The Crazy Suburban Mom: Ginger's New Year's Resolutions...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ginger's New Year's Resolutions...

Ginger was in her muffin this morning
contemplating some New Year's Resolutions...


I won't pee-pee on the rug...


I will leave Tazzy alone...


Thank you, Ginger. I'd really appreciate those things..




Oh. I was mistaken...


She was contemplating the grilled cheese
and popped corn the boy was making for lunch.


Some things never change...


Lin 1/1/10, 8:26 PM  

I like Ginger's thinking. :) I wanna be more like Ginger in the coming year.

mama-face 1/1/10, 9:55 PM  

gosh, I wish my dog would make some resolutions. How'd you train him so well? Or teach him to pose so well? :)

Maureen 1/1/10, 10:07 PM  

Ginger is every bit as cute this year as she was last. Resolutions or not.

Momstart 1/1/10, 11:55 PM  

Happy new years to you and Ginger!

Shabnamahsan 1/2/10, 1:18 AM  

Hi Ginger

Happy New Year

Plzz dont leave Tazzy alone she'll miss u heheeh

Sparkle 1/2/10, 4:34 AM  

LOL, typical dog! On the other hand, you can't even imagine a cat so much as entertaining a New Year's resolution!

Vonlipi 1/2/10, 7:38 AM  

Ginger is quite the cutie pie! Grilled cheese and popcorn? What a good idea!

Happy New Year to you!

Ann 1/2/10, 9:13 AM  

Ginger is such a cutie, Maybe she will work on those resolutions AFTER the grilled cheese and popcorn.

Daisy 1/2/10, 9:14 AM  

Oh, I don't blame Ginger one bit. Popcorns are delicious!

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