The Crazy Suburban Mom: Birdbaths along the delaware river...Wordless wednesday

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birdbaths along the delaware river...Wordless wednesday

Birdbaths lining the Delaware River.

Bird baths along the Delaware River

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Beth F 1/6/10, 8:37 AM  

That's a interesting shot. Good eye.

WackyMummy 1/6/10, 8:51 AM  

That's really striking.

catsynth 1/6/10, 11:35 AM  

Great photo. "Small ruins" along the river front.

Julie from Momspective 1/6/10, 1:37 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie from Momspective 1/6/10, 2:00 PM  

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday now that the stress of the holidays is over!

(sorry messed up last comment)

Snowcatcher 1/6/10, 8:00 PM  

How cool. I've never seen a row of them like that before. Love your estate sale finds, too. You truly did hit the jackpot!

@eloh 1/8/10, 2:13 AM  

What is going on here? Is this private property? Puts me in mind of the Cadillac graveyard out in Texas.

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