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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Think Pink and Don't be Grandma on Retro Tuesday

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I was looking through a magazine this morning I hadn't looked at for quite some time. American Home (1948) was very much an interior decorating magazine; from the features to the ads to the projects - All home.

I've always noticed how the pink, aqua and yellow thing seemed to run through entire magazines in the 50's and early 60's but I'd not noticed that this was true of other decades and color schemes, too.

In fact, after this morning I'm beginning to think this
combination was the precursor of pink, aqua and yellow.


In so many ads and features there was a similar color palette; red (geranium red, actually), yellow and a green or blue.

old-english-wax 19481

The styles of the rooms were different but the colors
were remarkably consistent.


Page after page... Ad after ad...

american-kitchens 19481

And not just ads, and not just kitchens.
Geranium, green, yellow....


The really interesting thing though is this ad.


Totally different. This ad for Cannon Towels was the entire inside front cover and the only thing I saw advertised that was pink. And just look at the message - Don't be Grandma. (Basically.) Be new, be modern...Be... Well, pink. Right? That ad placement had to be the most expensive in the magazine and in full color, too - At a time when many ads were black and white or single color.

It's almost strange if you think about it. All the color palettes in the magazine are amazingly similar except this Cannon ad - even the green is a 'bit' different. Fresher maybe? Bluer... The red is more coral than red.... And the pink. Totally new. Don't be Grandma.

It's the first thing you would see when opening the magazine and even though everything you will see after it is entirely different (Read: old fashioned) you are reminded that you are a modern woman. Don't forget you're different. Pink. Pink. Pink....

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Vonlipi 2/9/10, 9:46 AM  

OoooH Pink! What's not to love! We are modern women Tracy!

Mick 2/9/10, 11:25 AM  

Is that not the title of a Dance number in "Funny Face"? 'Think Pink, think pink, if you find you must think THINK PINK!" I almost re-did the den and bedroom in a soft 50's pink, but then I ran with turquoise insted (its more manly haha)

mama-face 2/9/10, 11:56 AM  

Ha. I love pink.

Our first house (circa 1987) was decorated in blue and mauve. Right down to the carpet. It was THE color scheme. I've noticed the same colors...although in different hues, are popular now. It's amazing how colors can be revamped and made popular again.

Maureen 2/9/10, 12:28 PM  

How clever of Cannon. Be bold and modern!

Most of those ads aren't too bad though. Except the dorky knight and the yucky green floor.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 2/9/10, 1:00 PM  

Vonlipi - For sure!

Mick - Oh absolutely! But really aqua and pink is a real toss-up for fabulous anyway!

Mama-face - Mauve. OMG - I don't think I can stand to see anything mauve again. I didnt like it much when it was hot and my mom changed - are you ready? A pink kitchen PINK! to mauve.

Maureen - it really was clever either by design or chance it was the perfect placement and time...

Thrifted Treasure 2/9/10, 5:48 PM  

Those ads are great!!! I need a coat of shiny armour for my floor, where can I get it ;-)

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 2/9/10, 11:33 PM  

Aqua all the way for me, I'm less a fan of pink!

is it just me or does that second picture (the green and red kitchen) feel rather Christmassy?

@eloh 2/10/10, 2:27 AM  

The "kitchen stool" in the top picture is missing it's steps!

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