The Crazy Suburban Mom: My Wednesday Weight Watchers Update...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Wednesday Weight Watchers Update...

On Thursday...

I did go yesterday and the short version is I've been so nuts about whether or not I'm 'there' (you can read about being 'there' here if you want) that I couldn't even get on the scale.

'There' is an emotional weight for me and it's carrying a lot of baggage (and I don't mean the kind of baggage that makes my ass look fat). I'm afraid I won't see it every week and terrified I will. It's an odd and powerful weight version of Catch-22. This week the only way to wrap my mind around a meeting was wrapping my mind around staying off the scale first.

I want to regularly attend meetings again; not doing that is getting me no where. I thought I'd try going and not weighing-in.

They were cool with it.

The good news is I reached my 16 weeks - Which I would have reached much sooner if my car hadn't died and I hadn't stopped going for a month over being/not being 'there' but whatevs... I got my clapping hands charm to go on my 10% key chain. Clapping hands is hanging next to my 25 pound, um...I don't know what the heck that thing is...Looks like a barbell weight doesn't it?


So that's the update... I have no idea how much I weigh.

And I'm good with that.

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Nanny Goats In Panties 1/21/10, 1:45 PM  

I didn't know you got little milestone thingies in Weight Watchers. Are you sure you didn't accidentally go to an AA meeting?

But seriously, congratulations and keep it up!


The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/21/10, 1:55 PM  

Thanks! And I'm sure it's not AA because my friends who go say AA involves snacks and coffee and there are no snacks at weight watchers! :)

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