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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I admit it...

This is a really great book, by Suzan Nanfeldt.

It's one of those books on what to wear and yes,
the focus is plus size but the rules apply, plus or no plus.

I've had this book for years. It was published in 1996 and is, unfortunately out of print, but you can buy it used. I pulled it out last night following my attempt to rethink a wardrobe. ( A real wardrobe, a successful one...)

And it reminded me to express my personality, to wear clothes that fit, and to throw out things that I've been wearing that look...Okay, awful.

There, I've said it.

I've been wearing stuff that looks awful.
I'm going to go throw out all my ripped up stuff now.

Including the underwear...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How do you do a wardrobe?

I'm thinking I need to buy clothes as outfits? My problem with having nothing to wear may be that I bought isolated pieces but nothing that goes together...

Isn't that what Stacy and Clinton say on What not to wear?

So I need new clothes
starting with jeans...


$18.99 I can totally deal with $18.99
And a top to dress jeans up...

I think you can wear jeans anywhere.
At least that's what I tell myself.

I'd want this top if it wasn't for my...


Arm fat...

What's up with arm fat anyway and
why doesn't it go away when you lose weight?

So I'm thinking this one to dress up jeans...


And cover the arm fat.
What do you think?

And this jacket for when it's cold-ish


Although need is a strong word about the jacket...
I don't really need that jacket, wants more like it.

Moving on...

I had a shirt like this a few years ago.
It was fitted with short sleeves...


I wore it year-round and loved it
Till it fell off me,

Pretty much.


That would totally work over my future white shirt...

And this...


I'm liking that over the future shirt and vest...

And shoes...


Okay boots... Loving these...

I'm thinking this is the way to work out a wardrobe.

Do you think I'm right or am I just spinning my wheels and am
I going to end up with mis-matched stuff yet again?

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It's Retro Tuesday all in pastels...

It's Retro Tuesday!

retrotuesay stamp

I found something interesting in the first magazine I pulled out this morning. I've always known that some colors were associated with certain eras but I never realized how pervasive they were in advertising. I should have, I suppose. If that wasn't the case, a pink kitchen wouldn't scream 1950's to me, right?

I started leafing through a 1958 McCalls magazine and saw this add...


And than this one...


And this ad was a wonderland of pastels....


A lot more like looking down into a gallon of rainbow
sherbet than at a bunch of sheets...


And I realized almost every ad had the same pastel color scheme. Even the ads that weren't selling magically colored things fit it in somewhere...


Even if it was just the background...


This ad is an explosion of kitcheny pastel sweetness...


And I really want these...


Not so much this...


I really like the colors... I really like the aqua/pink/blue/yellow/tangerine thing. It's nice, it's sweet... But beyond that, it's really attractive. And it's stood the test of time. All these years later it still looks fresh. Right. Even current.

Want a bit of yummy sherbet of your own?


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Monday, November 23, 2009

Who doesn't want a Creamsicle Purse?

In July I posted about my search for the perfect purse and got lots of responses. Purses, it seems, are something people have a lot to say about. I agree, me too.

So what do y'all think about a purse giveaway?

Fabulous, right?

Listen... When the Buzz Cooperative asked if I wanted a purse by Sondra Roberts for myself and one to giveaway my answer was Holy Handbag, Batman! Yes! A free purse? C'mon! What's better than a free purse... A purse always fits no matter how much water you are retaining.

Seriously, think about it.

Did you ever have to lay on the bed to zip your purse?

I got to pick a purse and I picked this one.


The details are:

Trupunto Circles - Orange

  • Quilted trapunto body with optional extended shoulder strap
  • Large outside front zip pocket
  • Inside backwall zip pocket
  • Inside frontwall open accessory pockets
  • Zipper closure with tab and lock
  • 17"L x 6"W x 14"H
  • Drop Length: 11"
  • This is what I love about it.... First, It's big but not so big that it's mistaken for luggage. Second - and this is something that I noticed about Sondra Roberts bags while I perusing her site and finding other things to love...

    Like this one...


    This one...


    And oh my! Will you look at this one...


    And I want this one, too...


    And be still my purse loving heart, I'm sure I need...


    ...this clutch, too.

    And I know I'm getting off track but...

    What I'm really grooving on is the attention to detail.

