The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-09-27

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whole Lotta Vintage Shakin' Going On Today!

Total impulse buy, I admit it....

I got this vintage record collection a few months ago because I couldn't resist. I mean, look at this ridiculously adorable little case it came in. What would you have done?
Okay, don't answer that.

There are over twenty 45's that seem to start in the 50's and end with the one Beatles record, Something. Only one record has a cover and some have someone's name written on or some scribbling.

What a time capsule, right? I can just imagine the teenager who this collection belonged to playing these - Because these were played. My son managed to play a few for me before he got distracted with his own life; they do need a good cleaning but what fun!

Look at the cover of this case, I'm thinking leather.


Could you resist those graphics? Not me...

Here's some of what's inside!

...with audio thanks to You Tube to rock the whole experience for you!

Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, Jerry Lee Lewis
(What a pivotal record in rock music!)


You Send Me, Sam Cooke


Young Love, Tab Hunter


Sidewalk Surfin', Jan and Dean


Love Affair, Sal Mineo
Some call it the birth of Rap, some call it the worst song recorded..


You decide.

This was the only one with the original cover
My Own True Love, Jimmy Clanton


Blue Suede Shoes, Carl Perkins


Rock-a-Billy, Guy Mitchell


Sea of Love, Phil Phillips
Omg. I love this song, one of my favorites, ever.


Yeah, I know it's probably boring to you.
But it's beautiful.

Teddy Bear, Elvis
That's was mad charisma, Elvis has going in that video.


At the Hop, Danny and the Juniors


The Beatles, Something - The newest record of the bunch


It's so different from the others. Innocent still, I suppose.
But worldly, intimate - seductive, maybe
compared to the 50's music.

I never posted these, or even photographed them, because I really don't know what I want to do with the collection but Colorado Lady's Vintage Thingies Thursday Thrifted Thursday and Dalomba Days gave me an opportunity to at least share them.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And now without commercial interruption I bring you my new fall schedule

My Weekly Weight Watcher Update has been preempted by a new show on the Fall Schedule. And it's catching all the buzz at the Golden Globes:

Tracy does No Car, Day 10

Oh, what will I wear on the Red Carpet?

It's sort of Survivor meets Hell's Kitchen meets Dexter meets the Brady Bunch.

In a dark alley with a stick.

And no cell phone.

The theme song is from The Twilight Zone and Rod Serling will do his walk on. And yes, I know Rod's been dead a good 30 years.

So, oh! The horror! Right?

But, ya know, in a light hearted still kind of funny way.

Than add a soup├žon of Mad Men to keep it au courant , a hint of the 60's hit Laugh In and The Sopranos for some New Jersey brand Ba Da Bing! and I think we about have it.

And yes, I'm watching way too much TV.

If you're wondering where Laugh-In comes in....


I just got another text from AT&T. Well, last night. I wish they would've just called me like they said on the morning of September 25 because the bill is due in 6 days. Now they say:

My "account is under review and we will contact you within three business days to discuss your concerns"

They have an uncanny ability to time these supposed business-day calls to me around non-business days.

The awful truth is there is no way with a teen who gets calls, and can't control the flow of what comes into that phone - And hey, I've seen the War and Peace sized paper bill of what comes into that phone and I am not even kidding about the War and Peace thing - I can manage with 450 shared minutes for the next thrilled packed 261 days that are left on my contract.

I mean, I can, but I can't afford the $100 overage I will be paying every single month like I did this month. Although I suppose not having a car and all, I probably can afford it but I am not planning on sending my gas money to AT&T every month even if I am not buying gas anymore.

I think that would just put me over the edge.

Anyway - I would love to be happy about renewing my contract. I would love to be happy about staying with AT&T the way I am about staying with Direct TV. Direct TV and I are going steady every since this the conversation the other night. You can read about it here if you want to.

I mean, is it too much to ask to be happy with your choice? To hear lovely music in the air when I sign my contract? To have bunnies and blue birds frolicking at my feet and for sweet Bambi to bring me a magic pen with which to sign the new two year contract? And for three of the seven dwarfs whistling up yonder cartoon hill carrying our new cell phones...

Wait, that was the Disney production of this post. Sorry.

