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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Retro Tuesday for all the right reasons (and a few past klunkers) Blog hop

There are a lot of really kooky things in vintage magazines and I love that about them but every once in a while I'll look and say to myself, Hmmm... I'd so buy that.

retrotuesay stamp

Granted some of the food is horrifying. I've seen hot dogs look like crime scene photos and jello recipes that are the stuff of our childhood nightmares.

Remember this chicken classic?


That one gave me the jello-willies for a good month...

And let's all stroll down memory lane and remember
the um, education we got on feminine hygiene, shall we?


And uh, this classic...


Yep, The Minute Hygiene... A feat of modern engineering
that you asked your local plumber to install for all your feminine
hygiene, enema and infant bathing needs. Do read the ad copy
if you didn't last time. Who ever came up with that must
have been a genius. A rocket scientist, really.

Mmmmm, Kay.

Oh and this guy? Remember him?


Let's move on, my skeeve-dar is just
banging and it's waking Ginger.

But I'm really off track because those aren't what this is about. This is about the ads that I look at and go, I would so buy that or, Wow. Fabulous. Or despite a stupid name or whatever the ad attracts me.



I didn't read any of the ad copy and I don't know what's up with Santa and the housewife lady but I think those chairs are fanfreakintastic. I love the design and the colors and everything about them. These ads were in a 1950's American Home magazine (Well, the new ones, not those old ones.) and I don't go through it very much because it's too large for my scanner but I thought several of the ads were gems.

I mean...



And yes, for me it's the colors too... But the design is just spot on. Perhaps that's why that company is still around today. I sure wish they were making that though, in those colors - I would be first in line!

And this...


Know what this is? Look closer...


It's brilliant really!

It's a wonderfully simple thing that would make your kitchen look ridiculously adorable for very little money... AND it's marketed brilliantly! You just cut the pieces out of the magazine and try them on your shelves. Who ever thought of that was a marketing genius and I sure wish I could find an ad like this in a current magazine. Right?

Want to join me in Retro Tuesday?

Got anything? Anything at all retro? A recipe? A thing? A thrift store
find? C'mon... I know you do.... Add it to the blog hop!


Vonlipi 1/5/10, 10:21 AM  

I want a stool! These are so cool looking and those Royledge...I need some!

Did I write you back about the apron? I forget! Yes I love it! I do!

mama-face 1/5/10, 10:24 AM  

This is one of your best Retro Tuesdays ever! I tried to make the Intimate Physical Questions big enough to read, but dang it, I couldn't. I always imagined that that was all kept secret...and here it was for all to see in a magazine!

Ha. I have cookbooks with pictures like the one you show AND my husband bought a brand new stool for his workshop that looks just like the ones in the ad. Those definitely need to come back. (We had the chair/step stool combo when I was growing up.) Maybe you could actually feature ME as a retro tuesday item.

ps. no purse yet...:(

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/5/10, 10:24 AM  

Vonlipi- yeah, I know - those stools are terrific! Yes, you did and I guess I didnt write you back. And guess what? Its sitting next to me, wrapped up, addressed and ready to go to the post office in...oh...'bout half an hour! So it will be on its way soon! Finally.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/5/10, 10:35 AM  

Mary - They wanted to send the purses out like a week before Christmas because of mail and than didn't ....Than the 24th I got an email saying they had shipped. Than a few hours later I got an email saying no they didn't because the truck broke down they would go out Monday - which I'm guessing would put that at the 28th. Which is about 2 full weeks after they had wanted to do it. I didn't get a follow-up so I'm assuming they did go out? And it should be soon???? I hope very soon! And I sent you an email about where a better picture is!

Maureen 1/5/10, 1:13 PM  

Totally scares me when there is a contraption involved in hygiene. Who the sam hell does enema at home, by choice? The whole subject takes my mind to the new security measures at airports where they are allowed to pat you down, crotch and all. "No. Mr. Security Guard. It's not a bomb. It's a pad. Thank you very much.".

Lidian 1/5/10, 2:32 PM  

Oh lordy, it is Tuesday! I will add my ad in...I love your post so much, and I think my mom used to have that red chair, the high one, or something very like it (don't know if it is still around).

That hygiene stuff is very scary!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/5/10, 2:46 PM  

Maureen - LOL. You know whats weird about that thing - Well, okay first the obvious, but that it had like so many function right? You were supposed to do all that and when you're done enemazizing yourself you were supposed to bathe your baby using it. The other really odd thing is after I posted it the first time ...Well, I'm going to email you the rest.

Lidian - I love retro tuesday too. I just ordered 3 more magazines from the 50's and I hope they are good. This crop was getting a little ... I don't know. I was used to it I guess.

Aths 1/5/10, 7:29 PM  

Some of those ads had me cracking up! LOL, how weird!! Those chairs definitely look freaking awesome!!

Lin 1/5/10, 8:28 PM  

If you like those colors, you'd like my bathtub. Yeah, I need to get it sprayed. Ugh.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit 1/6/10, 12:51 AM  

I will never eat jello again! :D

Lovely post!

@eloh 1/8/10, 3:23 AM  

As a child, had I needed (through poor planning) to have to request to use someone's toilet and found the handy dandy "Minute Hygiene" hooked up .... I swear I'd still be running. And take my pants down in it's presence... no way...that thing would probably get you preggers.... we were so very well informed and worldly back then.

Some of your readers may not realize how much bad rap toilets used to get.

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