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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Okay, see this?


My kid texted it to me from work Wednesday and the message was...

: D

And I started shaking.

Let me explain.

My kid works in a guitar store.  My kid loves guitars and now packs a paycheck.   To summarize: My  kid sent me a text picture of a glittery turquoise vintagey looking guitar and a (big) smiley face. Are you feeling my terror yet?

No?  Than let me show you my house because his 
love of guitars is so big it spills out of his room and is
about to reach Pennsylvania...

bens stuff2

The view off the sofa...

bens stuff1

The view to my right.

Are you feeling it now?

You might ask, Why can't he keep all the guitars in his room?  It's a good thought, it really is, but I haven't a clue how he would accomplish that.  His room is small, something like 11' x 10' and stuffed to the rafters with - Oh, I don't even know what. Guyphernalia? 

Yesterday I told him to take everything that he didn't want (but wanted) out of there and put it in one pile, take everything he didn't want ever and toss it and than we could see where we were.  Horrifying.  It's worse now.  Now it's, I don't know.  All over instead of contained?

He called me, Ma, I'm done come look.  So I walked up the steps and in the hall I found this.  The. Hall. Is. Gone.  Just gone.

bens stuff3

(I can now not enter my laundry room)

So, um...  This is stuff you don't want.  The gun and all?




But you know, he'd removed a lot of the stuff in his room..


To my hallway.
Somehow, that didn't work out as well as I'd hoped.

What's this thing by the way? Top. Right side?


I never noticed that before hanging from the ceiling...

Also looking over that floor...  I'd gotten him a black carpet a few years ago thinking it would never look stained.  Problem is...


Never looks clean either...  Whatever was I thinking?


But what do I do with all these guitars? And don't forget....


Another one's coming... And there's the guitars in the hallway.

And the one's I can see from my sofa...

And computer.  And the amps...


And he needs space.  He, himself, not just the guitars.

And there's other stuff.

Clothes, for example.  Game systems.  That TV's got to go, it's taking up tons of, well, inches in a room with few to spare and so does that bookcase.  Outta there!  But than were will the books go? 

And what about that (Omg, that mistake of a) black rug on the floor?

I really need some help here.  I need a lot of help here. Big help. I need to get that stuff out of my hallway, for Pete's (and my laundry's) sake! And those guitars out of my living room. And I just don't know what in the world to do with them... And I don't know what to do with the other stuff either.  Or the clutter. 

Or that  two and a half foot water gun that he insists is relevant to his life. 

Everyone's been very helpful with the recipes so if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you help me with the guitar holding area?  I mean my kid's bedroom? 


ladyjanewriter 3/13/10, 7:17 AM  

OK, I am ALWAYS seeing guitars at pawn shops. They always have them hanging in the window. This is also a lesson in a trade-off, you know? :-) You can ebay guitars, of course, but that doesn't get rid of them as quickly, and there's the hassle and price of shipping a guitar.

That sparkly blue guitar IS super-cool.

So is the super soaker. I'd bend on that, and just say keep it in your room.

No clue what to do about the carpet.

Be patient, try to breathe, and remember his guitar love seems to be a lot like your estate sale love. It's just that sparkly blue guitars take up more physical space than blue pyrex. ;-) It's just his mom's collection obsession, boy-style.

J Sedai 3/13/10, 8:13 AM  

think UP, try hanging them on the wall, get them out of their cases and use them as decoration? and make him VACUUM that rug!! LOL I"m not sure what the inside of his closet looks like or under his bed, but if you can get some shelving and drawers involved those are good places for storing things (closets are always better utilized when there is more happening there than your basic rod and too high and skinny shelf) I can see he's into guitar art already, but really the guitars will make a far more grown up (and classy) statement than the half naked girly posters LOL if you can't get drawers for under the bed you can always put it up on cement blocks thus lifting it off the ground enough to slide the extra amps under it (almost like a loft bed, but not quite). if he's tall enough you could just do a couple of floating shelves higher up on the wall for books instead of the standard book case. and dresser tops make excellent tv stands. I hope this helps some, cause that sparkly blue one is PURTY, I'd want to bring it home too!!!

Tiff 3/13/10, 9:02 AM  

Why don't you get him some guitar hooks that you mount on the walls and he can get them up off the floor and make some room.

He's got a lot of em' He could open his own store now!

Babes Mami 3/13/10, 9:44 AM  

I have seen guitars used as wall art by hanging them in a row, then they are on display and out of the way. You could store the cases wherever you store stuff.

The carpet...I have no idea. I do know that we have hard woods with a few area rugs. If you don't already have them then they are an investment but if stuff spills I can easily wipe it up and if the rugs get gross I can readily replace them. We don't have expensive rugs with the 7 month old lol.

Does he use the amps frequently or rarely? My little brother turned one of his into a side table.

