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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Retro Tuesday for the masses...

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I saw this ad about a week ago and I couldn't put it out of my mind.


I wasn't getting the connection was kinda insulting.


Took me a while to figure out what bugged me...

I think I finally have it. I'd lumped vintage magazines in much broader categories than they were really in. I'd considered a woman's magazine a magazine aimed at ALL woman but looking at the magazine that this ad came from I realize that I was mistaken.

In the past I've taken pictures out of woman's magazines that included original painting done by Mark Rothko


And other woman's magazines with bathrooms designed by Pietro Belluschi

1955 clay tile ad

When I posted them we all commented that we'd never seen a room that fabulous in real life. They were perfectly fabulous (and perfectly period) but no one had ever really seen a room like that.

The Creamettes ad was in a (new magazine for me) Woman's Day 1963 and after looking it over (and over and over) again I think some woman's magazines were made to appeal to one group of women and other magazines; other women. And this Woman's Day seems to be going for a woman who is never going to hang a Rothko in her living room or will have the leader of the modern movement in architecture design her bathroom. Woman's Day was going for the masses, the everyday woman...

She didn't even have the thing all those women in 60's screwball sitcoms wanted - A mink. So she served Creamettes to make her feel like she did.

I went through the magazines to peek at the interior designs.


And they were different too.


Much less sophisticated...


And more likely to be a home I might have visited.


Although I still found the colors a bit migraine inducing.


I do remember homes with this matchy-matchy
pattern frenzy thing (made 1000 times worse if
it was done in flocked wall paper).

I was always afraid I'd have a seizure in rooms like this.

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@eloh 2/2/10, 2:04 PM  

Oh the orange... the orange.

I've read in quilting magazines that if you want your quilt to last forever... make it orange.. it won't get used.

Vonlipi 2/2/10, 3:17 PM  

Those are bold colors! They will be burned in my brain forever!!! Especially the yellow flower orgy!

Lidian 2/2/10, 3:28 PM  

I think she is actually wearing the Creamettes, fashioned into a mink-substitute collar -

Debbie 2/2/10, 5:15 PM  

I was cracking up thinking about this ad since I just made mac and cheese for dinner and definitely did NOT feel like I was wearing mink:)

mama-face 2/2/10, 5:26 PM  

Interesting comparison. Magazines fascinate me; old and new. Where do you get your hands on these? :)

janjan 2/2/10, 7:40 PM  

I just love going through old magazines. I get fired up though when they tell the woman she should have her spouses dinner on the table at a certain time and go out of her way to make his life more bearable as he'd been working hard all day. The poor old everyday housewife wouldn't have had time to read magazines.

Maureen 2/2/10, 8:41 PM  

There were really some dumb ass ads back then. Macaroni & mink - ya soooo similar.

@eloh 2/2/10, 9:54 PM  

I generally come back a couple times to look at the "pictures of my youth"...

That last picture, makes me want to bang my head on the floor... but I just kept looking... something was so familiar...

I know what it is, the dough box. I have never seen one in a picture before. I grew up with a dough box as a side table just as this one is being used. Half the top lifts up and dough was stored to raise inside the box.

Jen 2/3/10, 5:26 AM  

Migraine inducing is right...I was afraid of being struck blind if I looked at that playroom photo too long. Yuck. It's always fun, though, to go back and look at the ads from yesteryear; they seem to run the gambit from the inane to phenomenally stupid, don't they? Fun post :o)

Anonymous,  2/3/10, 10:36 AM  

'figures. my mom read woman's day (and family circle). and, yes, she did not own a mink--mouton lamb was as close as she ever got.

Tara Beaulieu 2/3/10, 11:05 AM  

I actually really like the white lamps in the blue/yellow room and the orange room- nice modern shapes!

I'm taking pictures of my vintage goodies now and will link up shortly!

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