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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A yarn confession and a question

A few years ago I wanted to learn how to felt (sometimes called fulling) and since I knew nothing; I didn't know about wet felting  and that you could  buy roving and go!  Or that you could buy an old wool (alpaca, cashmere, etc) sweater and felt that.  Oh how easy that would have been.


I assumed you have to knit or crochet something first which was a problem.  Well, three problems.  I couldn't knit.  I couldn't crochet. I'm allergic to wool.


I proceeded anyway.  I decided to learn to knit and got no where.  Well, not no where, but no where that led me to anything that would fit a human - No matter how hard I worked at it I kept getting odd looking ever increasing random shaped items.  #Fail.  Than I moved on to crochet and after about half-dozen odd looking ever increasing random shaped items I got one that stopped increasing in size.

And so I figured crochet was my ticket to felting.  I started with bracelets and used vintage buttons as accents.

Sometimes the buttons weren't accents. Sometimes I made them
as buttons.  You know, the bracelet came off and on like a, belt.


Than I got bored and started making crocheted flowers instead of the buttons...


I combined yarns a lot.  The green had several greens 
and a yarn with Angelina Fibers for bling.

Than I just did flowers, made a scarf...


And felted that...

But I really wanted to knit. I mean, really.  So I tried again and yeah.. 
Still sucked at it.  


I got a round knitting loom and that I could do so
I was jazzed and made like a jillion scarves...


Well, a jillion and one.  I made Ginger one that matched my
kid's one year and they wore them for the holiday card.

Apparently, they both felt, Stupid, Geeze Mom!

And I got the scarf loom too...


I got a lot of looms but mostly used the round one because they are
more versatile.  You can make small sachets...


and my favorite


Baby Hats!

I made more baby hats than I knew baby heads...  But c'mon


Look at 'em!

So anyway - What's this about?


Okay, there I said it.  Because even though I like everything I've made I still can't make some of the things I want.   I get all these Yarn Porn Catalogs and just drool.  

I want to make this...

lion brand pattern


lion brand pattern

I saw those when I got my new Lion Brand catalog recently and my family was all, you should totally make them and I was all, I can't knit and they were all, what do you mean you can't knit? 

And I had no answer.

And because that's not the only catalog I torture myself with, oh these make my knitting needles itch to click. throw pattern

Look at that throw.  It's even called the Retro Throw Pattern
how me is that?  I found that on the KnitPicks website, 
my favorite yarn place   But look, just look at this next one...

knitpicks grazing sheep bag

I want to learn to knit just to make this felted Grazing sheep bag...

So here I am on Saturday morning after looking at the Japanese Craft books yesterday  and these catalogs for the last week or so because I put them in the bathroom and where else do I have peace and quiet anyway which by the way backfired because now my family is saying, Hey make those!

And I'm all, Can't.

But do you think I can't or....  that I just need to try some more?  I've kind of assumed knitting is just one of those things I can't get but do you think anyone can get it if they try?

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Diane {Palmyra, PA Photographer} 2/27/10, 8:11 AM  

I finally learned to knit after knowing how to crochet for a CAN learn, but expect a lot of stitching and bitching. Have you gotten the "I taught myself to knit" book and supplemented with YouTube videos? That helped me a LOT. GOOD LUCK!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 2/27/10, 8:17 AM  

Diane - Is it an older book? Like 1975 maybe? I looked up the name and its out of print but if thats the book Im sure I can find it used just want to make sure i have the right book... And no, Id not seen that one but will search it out!


J Sedai 2/27/10, 8:33 AM  

are you left handed? cause I found it HARD to learn from right handed ppl. and I can only knit rectangles of various sizes or triangles (cause I can decrease my stitches in my rectangle) LOL
also I felt, but I needle felt which is more like sculpting, so that's of no help. I which you good luck tho!! and LOL at the knitting porn!!!

Anonymous,  2/27/10, 9:15 AM  

Never say never. My advise is to call a local yarn shop and schedule a private lesson. Tell them your story and book an appt. with someone you're comfortable talking to

I can't crochet, but can knit and it is addicting.

