The Crazy Suburban Mom: Getting some tongue on Retro Tuesday

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting some tongue on Retro Tuesday

I need some new vintage magazines.

retrotuesay stamp

I haven't found an ad for classic pots and pans in a while,
or flatware, or Pyrex. But I did find some of this....


Looks like it's going to lick you back, doesn't it?


And it makes me wonder whats in the minced stuff.

spam 1000

And from whence those oddly shaped bouncy,
bouncy, gelatinous pink sticky cubes came?

treet 1000

Or who?


It's funny, Charlotte never remembered hearing her mother,
Darlene refer to a pig as being made of 'sugar and spice and
all that's nice'.... But she had heard her mother refer to her
and her sister, Annette that way.

And where had Annette been recently?

Kind of gives you pause, doesn't it?


Makes me appreciate identifiable deli-meats a bit more.

armour-meats7 1000

Than again...


Maybe not so much...


Cream cheese, horseradish and tongue on white bread
was the serving suggestion.


This may give me the canned-meat willies for quite some time.

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Lynette 1/12/10, 8:00 AM  

canned tounge.....omg NO! I never knew...and now I do. Your so educational. LOL

Vonlipi 1/12/10, 10:41 AM  

I never really liked canned meat....Now I won't be buying it fo'sure! Tracy it was an hilarious post, I loved seen all the pink stuff on bread! :)

Maureen 1/12/10, 11:49 AM  

One word. Barfy.

P.S. I'm going away but when I get back I'll dig up some magazines for you. I'll try to join in today but may have to use an old post. Busy, busy.

Lidian 1/12/10, 3:08 PM  

This confirms my move towards vegetarianism!

RE Ausetkmt 1/12/10, 3:23 PM  

whoooo hooo ! lil bitty peni in a can. sorry I couldn't resist. you know they make that potted meat from the leftovers; that's skin, intercostals, heart meat, a lil touch of penis and some balls. nasty stuff. worse than hotdogs.

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