The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-11-15

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 1, Car....

Well, I didn't get the convertible...

When push came to shove it wouldn't have worked. Besides needing room for the estate sale finds (although I am pretty sure I could have adjusted) my van - may she rest in peace -

Chevy van

Had other benefits...

I would have totally felt rockin' in that convertible but there were things I couldn't do with it, important things... I needed the room and my new car has room...



This last Father's day, I went to pick up my Mother-in-Law for a family party. Well, she's like my Mom-in-Law, my partner's mother. And she was too ill to go so I told my family to go without me, I'll hang with Mongo (That's what we call her).

Every year when the family goes to the beach; I stay home to do the Jersey Shore declutter fest. Mongo used to go to the shore too... But the last few years she hasn't gone so we hang together during the day. This is a picture of Mongo and Ginger during the Declutter Fest of 2008.

mongo and ginger

To continue...

This last Father's Day ended with Mongo and I riding to the hospital in an ambulance. That poor woman has not been home since. Think about it - It's about five months now... I used to take her around in my van because she didn't drive and now she's just at the point that maybe (hopefully) she can go places again. While Mongo would love to tool around in the convertible I don't think it would fit her wheel-chair....

Disappointed as she will be to hear that.

And really, I used to take my whole family to get-togethers - It was great to be able to pick everyone up and just go. That way my father didn't have to drive either. So I went with something that would fit everyone I love.


And all my son's guitars, too.

It's a really nice van...


And looks remarkably like my old one which is great...

Chevy van

I don't adjust to new cars very well.

Plus the mileage isn't bad considering it's a 2003...


It's a Chrysler Town and Country Limited and it has all these unexpected bells and whistles. Thought I was having the mother of all hot flashes. Turns out I have seat heaters.


Who knew there was such a thing?

And that's just one of the million things in there...

Lots of buttons...


Buttons, buttons, everywhere...


And this bunch especially worries me...


Because I'm afraid I'll get all those millions of buttons
set and hit this one by accident and BOOM...


I've reset them all...

So, that's pretty much it. I've got a car and I'm very happy that it's a lot like the one that I had. I don't adjust to new cars very well, in fact I dislike driving any car I'm not used to very, very much. It will take me hundreds of two mile trips before I'm really comfortable. Hope that happens sooner than later.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

63 Days and .....CAR!


More tomorrow!


Why I love my dad...

Every year around this time my father sends us a huge box of oranges and every time I get one, it's a surprise. I guess life fills my head with lots of other nonsensical details and I forget about the oranges. The thing here is, I don't have a window in my kitchen and while I wish it was bright and cheery in there, it's not.

But when my dad sends me oranges, and I fill bright gold Pyrex bowls with them... I don't know...


It brightens my kitchen like the sun was streaming in...

And knowing it came from my dad brightens my life. There are a million, million big reasons why I love my dad but it's the little kind things that make me realize what a wonderful man he is.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't judge me till you've gone a mile in my...



I don't know, does it work for me?

And no, I didn't buy it but I'm going to look at it tomorrow. And it's not a Chevy, I haven't been able to find a Chevy with under 100,000 that I wanted. I'm speaking van here - every van I want is over $15,000 which magically - I don't have.

This car *picture Vanna White sweeping her hand along the side of it*
is a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, kinda hot, right?

What do you think?

Does it suit my new thinner self?


Weekly can't go to weight watchers but doing an update anyway....

So I was having this conversation with Kmart yesterday...

Oh wait, let me back up.

I don't Twitter much because unless you're Demi Moore no one cares if you go and eat pita chips.

So, tweeting this...

Is just stupid.

Yes, I did tweet that - but just to make a point and deleted it right after. So, yesterday morning my mind was wandering, which is dangerous on Twitter, because than I just started tweeting what I was thinking. This time it was harmless - It's time to buy some new clothes.

But listen.

One of the coolest aspects of Twitter is talking to companies. One on one. Out of nowhere one day Chevy tweeted they were sorry my van died. I mean really, how cool is that?

And yesterday morning I was tweeting about wearing some sad and saggy clothes, being mid-diet and not wanting to buy new stuff. You know how that is?

How do you know you are done, weight-loss speaking ? And do you ever feel thin enough to justify spending the money? I haven't be able to go to weight watchers in um, 60 days, no car - but I'm probably around, Oh...maybe 30 pounds down.

My family refers to my attire as diaper pants. Supposedly from behind I look like I'm wearing a diaper, nice right? Moving on.

Kmart sent me this:

How cool is that? And...

Kmart is right. I shouldn't be wearing diaper pants. Well, Kmart didn't say diaper pants per se... They are far too polite, unlike my family.

So what I want to know is, How do you decide when it's time to buy new things if you've been losing? I threw that out to Twitter and got one response - someone who suggested it was the wrong time of year with the holidays and all. I'm guessing that person thought buying tight fitting pants before Thanksgiving was ill-timed and I should stick with diaper pants through the New Year.

But I think Kmart might be right and that person might be wrong. What do you guys think?


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retro Tuesay with a crafty edge Blog Hop

retrotuesay stamp

I'm into crafting; it fascinates me. I'd always seen it as an art form. But since I started reading old magazines I've realized what I used to see as crafts - something to be done in my leisure time - were really essential skills.

Almost every magazine, no matter the genre, had some kind of project. I look at them with 21st century eyes and am pretty much all, Whoa! They range from complex linen table 'fashions' with tatting, to knitting the likes of which I never seen and wood-working. Wood-working? I mean, wood-working... They don't even have shop in our schools anymore.

The change in how these projects were seen seems to come in the late 60's and early 70's because that's around the time I started seeing ads for whole kits, instead of patterns within the magazines. They were also touted as being easy and money-saving. I think at one point making things was less expensive but now... I don't know... lots of times it costs me more to make things. What's up with that?


This was from an American Home Magazine, 1970


An eight page spread of all kinds of kits...


I'm loving that tree and it's BIG. 12" x 30"
For $7.98


A kit for everyone from the easy...


To what looks pretty complex to me, wow


And from kind of folksy


To current events... Dunno about this
a walking on the moon cross stitch seems so odd to me...


All styles...


And projects...


And bling...


I would so have made that. And I so could have -
No sewing, just glue.

Have a love of Retro? Retro recipes? Finds at an estate sale...
Join my Mcklinky and link back to me!

MckLinky Blog Hop


Monday, November 16, 2009

My kids not going to college...

I wrote My kid's not going to college for NJ Moms Blog.


I can't print it here, I promised. But I'd love it if you would check it out.

Man, totally love that kid.


Windows, shopping...

Got nothing to do.

I'm sick.

No car...

And I'm trying to avoid TV
because while I love this...


I don't actually want to buy so...

I've been window shopping.

Or Windows, shopping.

What do you call it when you browse on line?

I decided to redo my living room in my head
starting with my stupid (what was I thinking)
emerald green carpet. This looks great..


I want a floor!

Just saying...

But than I just got distracted and off track...


Beautiful, I want this.


And how cool is this?


This would so elegant up my new
emerald carpet-less room.


And this just makes my retro-loving heart go pitter-pat.

And pretty much my fantasy living room ended up
being full of chairs and entirely impractical, except for...



A big, beautiful coffee table, storage, ottoman combo
that is classy, fabulous and totally functional. What could be
better than something you can sit on, stack stuff on and hide
clutter in?

I mean it provides 4 beautiful leathery feet of seating,
stuffing and decluttering room! Rockin'

I'm going to have to go to Kmart.
Man, when did they get that cool?


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