The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-12-06

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More reasons I like the Sony WX1 Camera...

Besides this one...

pan beach

And this one...

pan beach1

The panorama feature is really wonderful, yes.

But that isn't the only feature I like.

There are other great shooting modes and I'll show them in other posts because this camera...


Is really good and it looks like they dropped the price 50 bucks in the last few weeks.

So, besides the panorama?

The back screen is huge. Perfect.

I'm going to be honest, my last camera drove me crazy because I had to turn it on with my right hand and take pictures with my right hand. It made taking a quick picture awkward - Like if I happened to see something and want to shoot it quickly?

This camera has the on/off button on the left side the shoot button on the right.

Perfect and brilliant. And the way it should be.

Want to help SONY give away some cameras to a school?

Go here and pick your favorite picture (or pictures). The winning photographer will get to pick a school to receive the cameras and SONY will provide them.


Friday, December 11, 2009

He's kissing me!

I'm so behind on holiday stuff.

Every year I used to take a picture of Ginger and my kid for the holiday cards. This year, and I think last year... hasn't happened. Life gets away from you sometimes, doesn't it?

This may have been one of the first with Ginger, and Oh! How she hates getting dressed up!

He's kissing me...

I think it was maybe seven years ago? That's her "He's kissing me!" face...

That face always cracks me up.

She's so indignant although it's hard to be taken seriously in that hat.


Ah, Dell, thank you

If you have been following my recent computer problems ( here and here ) this is the next installment because it's only fair.


Someone from Dell's escalation department called me last night, they had the computer, it was in engineering and they want to know, How can we replicate the problem? I told them, Turn it on - There wasn't any way to not replicate the problem. And than they wanted to confirm my address because....

They were sending me another computer!


Once I peeled myself off the ceiling, I said..... Wait, a new computer? And after a bit more discussion because of my feelings about getting a refurbished unit and just give me my money back at this point already, yes, a new one.

Seems this was the escalated escalation department.


Now it is the same model I had...But hopefully they updated the troublesome parts. Dell Dude thought they had. If not I have escalated escalation department Dell Dude's direct phone number and I am to call him at the first sign of trouble although I don't know who hopes there is no trouble more, me or Dell Dude.


My computer should be here in 7 -10 business days; they have to build it. In the interim I'll use the desktop which as I said, has no problems. Although I can't use it in my bed .... Which isn't actually a problem but, I don't know... You can't beat a laptop with a stick. Although, okay... I really got to the point I wanted to beat my laptop with a stick. But that's old news now.

So that's the update.


Dell made things right and anyone who read the other two posts should know that.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your votes will benefit a school - The sony WX1 Photo contest

Sony will be donating cameras to a school so if you don't want
to read the whole thing, please cut to the chase... I mean the end.

A while back I was on Twitter and saw this tweet go by me about a Sony/Technorati photo contest. It involved Sony sending me a camera to use for the contest and even though my first reaction was, Oh! yeah right that'll happen... I submitted my information and you know what?

I was picked to participate.

I was jazzed and couldn't wait. When I got the camera the directions for the contest said I had to use the sweeping panorama feature and the contest was for panorama shots only.

I was pretty much, say what? because I'd never taken a panorama shot in my life.


I read about the camera and found out this was a setting on the camera and basically involved me moving the camera horizontally. Pretty much, that's all that was required of me. I believe you can change the settings some but I didn't. What ever the factory panorama setting were, were the settings I used.

I've been posting some pictures lately using this camera (these are not in the contest!)...
I think you've seen them...

Remember Ginger's beach?


And my frosty rainbows?


This one too...


They were thanks to the panorama feature...

And you know, as much as people have been very kind and always say nice things about my photography? I think I've gotten the kindest compliments since I've started doing these panorama shots. And I'm so not kidding.

I will continue posting about the camera on my blog but as to the contest...
There will be a winner...

The winner will pick a school and Sony will donate cameras to the winner's choice of school. And how fabulous is that? So, please ... Go to WeSay where the contest is and vote for the photo or photos of your choice (or choices).


Vintage thingies thursday with a confession...

I love visiting everyone on Vintage Thingies Thursday.

Colorado lady has some way cool china and so do a lot of people that participate. I always comment pretty much the same thing - Don't give me ideas! I do not need one more thing to collect!

Meaning china. But you know...

I was looking at my mugs the other day...


I found those Syracuse China dinerware mugs at a thrift shop and couldn't resist.

Would you look at that 'G' on the inside? At least I think it's a G....

And these plates ... I mean c'mon...

syracuse china dinner plates in nordic

Because OMG, they are Syracuse China in the Nordic pattern and do you know how much they cost on eBay?

syracuse china nordic mug and bread plates

And um, there was a mug and a few bread plates that day too...

And the Syracuse china pickle/relish plates...sigh.

Syracuse china relish pickle plates

I'd actually listed these on eBay once and got no bites. Can you believe it?


Oh, those too... Retro heaven I tell ya.


The mugs are unmarked but I think they are
50's Cannonburg pottery in the temporama pattern.


Came home with four until I washed them and than there were three....

Of course, since than I've been afraid to use them but haven't sold them
yet either. I need use them or not, already.

That's the trouble with collecting things you love. You're afraid to ruin them.

Don't know anything about the plates except....



So, about now I'm rethinking my theory about not collecting china.

Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday Everyone!

An apparent china collector

p.s. I've decided to sell some of it (here)
or over in the eBay widget on the right


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Retro Tuesday on Wednesay with the pattern...

Yes, well... I'm late.

Things got a bit crazy after the dust storm (here).

I couldn't sleep tonight and there is some huge storm brewing (which has knocked out Direct TV) so I'm catching up on Retro Tuesday although I guess it's pretty much Wednesday so...

retro wednesday

I love vintage aprons and bought a few at estate sales. I really do need to wear them - I always fear 'ruining' them but they are for wearing, right?

