.  Any search brought up schools teaching Eames as a subject.    What a fabulous find one of these would be.

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Vonlipi 3/2/10, 8:55 AM  

Such timeless design! All my clutter would be out of sight! :)

Have a great Retro Tuesday!

Fine Estate Sales 3/2/10, 10:04 AM  


I just knew you would get to the icon...and you did.

Who better than Eames?

When I think of all the Mid Century furniture and decorative items that found their way to the dump, cuz people were not appreciating it in the 70's and 80's I shudder...

And now it so very collectible and expensive...

Take Care - Stay Brilliant, as if you could be anything else. Oh, and by the way, I like what you've done with your site, seems like it's lighter - the side bar graphics look great...everything here is clean, and your site is easy to navigate...


Vintage Christine 3/2/10, 12:20 PM  

$1,000 sounds like a big chunk of change for way back then. But of course, today that whole unit would be priceless. I'll bet there are a bunch out there and the people aren't aware of what they have in their bedroom!

ladyjanewriter 3/2/10, 12:36 PM  

I love the Murphy Bed! (I also, uh...OK. I like the weird Jester clocks.)

Jen 3/2/10, 1:08 PM  

I would love to have that room in my house. It would make making the bed so much easier. I'd like every room in my house to look like that. As it is I shove everything in the closets when guests come over but this seems so much more organized and on purpose.

Anonymous,  3/2/10, 1:18 PM  

Units like this are available all over the place, granted they may not be Eames. Check out "Murphy Beds" like this company

Condo Blues 3/2/10, 2:36 PM  

Eames was truly head of his time. Just think that bedroom was innovative at the time, now designs that like are almost standard. Early Ikea anyone?

Tara Beaulieu 3/2/10, 7:33 PM  

I DO have a Retro Tuesday to share, I just haven't had a moment to take photos. When does the MckLinky end? I won't be able to post until tomorrow morning!

ps- your Eames stamps are really cool! :)

Debbie 3/2/10, 10:52 PM  

I once looked at an apartment with a Murphy bed. I so wanted to take it, even though it wasn't right for me, just for that bed!

Maureen 3/2/10, 11:53 PM  

Love the stamps!

P.S. Sorry I didn't join in today - I was out and about.

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