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Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay, well.... this is early for even me...

It's not even 3 a.m. and I've been up for over an hour. Ginger got me up because she had to go pee-pee. She pee-pees about three times a night, at least. Instead of lumbering to the door in a stupor and than going back to bed; my mind started rambling about what I had to do today. So now Ginger's happily back to sleep.


And I'm thinking odd random thoughts like:

Just how how lazy am I if it feels like too much trouble
to 'drop' an
Entrecard on the left side of the page?


When does making key fobs cease to be productive and
become obsessive? The first? Second?

This one's the third one yesterday....


Speaking of obsessions... I found a new website
that lists a lot of Christmas Wish Books. (And
I think Maureen told me about the site, too after
I went on and on (and on) commenting on her post
here . ) The Wishbook site has photographed
them. Page by page! Go there if you have
skatey-eight million hours to kill but...


Just look at what I found on page 290 of the
1964 Sears Christmas Wish Book...

Page 290 Sears Wish book 1964

Do you see them???

glass pheasants

The gravel art pheasants! Yes!

And I'm sure you're all, Um. So? But see, my father made those and I remember watching him. SO WELL. I remember the smell of the white glue and that it came in a little square packet. My dad cut a corner off the glue packet so precisely and he was so darned neat. He got glue nowhere except where it belonged. That's just inhuman, really...

And the gold square tiles along the tail, and the leaf shaped ones... I remember the black, sort of glossy, sort of stiff, braiding that surrounded and 'held in' the gravel and how beautiful I thought that glass gravel was. The colors were... I don't know - So pure.

I was sure I'd never seen anything more beautiful.
Not all the parts or the sum...

I wish I had those pheasant gravel art things now. I doubt my dad still does. And I'm sure this is going to be the kind of memory he says I remember better than he does.

And I'm sure he has no idea how I felt about watching him but it's one of my favorite times growing up. I loved watching you do these gravel art things, Dad.

Now, I'm getting all sappy and weepy.


Nothing good does come of being up at 3 a.m.....
Make that 3:21...


Lidian 1/4/10, 10:38 AM  

That Wishbook site is amazingly wonderful. I never heard of gravel art before but it looks lovely; and what a lovely memory, too.

Lidian 1/4/10, 10:52 AM  

Tracy, I just went over to Wishbook and had a look at the 1967 FAO Schwartz catalogue. And that made me remember my mom, and the dolls she picked out for me from there, around that time, and how she sewed them clothes every Christmas. Now I'm all misty and sappy too! Must go mock an old ad right away ;)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/4/10, 11:30 AM  


Aren't these things AMAZING??? They seriously get you right in the heart. There has to something for everyone there. I found that site because I really wanted to buy a wish book and it came up in a search - and I still want to buy one. To have and sit and look through and turn the pages, like I used to. For hours. And look at all the things I wanted... sigh

julochka 1/4/10, 1:06 PM  

oh honey, you need some sleep....pheasants? glued bits? maybe a nice little dram of whiskey and then to bed!!

Maureen 1/4/10, 1:27 PM  

Your key fobs are cute. And already listed in Etsy! Good girl! I'm guessing that's why we didn't see your silver.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/4/10, 1:33 PM  

Julochka - LOL! Um, yeah... You have a point! I was a bit sleep deprived although, I don't know 10 hours later I'm not in much better shape I fear :)

Maureen - I'd never heard of Silver Sunday so I didn't have anything ready. I have this big ladle I got so cheaply at an estate sale and I love it dearly - I've never used it for vintage thingies thursday - maybe I'll use it and than link back to silver sunday - or just use it for silver sunday, I dunno :) But Id never heard of it so I was totally unprepared! I'd love something like that on the week end because theres never anything going on... so it sounds like fun!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/4/10, 2:22 PM  

Maureen - I just linked you up to this post because I love that one you did of the wishbook :)


Maureen 1/4/10, 2:49 PM  

Cool. (Not necessary but appreciated.)

If you're still feeling weepy, go to the bottom of my January 1st post. There's a YouTube video that should snap you out of it.

Ann 1/4/10, 3:46 PM  

have to check out that wishbook site. I remember going through those things when I was a kid. I think I remember that gravel art stuff too. I'm pretty sure my grandparents had something like that, looks familiar anyway.

marybt 1/4/10, 8:14 PM  

I love your key fobs! :) I didn't realize you had listed them on Etsy. I'll have to check them out! :)

Lin 1/4/10, 9:01 PM  

Things always seem so much more important at 3:00 a.m., don't they? Darn that Ginger!

52 Faces 1/5/10, 4:21 AM  

Wow. It really ISN'T just you! My dog is whining because we're crate training now...sigh. That's what wakes me up in the early morns.

Lynette 1/5/10, 8:49 AM  

That does take a steady hand and lots of patience. I loved the string art with all the lil nails. Yeah, you remember. Of course the cut up hands from all the rough macrame too!

@eloh 1/8/10, 4:21 AM  

Those pheasants are cool, better yet your memories of them... I sure would ask to see if they are still around. I learned my lesson the hard way is keeping my mouth shut.

I remember seeing drama masks all over in the 60's & 70's, cause they always gave me the creeps.

Pern 4/24/10, 3:00 PM  

I just inherited two pics of gravel art my Mom did in the 60's. She did a wonderfully precise job on them too. I love them. A matched pair, an egret and a peacock. I also remember her working so neatly and precisely.

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