Found an article this morning in an August 1953 Woman's Day about aprons and realized it was a 'get a jump' on your Christmas present making type article. Fun!
Normally these have a mail-away for the patterns but this article had patterns in the back of the magazine so I scanned them all and made small clickable images for anyone who sews!

The patterns are never there so I had to use it for retro Tuesday, I mean Wednesday. Vintage apron patterns from the 50's go for tons of bucks on eBay and I thought, why not just scan it and people can print it? Plus everyone who just likes the apron thing....can look at the aprons.


I wish sewed... I'm just an apron viewer...


They are adorable!


I would totally wear them. Or maybe I would be afraid of ruining them.

But I would totally want them.

And here are the directions! Just click!

Don't know if anyone wants to do retro tuesday on wednesday but...

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Wordless Wednesday Dec. 9



Do you know that poem?

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Wordless Wednesday


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley. 1849–1903


Monday, December 7, 2009

A Cautionary #Fail...

This isn't another rant about Dell, by the way (they are here and here).

This fail is all mine.

Don't read this if you have a weak stomach. It's gross.


I have always thought I had a lot of dust in my house. A preposterous amount of dust. The conspicuous consumption version of home dust. Like there was constant construction outside my doorstep, or Martian dust storms. I'm being funny, I know. But it's always been confusing to me and I've often thought the only way to have this much dust in a home was to call all the area dust dealers and import it in...


It's been a never ending battle and I am so. not. kidding. I moved some furniture yesterday and the emerald green carpet under there was once again ecru thanks to a covering of dust. And more than that my kid has allergies and I've started to clog up every time I lay my head on the pillow.


Every few years we would get some company to clean out the vents, and pipes and whatever they blow out and for a few weeks it's better and than the dust rears it's ugly dusty head again. So today was the day my house was to get it's pipes blown out. It was urgent this time because about five days ago when the kid ran the dryer the smoke alarm went off and I knew that was a really, really bad thing. I declared, NO MORE LAUNDRY! until the dryer vent is cleared. It was tough although my kid seemed good with just using a can of Fabreez.


So, today they come and try to sell us all manner of extras which I was ready to turn a blind eye on.... but OMG. Have you been looking at the pictures I've been posting. They are the circulatory system in my house. They are what we have been breathing. A good ten years accumulation, if I believe the technicians (and I do), who donned masks as soon as they started taking pictures.


My whole house was done within the last few years and my dryer vent was done with in the last few months. But the last dryer vent deal was just two guys who came with a shop vac and never left my dryers side. These guys physically went into my attic and pulled the stuff from the tube with their hands, and I am so not kidding. Feet of stuff was pouring out. I heard it going through the big main tube - heard it! It sounded like baseballs hitting the side of a house. And I'm not surprised the smoke alarm went off, I'm surprised the house didn't catch fire.


I can't explain how it can get this bad when I supposedly had this done every few years. I guess we got what we paid for and waiting for the coupons to come and paying for the minimum was a really bad idea. These guys were here for hours and practically had to take apart the HVAC.

I'm grossed out at the moment and clogged from all the dust that's been swirling today. And am posting this as a public service announcement despite feeling hugely embarrassed. But maybe it will save someone a dryer fire.

This is one an after...


...Of one of the pictures I posted above.


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Return of Making Lemonade out of Dell

Part one Making Lemonade Out of Dell is here

I'm Fed-exing my Laptop back to Dell tomorrow for the forth (or third) time. I shot another email to the Dell higher-ups this morning in response to what's happened so far.


This is the email:

I received a call from what I assume is one of your escalation departments. I want to thank you for the quick call and I have taken his suggestion of sending the computer back once again. What he said was that Dell would try one more time and if the issue reoccurred again my laptop would be replaced with ' a refurbished unit'. I stopped him at that point and said that was entirely unacceptable and he told me that was all he could offer. I can only assume you did not forward my email to the 'executive level' escalation department if he was unable to offer me anything other than a used computer to replace the new one that I bought and never worked.


Sir, what part of implied federal warranty law does giving me a used computer to replace the expensive one I bought that never worked fulfill?


The computer is going back fed-ex, tomorrow. It is my hope that you will be REPLACING IT with a new and better unit - not a used unit and certainly not another unit of the same kind. Your attempts to fix it have been a year long inconvenience to me and to do this again and with your promise of a used unit on the back end is just insulting.


I wonder what will come back? A new, current model? My old computer that's been worked on four (or three) times? A new one of the model I have? Or a refurbished model of who knows what ilk?


This whole thing is chafing me something awful. I have an accidental warranty. A very expensive addition. Had I dropped the laptop out of my second floor window on the day the lawn guys were here and a lawn guy rode over it with the mower - five times, Dell would be replacing the computer.

Without this aggravation.

Had my son been using the computer in his car at Sonic while drinking a Rt. 44 Oreo blast and the gooey cookie goodness oozed inside all the way to the motherboard... and than in his freak of wrecking my laptop he threw the laptop out the window and a sonic waiter in skates roller bladed over it followed by a pick-up truck full of high school students drinking cherry limeade slushes driving over it causing mucho cherry limeade spillage in the ensuing fracas? .... Dell would send me a new one.

Without this aggravation.

Or, I took a shower - and had a brain snap - and forgot I wasn't supposed to take my laptop with me and than tripped on a bar of soap sending my laptop crashing on to the tile bathroom floor blasting it into a million computer-y bits? I'd have a new one.

Without this aggravation.


But I didn't do any of that. So how come I have aggravation when all I need is for Dell to fix a problem original to the unit and one that involves no cherry limeade spillage or involvement on my part whatsoever?


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