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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have a confession....

So, I haven't gone to Weight Watchers for a bit and I have all manner of reasons why but this is the truth.... Okay, I'm going to take a deep breath now and say it.

Wait, let me back up.

I have this particular weight, just a number really, that's an emotional sticking point for me. It's a place I haven't really gotten under for more than a minute and a half, for years. Like I will get 'there' and look down, see the number and some weird brain thing happens.

I don't stop eating until I'm not 'there' anymore plus, Oh! Ten more pounds (give or take) for good measure.

The last time I went to Watchers Watchers (a few weeks ago) I was almost 'there', I mean almost. Like if I'd just peed before weigh-in I'd have been 'there' so... I haven't gone back because I'm...


Scared to death, really.

Of a million, million things.

That I won't be 'there' now and will have to re-live all this craziness again next week. That I will be 'there' and than spend next week gaining that extra ten so I'm not 'there' anymore. And even that I will get over being 'there' and even less than 'there' but than will have even less to wear than I do now (Have I mentioned I'm down to two pairs of pants and a skirt? Five more pounds and I'll be the CrazySuburbanMomInHerUnderpants.Com - and really my kid's been through enough.)

But I am going in the morning anyway. Whatever happens, happens. 'There'. Not 'there'.

You're a Tool...

I am going. Period.

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Vonlipi 1/12/10, 6:08 PM  

OMG I have the same thing happen to me! And I could never go back to that number! Whatever I tried I never went back....sigh.

Hang in there! Reach that magical number fibbing now and I'll send something pink your way! Is that motivating enough for you? If not let me know

@eloh 1/12/10, 6:27 PM  

You will do fine no matter what it says.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/12/10, 6:37 PM  

Vonlipi - It's not just me??? You're kidding me. I wouldn't fib about pink pyrex! lol...I've gotten 'there' but bouncy bouncy right back up again. I'm scared thats what will happen.

eloh - I'm going. I'm going no matter what. I have to get past this and move on...its time and thank you

Lin 1/12/10, 7:19 PM  

It is my life to always go back to Weight Watchers. I am really trying NOT to have to go back this time. Ugh.

Bernat Antiques 1/12/10, 9:33 PM  

First of all, I CRACKED UP about your new web address!!!! Frickin' hilarious. Unfortunately I know the feeling. We should start a club or something ( - haha). Then we can all go on Oprah. Better hurry up though cuz her gig is almost up.

So, now, on the serious side. STOP looking at the number! It's about feeling good. Which I don't particularly. When I leave on vacation I hope no one mistakes me for a whale and harpoons me. Maybe I shouldn't wear my black bathing suit....

Maureen 1/12/10, 9:34 PM  

Balls - I did it again. That last comment was from me.

Toronto Yardsaler 1/12/10, 10:08 PM  

I want one. Pass the potatoes.

Misguided Mommy 1/13/10, 12:08 AM  

i am reading this while shoveling dove chocolates in my mouth. maybe i need weight watchers...or will power

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/13/10, 4:44 AM  

Lin, I so want to not have to do that over and over... sigh.

Maureen :) You're too funny! Balls, says it all! In most circumstances in fact! lol

Toronto... Potatos passed!

Misguided - I had to not eat some of those before!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 1/13/10, 4:49 AM  

Oh, and Maureen, as far as goes...Thats too industrious! Id settle for


Jingle 1/13/10, 7:53 AM  

If you think you are there - or even close to should go. You deserve the celebration, even if it does only last a week or two! I totally understand! I have one of those numbers. One of those fretful, horrible, icky numbers.

Maureen 1/13/10, 11:42 AM  

Haha! Aiming for the stars!

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