At the very least I would like AT&T to make me feel valued and not just valued for re-upping for another stint but valued for having stayed with them for many, many years - For staying with them when they changed from Cingular.

For staying with them even though they are consistently the last company to employ helpful things (like unlimited texting and 10 friends and family) for their customers.

For staying with them when their employee referred to me as, Ugh, she's back.


Happy Fall!

Happy Fall, Everyone!



Life is complete

Everyone's been doing fall vignettes so I thought I'd
give my Pyrex something to do!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Retro Tuesday to Lounge on...

retrotuesay stamp

Today I have something that came from a just received Woman's Day, April 1955

It always surprises me how much people were able to do for themselves. And how much I would never think of tackling. The magazines routinely had patterns for crazy-complex crocheted tablecloths. I mean migraine inducing work. Dressmaking was standard I take it. Ads for buttons, patterns and material were in every magazine in the 1940's. Many also had ads for yarn, sewing notions and and sewing machines.

Rugs. Patterns for area rugs; I've seen quite a few of those. And furniture, too. Should you tire of the furniture you made there were also patterns to change what you made into other pieces.

I started buying the magazines for the quirky ads but I've noticed something; the newer the magazine the more likely there were to be ads. And the less likely that those ads were interesting. And now since we don't really 'do' anything, we just buy stuff, the magazines are full of nothing but ads. And neither the ads or the content is all that interesting.

So, 1955...

I was flipping through the magazine and saw this...


I love everything about it.

The chaise is quintessential 50's; so clean and timeless. The table is the perfect foil to set it off and the wood floor? It all rings true for me. The cherry on the retro cake is that the image is so wonderful; it should be framed.

Than I scan the page and realize...


it's not a decorating article...


It's a how to project

I made this a small but clickable image for anyone who
wants to take a look and maybe build this beauty. Having that
fabulous chaise would be a dream. Perhaps the only thing better
than having it would be knowing you made it yourself.

An aside here - I've been doing Retro Tuesday for a long time, alone.
Anyone want to do Retro Tuesday with me? Grab the Retro Tuesday Tag, link back to me and have at it! Post something Retro-Tuesdayish. It could be an an ad from a Vintage Magazine, or an old recipe from a community cookbook, something you bought...

Southern Hospitality Blog
Go see her fun week-end finds!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Can you hear me now upadate and another painting

blue copy

The post about "How my week-end at the cell phone stores went" got long. I think there is a point passed where people are interested in reading what you wrote. A point passed where the investment in time is...Well, people just go, Whoa! And click the 'X' because they think you've over-estimated your own self-importance.

So here is the Reader's Digest Condensed Version of this post.


For anyone who wants to read the long version...

I visited Verizon and AT&T and was going to visit Sprint until I remembered an incident I had with them years ago.

To summarize:

I paid a bill twice and had a credit. I asked them to send the overage to me and they said 'Prove it'. I couldn't prove it because I had moved and didn't have said proof. But the damn credit is listed on your bill, phone dudes, I said, to which they replied, Sorry, you simpleton, our own bill saying we owe you isn't proof we owe you, Prove it.

This joyful Fa-La-La went on for a fun-filled, action-packed, roller-coaster of a year, Oh! What a time we had!...Until I tired of it and reported them to the FCC.

I had my check in less than a week.

And with that memory, Sprint was out of the cell-phone race...

I visited the Verizon store and they have several suitable plans. The 10 friends and family aspect helps to keep the amount of needed minutes down. They were also willing to cut prices on several phones to help with having to buy three at once although they didn't mention the $35 charge per line to - What, to activate them? Which involves, I don't know what that even means in a computerized world.

I hate that you can't pick the minimum plan to get the 10 friends and family - Do these companies know how much economic pain people are in? We're bleeding guys? Hemorrhaging.

Losing limbs.

That said, besides the $35 fee on each line (which they all have) I found the choice of plans expansive and I did find one that I thought would work for us. In a perfect world, I would love a PDA / Blackberry phone but do you know that's even more money? I sure didn't.

Than I went downstairs to vent in the AT&T store... But also to find out about their plans and to find out about canceling my contract. What I found out made me ill. If you can imagine sick like eating bad shellfish on top of colitis superimposed on the Noro virus you can imagine how sick I was at that moment. While I can upgrade two of the phones in November, the contracts aren't over until June. I calculated the dates wrong. I'm glad I hadn't gone to the food court first or I would have been spewing Panda Express all over the sparkling Blackberrys and iPhones I covet.

