The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-12-13

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Did you ever know a cockatiel?

They're the sweetest collection of feathers and even
though they could deliver a bite if they wanted
too, I've never met one that bit.


When my son was four and in daycare he had a
class picture done. He was the talk of Bright
Horizons. Well, Noodle was.

When my Noodle died I visited pet shops and
cried for a about a month or so until I saw Tazzy.
She was a mess. Alone in a cage because the other
cockatiels picked on her, pulling out all her crest
and tail feathers. I took her home.


She had one noodle feather, one tail feather
and her beak was crooked. She smiled to the side.

But she's turned into quite the looker...


Although my favorite part might be her...


Her sweet expression.

And know those orange cheeks cockatiels have?
Tazzy's are heart shaped.


And then there's this...


Which I find irresistible...

Now, Ginger on the other hand finds all this entirely resistible...
When Tazzy comes out Ginger goes into her crate...


And shuts the door...

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gifts of the tasty kind....

First I have to get this out of the way cause, well y'all know why... I don't have any relationship with Nuske's or Mrs. Prindables other than being a repeat customer and that their products make me salivate excessively. Oh, and I have bought from both companies for myself and as gifts. They don't know I exist and although that fact does nothing for my self-esteem it is, in fact, true.

I got this in the mail last night....


My whole smoked turkey from Nueske's

I look forward to it every year and since I went out to dinner
for Thanksgiving I didn't have one. And I really have been
missing it. I was on their website ordering a Christmas
present for a friend and couldn't stop myself. I was helpless.

While my kid is attending school he's living with a family friend
and even though I give him money to buy groceries he seems
to wait for her to get home to see what's up for dinner instead.

So I wanted to do something really nice for her. So first I
ordered her a bunch of Mrs. Prindable's Apples


Don't even try to imagine how good these are, you can't possibly.
I got mine from QVC. And I have to tell you something about
QVC. I just got FIOS and it's got HD and I have one HD TV.

Have you ever watched a shopping channel in HD? I may
have to stop watching. Everything looks fabulous and I think
they could sell me a sock full of sand.

And than I moved on to her Nuske's gift. I know, I know....
it seems excessive. But she's been feeding
a teen age boy for three months!

Around tomorrow she will receive...


The Week-end breakfast combo...


And the bacon wrapped steaks...


And um, the honey glazed turkey breast...
She's going to flip a gasket...


Okay and this? This wasn't my fault, about The bacon
I mean. It came as a free gift because we spent so much...

So, If you want to send a nice gift check out these sites!

*And FYI you do not need to send them as big a gift as I sent out
here. Well, unless, the people have been feeding your teenage boy
for three months. Than by all means send them a big gift.*

If you're looking for the Vintage Post, it's here


Vintage Declutting

I think it needs to be vintage thingies decluttering Thursday....

And by the way, when did I accumulate things I never used? Can you tell me that? And how unfair is it that I have to sell things I adore because I have no room?

I really, really hate that.

I went to an estate sale a while back at an incredible house. Like some sort of kitchy time capsule. And I would have bought the kitchen table if I could have. All gray Formica marblized on top and all burnt orange sparklish chairs and I know that sounds weird but it so worked. And it was cluttered the way those kinds of houses usually are. And some creepy guy beat me to a garbage can filled with buttons and looked smug about it, besides.

But I enjoyed just the experience of being there and found these...


I got three big ones and three small. I since found out they are by Federal Glass, the amoeba pattern. I'm keeping the big ones because I am using them

And these...


I guess these were standard issue souvenir Florida glasses from the 50's and I loved them instantly. I never used them. Not once. I have this weird thing about frosted glass. I hate the way it feels and don't ever use glasses that are frosted. I thought I could get past it because I loved these glasses so much but I can't. I hung on to these for quite some time but than I got this last week....

syracuse china nordic mug and bread plates

and their big sisters...

syracuse china dinner plates in nordic

And I need the space so I'm listing the Flamingo glasses today on eBay....

And it's kind of sad that I have to let stuff go....

But I guess maybe it's kind of not if
someone else gets stuff they want.


Hope I can get over the sad part though.

Colorado Lady

Please go here and vote for your favorite picture or pictures and help SONY give some cameras to schools!

It's the last day to vote!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

The time the new calenders come out!

Fooled ya!

I have this thing for planners. Paper planners, to be exact. And I think I may have tried them all... No wait. I haven't. I just thought of a few I haven't tried.

So, five minutes ago I was in a very posh stationary store trying to feed my calender addiction - a refill for a Filofax. And they were behind the counter so I had to ask if they had the one I wanted (They did not).

I got home and just looked in the mirror. My shirt's on inside out. So basically, I was just in a posh stationary store talking to the posh woman behind the counter with my shirt inside out.

And I wonder why she was all, NEXT!

I was looking for the fold out 2010 for a pocket Filofax

filofax foldout

But really? I don't know. The pocket size is so small...

And I also have a few Daytimers Covers around (okay, more than a Notebook, Journal and Pocket sizes). Notebook is great but doesn't fit in my purse but it's probably the most useful size. Journal never seems big enough but it fits in my purse but I never use it because it's not big enough. I always intend to use Pocket and than just don't. Too small.

I bought a Franklin Covey planner ages ago and don't knew where it is. But I bought
another one last year. Julie Morgenstern, she wrote Organizing from the Inside Out,
and has a whole planner system . I got that last year but it didn't work for me.
I'm not really sure why.