    And not just the lovely outside details either. One of my issues with big purses it that they end up being Grand Canyons of clutter; but the Sondra Roberts bags have slip pockets and zipper combinations (both inside and outside) and I love that for neat storage.

    The other thing is big bags never have long straps and I got a long strap for my bag. And I absolutely love my long strap! It's never been a option before on a large bag and I've been going up to perfect strangers raving about my long strap.

    And okay, they think I'm odd but I don't know about you - I've never seen large purses with the option of a long strap and it's rockin'. I've always wondered why I can't have a long strap...and now I can. I'm a happy, happy gal.

    The purse is done in a fabric the color of a Creamsicle and seriously, what could be better than that? I love a bright color in the winter that pops against winter darks - and this does.

    So do you want to win a Creamsicle colored handbag of your very own? Or perhaps win it to giveaway? Comment here by DECEMBER 5, 2009, 12 a.m. eastern time.

    U.S. residents only please. Please subscribe to this thread so I can find you if you win. I will pick another winner if the winner doesn't contact me by December 7, 2009.

    About subscribe, This is a screen capture of my comment section below.

    If you click where the green arrow is on the comment section...


    You will get updates to this post and you will know if you win!

    But not right there by the arrow - that's just a picture :)

    Sondra Roberts has some tons of seriously fabulous purses that I didn't show you, go take a look. You won't be sorry, although you will drool all over your keyboard.


    First weekly weight watcher update in 2 months!


    I finally went to a meeting this week-end and I was pretty much bouncing off the walls to be there. Can't say I wasn't nervous, but I was happy.

    I haven't gone to a meeting since the recent car fiasco of 2009 and while I stayed with the spirit of weight watchers I was not counting points. I still belong and could have participated online but it was the meeting, my meeting, that's been working for me.

    That said, the first meeting I could make since getting my car wasn't my meeting but I wanted to just get to one - any one! And I did. The result is, in the 2 months that I hadn't been going I lost another 5 pounds which doesn't quite put me where I thought I was, but close.

    My total loss so far as a visual...


    Don't know if you've ever hung one of those puppies?

    I've put up several and they are pretty darned hefty.

    So my average loss for the time I wasn't going was less than a pound a week, something I see at weigh-ins frequently - followed by sad faces, whining and foot stamping! Why? What's up with that? What's with the complaining about losing weight?

    Hello! Isn't that the point?

    I was thinking a lot about what I ate over the last two months and someone recently asked if I "ever cheated" so I thought about that, too.

    I'm (getting) over my thing about cheating.
    In fact, I'm (practically) done with the concept of cheating.

    Cheating means you're living outside your own life - or something along those lines. In the end you really can't fool yourself. With weight watchers you really can eat what you want. There is a saying - You can can have anything you want but not everything you want. Think about it.

    In fact, yesterday I had this...


    But it wasn't about cheating.

    I decided to do a post about things I use on a semi-everyday basis because life is about the things I do every day not the things I do occasionally...


    I like soup a lot. And I love Progresso zero point soups especially...

    They have a new high fiber soup...


    I'm all about fiber...

    I like this one by Campbell's too...


    That's my favorite flavor...

    There have been studies that show warm liquids stay in your stomach for longer periods of time so while an icy cup of water is what most people drink, I drink tea to get my 6 - 8 cups of liquid.... This tea...


    Naivetea oolong teas are like heaven.

    My favorites are rose violet calendula which is elegant and beautiful and smells like a garden in the morning and lychee oolong which is like a bowl of melons and vanilla dusted with citrus (heaven, like I said!)

    I don't think I could get through a day without this...


    Fat-free half and half seems like an oxymoron but it's great for coffee and making cream soups... Love it!

    Speaking of flavoring coffees...


    Capella flavor drops do the job of those syrups at coffee shops with no calories.

    And I finally found a fat free dressing that doesn't make me gag.


    It might not be your cup of tea if you don't
    like Thousand Island but I was so happy to find it!

    So I've come to the conclusion that you can have what you want. And there are plenty of great products to want.

    Some high-cal some no cal...and it's the mix that matters.

    I've gone out for dinner to restaurants and even to all-you-can eat buffets. I've still got more to lose and am still learning. I can't wait to get back to my own meetings. I'm a little nervous about Thanksgiving but my plan is to make the company of my family the event and the not the green bean casserole.

    But if I do overeat, I overeat... I didn't gain what I gained because I overate on Thanksgiving - it was the other 364 days.


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