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Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading, crocheting, and throbbing randomness...

To the total embarrassment of my son I've been reading the Twilight series.  I'm not sure what tweaks him so about it and I'm not sure why I'm even reading it so late after it's popularity.  Maybe because Twilight was just on Showtime and I saw it again and thought, Wow, this was so much better than I thought it was the first time and I can't wait to see New Moon.  I dunno, really.  Maybe I'm just bored by the winter. 

The really weird thing is I almost always read non-fiction.  Craft books, cook books, how-to...  I'm not normally interested in stories.  The one exception was when I worked nights in a Sleep Disorder Center.  I was mostly alone all night long after my patients went to bed so I picked up a book almost every night I worked.  Thing is I read really fast.  No, you don't understand - Really fast.   I could put away at least a book a night and still get all my work done so it was an expensive habit.  And what I read was romance novels.  Kind of embarrassing actually.  I'm not even sure why it is, but it is.  It really is.

I hadn't really thought about that until yesterday.  Since my son has such an aversion to the Twilight novels I figured I'd give him a break and not buy the third one even though I wanted something to read.  I was going to Barnes and Noble look for a magazine Borders didn't have.  Crochet Today is the best Crochet magazine with the most adorable and 'current' patterns around.  This is the current issue...

 I used to have a subscription but I let it lapse so now I just buy them from time to time.  Right now they have a compilation issue I wanted to take a look at and Borders didnt have it.  I found it but ended up not getting it, such is life.

And than I remembered my Twilight problem and figured, Well, I'll just go to the ROMANCE! aisle and get something.  Else.  Something, I don't know... fictionary. Engaging; something to help me forget it's supposed to snow.  Again, yes again.  And that it gets dark before five o'clock and I just can't stand that anymore.  So, I used to read the romance stuff and why not take my mind off life for a few hours?

And I just knew I would regret it when I walk into the demarcated aisle - and it is demarcated.  ROMANCE! in a banner on the top which is really just embarrassing. And I know Sci-fi is like that, and mystery and self-help, too.  And to be honest, I was never all that comfy browsing in self-help either.  Couldn't they think of something less obvious than self-help?    Like how 'bout a behemoth neon billboard that says FLAWED instead?

Where was I?

And I'm looking and looking and every book has either some picture that I can't imagine bringing up to the front, or an even more embarrassing picture on a second cover page that you can only see part of (if you've ever seen these books you know what I mean) or a series of words like... Oh, dunno...  sensuous, hot desire, steamy and pulsating with an occasional throbbing thrown in there to make me want to just leave and go back to crochet.....  and really now, I mean c'mon.

So all that is out.  Anything with an embarrassing picture is out as well as any cover that throbs.  And if any of you have ever been in the ROMANCE! aisle you know that cuts out about 87% of the books.  What I ended up with was this one...

Only had the word 'erotic' on the cover and that was tolerably small.

And I'm figuring compared to the rest of the throbbing, sweaty, pulsating covers; darned mild.  Took it home read the whole thing in a few hours and well...  Mild? Not so much.  Definitely a deceiving cover.

And after giving that some thought.... I actually kind of like that in a cover.

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Maureen 2/22/10, 12:59 PM  

Who knew? Naughty, naughty!

shelley 2/22/10, 1:08 PM  

OMG you can't stop reading them! lol i didn't read the first, saw the movie, saw new moon and then read eclipse and breaking dawn! so when we had our blizzard i actually dreampt i was a vampire! edward cullen what are you doing to me? lol...

I'm putting vamps aside for a moment... and working on myself.. i'm getting a "wellness makeover" on ABC! and writing about it.. i hope that you stop by and check it out i will need all of the bloggy support i can get to make sure i'm still breathing! lol

shelley :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 2/22/10, 1:20 PM  

Maureen - Okay, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Shelly, That is too funny - the first part not the second! And I saw the movies first too.

I that that is so way cool about the make-over and I think I know this somehow? Maybe I got an email or something, I know I've commented on your blog before so I knew this - I can't remember how. I'm pretty sure it came in the form of an email tho from someplace and I thought it was wonderful!


Six Feet Under Blog 2/22/10, 1:23 PM  

My son hates that I love Twilight too. He makes fun of the sparkling vampires. lol

J Sedai 2/22/10, 7:56 PM  

don't feel bad about reading Romance (even with the exclamation mark) I have something like OCD with the written word and will read anything put in front of me (even if I don't like it, or it's BAD). Personally I haven't read any of the Twilight books (but I've seen the movies), but I have read my share of Romance! and they're rather addictive, I like the murder mystery variety (so it's not JUST smut, LOL)

Maureen 2/22/10, 7:58 PM  

Haha! I'm not sure. I've never read a romance novel. (Very "Calgon take me away!". Remember that?) But it sounds good to me!

Babes Mami 2/22/10, 11:46 PM  

I read Twilight series last winter and loved the books even though I felt like a 14 year old reading them!

I also have a shameful history of Romance books lol, my mom and sister buy them and we all read quickly so they are done with each book in a few hours and they are sent to me and I for some reason have to read books or go to them when I have no others.

@J. Sedal...I love the mystery ones too! Intrigue I believe is the series because it's not just throbbing sweating members.

Kristin 2/23/10, 6:11 PM  

I've held out thus far, but my bestie says I'm really missing something. Hmmmmm

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