I'm beginning to think it's just me.

I tried Whomi...


Gave it away.

This one..


Had pluses but minuses too... Didn't last the year.

The Busy Woman...


Gave that away too.

So, I get all excited this time of year because it's time for a new one but I have no idea what to buy. And they are SO expensive. I've had so many planner fiascoes already. Not that there is anything wrong with any of them and they worked fine for the people I gave them away too. But there has to be some way to know if a planner is right for you. Doesn't there?

Anyone have success with a paper planner?

And how in the world do you pick the one that's right for you?

Also wondering...anyone ever try....


The bubble planner?


Or the Delta Planner?


Low light with my Sony WX1

I woke up kind of late today... 6:30. Almost too late to take my low light pictures.

The technical mumbo jumbo of this camera is it can take low
light pictures without a flash
using the back illuminated
Exmor R CMOS sensor, and increasing sensitivity by 2x to
reduce noise. If that means anything to you.

I will be honest, that meant zilch to me.

So back to my pictures... It was still dark enough to do low-light (no flash) but not early enough to do too many.

I tried shooting some glass.


The room itself didn't have any lights but it caught the light from another room.
The camera picked it up better than I did because I didn't notice the reflections until
after I reviewed the shot. I guess my eyes aren't what you'd call low light.


You can see the sun was coming up but that the room is still dark.
Those are my new blinds by the way. I'm so happy with them.


Still in the bathroom and this was close-up and low-light.

I put my paint brushes on the toilet tank and took this.
Me taking this picture was a stunning visual in itself and I'm relieved no
one was behind me with their own low light capable camera.

But I think it came out really well because this
was a shot in dark room, of a bunch of small objects ...All
at different focal points.

I was surprised it came out at all! Much less something I liked.

So the good news is you don't have understand words like
exmor, cmos, or know what back lit illumination is and you can
still get a rockin' pictures of your paint brushes on the top of
your toilet tank in the dark. If you want too. Not that anyone really would.

But you get my point, right?

Please go here and vote for your favorite picture or pictures and help SONY give some cameras to schools!

If you voted already you can vote again.
The person who took the winning photo gets to pick the school.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A few more reasons to like the Sony WX1

I've never had a camera that would take close-ups. An issue because I like to sell on eBay and sometimes etsy. Have you ever tried to sell a button (the kind you sew on) without being able to take a good close-up? It's silly, really.


Believe me I was all up in these rocks faces. That is if rocks had faces.

And these...


Wood chimes, and I was close to these too...

But I can hear you...What's the big deal, right?


It was windy... Those puppies were swinging.


My last camera said it did this but it didn't.

I'm so impressed by that.

The other thing I really like is where the USB connects, it just connects. There is no annoying flap that I am afraid I will break off. I hated that about my last two cameras. Oh, and the battery has been lasting me a good long time.

So, please go here and vote for your favorite picture or pictures and help SONY give some cameras to schools!

If you voted you can vote again. The person who took the winning photo gets to pick the school.


Retro tuesday with a jiggle...

It's 300 versions of Retro Tuesday!

retrotuesay stamp

At least that's what the ad says.


The first thing that attracted me to the recipe was it looked easy. Oh, and the Jell-O factor. But it really wasn't a freaky Jell-O factor. It actually looked kind of good considering this was 1952 and there was Jell-O going on. I thought all Jell-O recipes in the 50's had chicken, mayo, radishes and blue cheese... with other assorted suspended bits. Like this one...


But nope, and I might make this one.


I just don't get the 300 claim.


I'm getting six...maybe seven, in the ad...


Although with these simple directions...


And what was considered acceptable to put in Jell-O at the time...
Limitless might have seemed about right.

Want to post a retro link with me???

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ginger wasn't my first dog...

I was watching a television show over the week end that left me sobbing for hours. Pit bulls and parolees is a show on Animal Planet about TheVillalobos Resucue Center in California. It's wonderful place that gives people and dogs a second chance.

It reminded my of my Skye.


We got Skye in about 1986 at a pound in North Carolina. She was covered with ticks, filled with worms and a lot of people thought she was the ugliest dog they had ever seen. I never got that; I thought she was adorable.

She was the easiest dog I ever had too; kind, smart and never aggressive. She would have made a great therapy dog. I didn't know she was a pit bull until I saw a horrific expose on pit bulls sometime after I got her. Until than I thought she was just the most lovable mutt in the world.

When she was about six months old we got Maggie. And she was a whole other story. I got her from someones back yard. The father, a German Shepard, was chained to one dog house and the mother, a Doberman was chained to another. The puppies ran wild with some hunting dogs in a fenced yard.

They were entirely unsocialized. Maggie grew up to be a very big, aggressive, never quite socialized dog.

The only things Maggie liked were her family, babies, puppies and kittens.


I adored her.

It makes me sad that pit bulls are so maligned. Skye was the kindest dog I ever met.


She even put up with Maggie's moodiness, fears, and baby hogging...


There are no pictures of Skye with my son ...


Because Maggie was always at his side making sure he was safe...

They were both good girls. I miss them and think of them often. Skye lived a little longer than Maggie but both lived well into their teens.

I miss you, girls...


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Birds, Bees, Sex, Dollars and Sense

Birds, Bees, Sex, Dollars and Sense...

When I had 'the talk' with my kid and how it went

Check it out on NJ Moms blog.

(and you can comment there too!)


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