The Crazy Suburban Mom: Rendezvous with Lance, Tuesday morning...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rendezvous with Lance, Tuesday morning...

I know, I know. I hear it all the time. It's the companies that make money on extended warranties. And, Don't you know the salesman makes almost all the money you pay for that? And, You always do better if you just pay if (I beg to differ... if not guffaw at the word 'if', by the way because it's not if - It's when.) something goes wrong.

I suppose I understand the sentiment and perhaps you have better luck with mechanical things than I do but does anyone really think anything is made to last past the free warranty? I mean, really?

So last week I met Lance (here), the manliest of automobiles because my pretty blue parade float decided it only wanted to go left. Well, it would go right or left but only signaled left (even if I had clicked right) which was dangerous when you are driving something the size of Colorado. I'm thinking my right blinker is on but, nay. The cars behind Colorado think it's intending to hang a left towards New Mexico even though my intention is Wyoming. Major honking and fingers ensued.

Yesterday I was at the A&P buying coffee creamer, the only thing I will actually leave the house for in bad weather, and I put the bags in the back. The very back - which is about a hundred feet behind the driver's seat. I click close because The Float has what's called a Power Liftgate which means it opens and closes itself.


Than I take a shuttle to the front of the van, unlock it and get in. I start the car, turn on the radio and am about to back up when I realize I hear birds. I look out the back for some reason, although I have no idea why but will be grateful forever because all I see is parking lot back there.... No door. I figure I didn't close it, I say, huh to myself shut off the float and shut the back. I listen to it go....

Beeep....beeep.... beeep....

As it closes until it's almost shut and than all of a sudden I hear...

Beeep....beeep.... beeep.... again.

And I'm watching the door go back up again but this time I'm not saying huh I'm saying, nooooooooo. Oh, noooooooo. Nooooooooo. Noooooooooo. And after repeating the whole thing 5 or 6 times all the while trying to figure out how they will ever tow something the size of a PT Boat somewhere with the back door up, it closed and latched.

All the way home I'm thinking about having to get that stuff out again but, no it worked that time. So I called and made an appointment on Tuesday to bring my pretty blue parade float, who I named by the way...


...back to the dealer. Again. Again. Again. And even though it's free (Free, people. Free is a beautiful price and it's free because of the extended warranty I stupidly bought and that included the two day rental of Lance. That last repair would have been $303 and it was only a blinker relay switch can you imagine how much the Power Liftgate is going to be?) ... Where was I.... Oh.... Free except for the $5 a day Terrorist something or other tax on the rental car plus gas it's still kind of chafing. But not nearly as chafing as if I didn't buy the extended warranty. That would be truly horrible. No worse than horrible. That would be just something so epically dreadful that I can't even go there on a week I cut the end of my finger off.


Maureen 2/13/10, 2:45 PM  

Hah! Good for you!

Mick 2/13/10, 3:14 PM  

Car trouble is the worst! You crack me up with your "shuttle" to the drivers seat haha.

Jen 2/13/10, 5:35 PM  

I never used to buy them but when everything started to break the day after the standard warranty expired and it cost twice as much as the original price of the product, I reluctantly started to purchase them. Know what? Since I have been buying them I have never had to use one.

Anonymous,  2/14/10, 8:06 PM  

I never use to buy them, my in-laws bought it for us on the Escape (which I currently drive) and let me just has been a blessing they bought it. We would have been up S***'s creek without a paddle! Car trouble is the worst. I feel your pain.

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