Hope I helped!!

mama-face 3/13/10, 11:10 AM  

I know it must drive it crazy...I get it. But I do love to see a kid with a passion. It's exciting! And he'll move out someday. :)

The Mom (aka Amy) 3/13/10, 11:48 AM  

I would try to hang the guitars up somehow like at a music store. Not sure what you would do with the cases. Storage unit?

As to the carpet, tell him that if he does not vacuum and get his clothing INTO the hamper that you are going to take a Pete Townsend class.

Christina 3/13/10, 11:56 AM  

Now I understand the fear & worry after the text.

icedteaforme 3/13/10, 12:15 PM  
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icedteaforme 3/13/10, 12:16 PM  

I think they must sell guitar storage racks at that store? maybe a wall mounted version......above walking level?

I saw this online and it sits on the floor but it has a turquoise guitar as well!!!!
(not as sparkly a guitar though!)

good luck, you have a collector for a son, does pyrex make guitars?

good luck!!!

Maureen 3/13/10, 1:20 PM  

I agree with the consensus...hang them or ebay. Stat!

Anonymous,  3/13/10, 2:09 PM  

You can mount them on the wall either flat or with the edges out hanging really close to one another.
Could be worse-my kid is a percussionist. he has- a fullsize marimba, a drum set, off drums on stands, african drums, a dono, etcetc for awhile we had 2 timpani (Those suckers take up room)...and his dad is a percussionist too he has......see it could be worse-much worse. Oh and my kid plays guitars and has an acoustic and an electric and the amps....

Mick 3/13/10, 2:32 PM  

Coudl you maybe hang them on the walls? Like side ways, use bicycle wall mounts and hand 5 of them up on a wall? Maybe over the bed? then it looks cool and doubles as a head board and he can take tham down as he pleases?!

Grace 3/13/10, 3:09 PM  

I see someone got to before me...seems like the neatest idea...

Evil Twin's Wife 3/13/10, 7:34 PM  

You might want to check out We did an entire system in my daughters closet that includes drawers and plenty of shelving. At night, everything goes into the closet, doors are shut and the room is tidy! I love it.

Janiss 3/14/10, 3:04 AM  

(Sigh) I don't know what to tell you. My 52-year-old fiance is a professional rock 'n' roll guitarist. He's in two successful bands. He ONLY uses vintage guitars and the occasional PRS. I don't know how many he has. I know nothing - absolutely NOTHING - about guitars. I can't tell the difference between a humbucker and a humbug. I just know he has a lot of guitars, plus amps and junk, and God forbid he gets on eBay. How we handled the guitar situation: we now live in a 5-bedroom, 3300 square foot house, with one walk-in closet, and one complete music room (ex-bedroom) devoted to his guitars (oh, and one bass). Plus all the accompanying guitar stuff (the amps, detritus, etc.). Oh, did I mention that one of the other bedrooms is used for the rare occasions he deigns to give a guitar lesson? And did I also mention that it's just the two of us, no kids, just a dog and three cats? So I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you.

BTW, is that glittery turquoise item in the photo a Danelectro?

Alison 3/14/10, 8:38 AM  

Ooh pretty guitar!

I didn't read all of the comments because I should be making up my grocery list and have to hurry before my husband gets out of the shower.

But why not get racks or hooks or something and let him hang the guitars on the wall.

As for the tv... he should get a flat screen and hang it on the wall LOL.

wngl 3/14/10, 9:49 AM  

Have you tried calling Eddie Van Halen's mom for advice? :)

Lin 3/14/10, 3:14 PM  

Ooooh, I'd love to help, but I've got this cat on my lap.....

(It IS a good excuse, isn't it?? Shhhhh, the family buys it every time!)

At what age do they get their own place?? 'Cuz I could deal with it if I had a deadline. And that turquoise guitar--uh, that is cool! (Sorry)

Irene 3/14/10, 5:37 PM  

I am sorry, I have no suggestions right now--I am laughing too much after reading this post!! Maybe after I wipe my tears away and control myself, I will think of some helpful idea and come back. Thanks for the laughs, though!

btw...what is that thing hanging from the ceiling??

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/15/10, 8:37 AM  

Honestly, those are some of the best comments I've ever gotten - for real.

Cause - Lady jane when you said - "nd remember his guitar love seems to be a lot like your estate sale love. It's just that sparkly blue guitars take up more physical space than blue pyrex." I was LOL and so busted!!! and that was the very first comment! I knew I was going to get some fabulous comments!

And Ms. J Sedai - this" but really the guitars will make a far more grown up (and classy) statement than the half naked girly posters " Yeah well you're not an 18 year old guy... lol.... But your right hanging the guitars is the way to go....

And - omg, totally. Ive never seen it! Thanks for the heads up on that place!

Totally glad he doesn't play the drums :)

Also going to check out because Ive never heard of them either....

and janiss - I think I visit your site every day and had no idea about all that. And I feel your pain which is worse than mine I think! LOLOL

wngl - totally made me laugh! totally

Irene - Its the ceiling fan toggle! I had no idea what it was. went back in there and looked .... something about the camera angle or something...

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