I want to take a moment to pause here and catch my breath. I have a good example of customer service I want to interject into this week-end.

Saturday night, after the cell phone bloodbath, I tried to upgrade my Direct TV package online to add Showtime, so I could watch Dexter, a bloodbath of a more entertaining sort. But my package is so old (This was so ringing a bell) I couldn't do it online because my package - Let's call it the Doddering Diaper & Cane Package - is no longer a valid package.

In order to add Showtime, the Direct TV site was insisting I upgrade and to agree to pay $5 more a month for the current comparable package- Let's call it The 21st Century Glitter & Bling Package. The 21st Century Glitter & Bling Package is identical to the Doddering Diaper & Cane Package it just costs more.

I called Direct TV and asked what to do? And Oh, by the way one of my remotes doesn't work very well anymore, what do I do about that?

Direct TV Lady, a gem among gems, said even though the remotes are normally $15 each she would send me one free, FedEx (FedEx people!) and, Do you only need one?

I don't want to be a remote-pig, I only needed one. But how do I get Showtime, see I saw an ad and it's only $7.99 a month now, Direct TV lady?

Direct TV Lady said, your package is too old to add to online but just call us anytime - We can do whatever you want at customer service WITHOUT UPGRADING YOUR OLD PACKAGE. And I'm going to GIVE YOU THREE MONTHS OF SHOWTIME, FREE! FOR YOUR TROUBLE.

When she said that, People, I felt a sparkly magical wind luxuriously tussle my hair (attractively) and I heard a haunting Beethoven symphony waft in through my windows. From heaven y'all - Straight from heaven. Or Direct TV but at that moment they were the same thing.

And it was lovely.

I didn't have to give something to get something.The Doddering Diaper & Cane Package they were more than happy to sign me up with Lo! Those many four score and a jillion years ago, well, okay, more like five years ago, was good enough for them. Still.

They were treating me like a valued customer.

She said, You don't have to cry, Ms. Reinhardt, that's just how we roll here. Okay, she didn't say it like that. What she said was, I see you're also eligible for a free few months of STARZ, would you like three months of STARZ, too? Yes, oh yes I would, and she said, No problem can I do anything else for you?

Does Direct TV have cell phone plans?

This is customer service. This makes me want to stay with Direct TV forever and ever.

Now back to AT&T.

The guy was very patient during the Cell Phone bitch fest of 2009, responsive and understanding and he gave me all my options. The AT&T stores have upgraded their personal since the last young lady greeted me with, Ugh, she's back. Huge improvement. Thank you, AT&T.

He explained the plans but it was really no help because everything required resigning my contract. He could also not help me with the excess minute charge which is another issue I have with AT&T; the stores, online, and phone division all act like they are separate entities. And perhaps they are but I don't think that's something the customer even knows until you need them to act in tandem.

So as far as what they have? Well they do have something new. Get this:

AT&T now has the same 10 friend and family thing as Verizon.

Did you know that? I didn't. AT&T dude told me it's only been in effect for three days and they haven't had time to advertise it yet. I've noticed that about AT&T, they are the last company to get what the other companies already had. Like unlimited texting. I guess Verizon was killing them with the 10 friends and family thing. This makes AT&T plans very comparable to the Verizon plans. Although as an aside, AT&T had only one free phone available and was not willing to offer any discounts besides anything already listed on the phones. Despite the problems I'm having. Despite having to buy three phones at once and despite being very unhappy.

And despite this being something that Verizon would do.

So here I am, I can't get more minutes without renewing my contract. I can't add 10 friends and family without getting more minutes... and renewing my contract. I can't buy my contract out because it would be $105 per phone to do so.

So yeah...


So here's the score.
  1. No car, Day 8.
  2. 263 days left in cell phone contract w/ AT&T.
  3. Ah! Verizon, I hardly knew ye...
  4. My love for Direct TV has has increased by a Ventifreakingjillion.
  5. 1 more painting finished.


Haven't measured but about
5 feet by 3 feet

I'm certainly managing to finish a lot of art I started despite not being able to do much else.

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