Vonlipi 2/27/10, 11:36 AM  

I can't knit either. I tried when I was a teenager and just wanted to use the needles on my Mom because she was such a bossy teacher...Now I want to try again but don't know where to start!

I want to start hooking rugs too! And learn how to crochet...sigh! Good luck!

Babes Mami 2/27/10, 12:15 PM  

I also can't knit but can crochet! I have just never been able to 'get it', my mom and granny tried to teach me and I tried to learn from books..maybe are just not finding the right book for us. I learn better by seeing it done, not step by step. Any knitting classes near you?

Lin 2/27/10, 2:28 PM  

I'm with idgtm--you need a private teacher. The way I learned to knit is very similar to crotcheting--I don't lift my yarn over the needles, I move the needles around the yarn. I think you can master knitting if you can crochet, but you just need the right teacher.

I LOVE to knit, but I will warn you--it is not cheap. Especially if you are tactile and like the really, really nice (expensive) yarns and not that acrylic crap they sell at local craft stores.

Maureen 2/27/10, 2:59 PM  

Love this post Tracy! I read a post by Jane where she talked about felting and I felt (no pun intended) the urge to felt. I haven't gotten to it yet but knew instinctively that I would be thrifting for my wool. A knitter I am not. Which is kind of sad because my mom could have been in the knitting Olympics. Me, not so much. She tried to teach me as a teenager but it was a painful experience. As in physically painful. I held that wool and those needles so tight that my hands were killing me. It wasn't a nice, relaxing pastime. Au contraire. So no knitting for me.

I must say, you have made some gorgeous stuff. I love those hats. You should have some in your Etsy shop. (Why don't you have a link to it anymore?)

And red is soooooo Ginger's color.

Jingle 2/27/10, 3:05 PM  

I totally understand. I want to make those adorable little critters that are knit or crochet, but I tried crochet once and sucked and I can't even figure out how to freaking cast on when it comes to knitting! I think I'm going to give crochet another go. I at least managed to come up with some connected rows with that one. I think I just need more patience.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 2/27/10, 3:11 PM  

J Sedai - Nope right handed. I don't know what's wrong with me!

idgtm - I had a few people suggest that and that may be the way to go - they could stop me as I make the mistake I think. know what I mean?

Vonlipi - who knows maybe we will prevail... sigh

Babes - there is a store, if its still there that used to have classes but also knitting nights where you could just go. And I think at the library too.

Lin - yes, thats the yarn I love and Im an alpaca fiend. I am not allergic to alpaca.

Maureen - Alot didnt go back up when I changed templates - I left off some blogs on the blog roll - Im just getting it all together. I bet I left you off ...I have to look. But yeah, looks like I left off the etsy store too. LOL, I didn't notice till you said that. And its not that I didn't like the stuff I made its just that what I can't make, makes me nuts!

Jingle - yeah crochet for some reason is just easier to me. something about it...I really dont know. Give it another shot.

Flemisa 2/27/10, 8:37 PM  

No, it is not just you. Decide how you learn best and go for it with a very positive attitude. Books -- The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville is great, YouTube if your computer doesn't frustrate you, your LYS if you feel comfortable in it and/or a knitting group that is together for the fun and enjoyment. Put the word out and I am sure you would be surprised at the number of people who want to help.
Lesson One -- there are no Knitting Police. Do what feels comfortable for you and produces what you want.
One other important thing to remember -- felting conceals a LOT of things.
Loved seeing all the projects you have produced and will be visiting again.

Jerri 2/27/10, 11:43 PM  

Great post. So many cute items. I love that picture of the dog in scarf!

Thanks for stopping by Simply Sweet Home.

Kim Moldofsky 2/28/10, 9:07 AM  

At first I thought you did this all in the space of a few weeks and I was super impressed. I"m still impressed with you doing it in the course of a few years. I saw keep trying! Maybe you need a friend to walk you through the steps or a kind salesperson at a yarn shop? Good luck!

Lynette 2/28/10, 11:43 AM  

lost your address
and i have a lil gift for you
email me

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique 2/28/10, 1:10 PM  

LOVE the little red scarf on the adorable doggy!!! I think he loved it too??!!

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