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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ginger and Tazzy

My cockatiel, Tazzy, is what's called in the bird world a chronic egg layer. I filled a jar with them before I decided that was weird. Ultimately I think what really made me toss them is a few of my kids more creatively inclined friends used the word 'omelet' a few too many times for comfort while looking at the glass jar full of a couple o' hundred Mini-Me eggs and I decided better safe than worrying every time they cook me something.

Tazzy took a little break a few months back in her breeding behavior, no idea why. For sure the hundred plus dollars hormone injections the avian vet gave her didn't work but she slowed up a bit a few months ago and than her egging wound back up again. She's not that social when she's hormonal although she still loves a head-scratch once a day.

Over the week-end she took a breather again. When she's not fascinated with her eggs, she wants attention; constant attention. I hear her calling me when I'm upstairs. When I'm in the kitchen and I hear about how, Your bird was screaming for you - The. Entire. Time. You. Were. At. The. Store.

When I'm watching TV on the couch near her it's worse.
She's pretty much all, Hey! What about me? Hey! Hey! Hey! Don't
you know I'm in here? Hey! You! Hey!


It's a little dark because I was trying to quiet her down for the evening but you saw how well that was working, right? Which was basically...


This used to drive Ginger up a wall but being the old girl she is, she doesn't hear well anymore.

Hearing loss can be a blessing.

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Maureen 1/25/10, 12:22 PM  

Tazzy lays eggs every day? Hmmm....who knew? Not me. I've never owned a bird. Then again, why wouldn't she?

Lin 1/25/10, 7:37 PM  

Take one Tazzy peeping plus one Orange Stipey meowing endlessly, and you got yourself one annoying twosome! Maybe they have cabin fever? Maybe they are a little needy? Maybe I need a cocktail.....

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