The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-09-13

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ginger rids the world of baby bunnies (CC)

Ginger's been with us for ten years. We got her when
she was four. Or maybe six no one was sure. We
were her forth home and over half of her life had
been spent in one shelter or another. She wasn't easy
to get along with. She didn't play well with other
dogs. And she's been known to pee-pee on
the floor. She followed her nose into lots of trouble.


She doesn't like anything in her yard. Be it baby bunnies
or the mastiff next door; Ginger, all ten pounds of her,
would chase them both out with equal intensity.

Luckily, the mastiff next door was a kind soul.


Her muzzle's gray now.


And she can't see well anymore.


Or hear.

So she startles easy if you get too near her and
she didn't know you were there.


But Ginger still loves her yard and the hot, hot summer sun.

Scanning. Watching. Sniffing the air and satisfied
that after all these years the evil baby bunnies are gone.

Not that they are; she just can't see them anymore.

But she's warm and happy and I'm not going to tell her.



Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Rhinestone Button Giveaway! (and some bitchin')

This is my second post today and I'm cranky, hot and whiny. If you would like to read the first one, and I wouldn't blame you a bit, it's here. It's a lovely post about some sewing trim from the 1940's, a craft project and the winner of a huge vintage rhinestone button the color of the Hope Diamond.

Or just cut to the giveaway - it's at the bottom...


What's my problem? Well, the first one is, I'm rethinking my love of giant purses which I rattled on about in July

But I need to back up because today's crab-on started out at an estate sale a few hours ago. Normally, I love estate sales but I don't much like the ones given by certain companies. The reasons vary with the companies but this is one of those companies and I should have known better. I left the sale with nothing in the van and the beginnings of a headache.

Because I was out anyway I moved on to several pending and annoying errands, like going to the bank;which ended up being way more annoying than I could have imagined. When I get to a bank, not my usual branch, I can't find my debit card because my purse is the California-King of purses and this is what my it looks like when you open it to find something.


And I am so not kidding. That's what it looks like in there.

So I walk back out of the bank and into my van to dump all that junk out. No debit card. 20 minutes later after going through everything like a migrainejillion times I remember my purse fell over a week ago and, Oh! Maybe the card fell out. So I get out, go around the other side, open the door and, Yep. There it is on the floor by the passenger side door.

And I'm really hot and cranky about now because I've totally been in the van without running it because, How long can it take to find a debit card in a purse, right? HA! So I'm all sweaty and raggy and I still have to go in the bank 'cause there is no outside in front of the building Mac machine. So - In I go and there is no INSIDE Mac machine either but I think maybe I missed it so I ask the bank lady and she says I can use the one cars use, which they never say to do. I'm hot and tired and cranky. And I'm passed the point of thinking and just go to the car only Mac machine and wait behind an actual car.

And it's pretty uneventful until a car pulls up behind me and is quite annoyed he has to wait behind a person and starts revving his motor at me and for the love of everything on four wheels I am thinking to myself, WHAT IT'S TO HIM? And of course it's a him because men have no patience but I don't say anything because the man in front of me is as slow as oatmeal going uphill in February and the man behind me is acting like a jerk and I'm no match for a metal bumper but I decide next time he revs me I'm going to yell, What's the rush, Dude, you catch some bad Scampi at lunch or something?

But I don't.

But now on top of everything else I can't stop thinking about scampi. And also I can't stop thinking of being wedged between these two cars for real.

And finally. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. Slow dude finishes balancing the federal budget in front of me and drives off and I get to withdraw my $30 and move on. Yeah, hardly worth all that aggravation was it?

And I still have to go get something for dinner and can't even think about anything but Scampi. But don't want to actually deal with cooking anything and who knew there was this? Because I didn't until I was wandering aimlessly down the frozen food aisle.


Stuffed shells in shrimp scampi sauce by Bertolli

All I have to do is bake it and I hope it's good and will get me past today's scampi obsession.

The other thing I bought in the grocery store was these.


I had a subscription to Real Simple for years but I had to cut back on things, as many of us have. Subscriptions were a casualty. But today after my purse frustration when I saw these I grabbed them up and can't wait to dive into them after dinner.

And that's about it for that... On to button giveaway number 2!

I got another pretty rhinestone button for you!


It's very pretty and I'm sure it's old. It's got a metal self-shanked back.

You'll love it! It will be like winning a tiara.

Leave me a comment by Sunday September 20 at 9 pm eastern time.

Basically you have whole week-end to comment!

I know this post was hopelessly random.


Rhinestone button winner and changing the form of your clutter, is it good or bad?

I took my son to school last Wednesday and it's been a changing thing.

I sleep more. A lot more.

I used to get up in the wee hours. Today I got up at 8:30 which, for me is practically a month from next Thursday. And all I want to do is eat. I've been looking for things to do that don't involve food so I've taken up commando decluttering as a lifestyle. I keep finding things I forgot I had. And do I want it? Should I have bought it? Am I going to use it?

No really, Tracy... Are you really going to use it?

And than I tell myself to leave me alone and go away.

This morning I had to make a decision about some beautiful trim from an Estate Sale. The woman running it gave it to me because bits and bobs of old things rarely have value I've noticed. Especially on the last day of a sale. They weren't even with a lot of sewing items; they were stuck in an old hat box with hats.


When I untangled them from the piece of cardboard they were around I found this.


The hat box was old, the hats were old, in fact most of the things at the sale were very old and I think the trims were that old as well. 1940. Wow, that's some old trim.

I tried to sell them once and no one bought them. I started the bidding at two dollars on eBay. Nothing. Maybe the woman at the sale was right and no one cared about old trim and what a sad comment that is. I never relisted them.

I had my own plan for them which didn't involve sewing because I don't sew. I bought the fusible web and than threw the whole lot of it (plus some antique trim from my Grandmother) in a drawer and promptly put it out of my mind.

Until today when I had to decide.

Since today was donate or use day and I still want to eat but really don't want to eat I decided why not?

I bought this key fob a while back at Akane's etsy shop.


She sewed her trim on and added some buttons and I love it to pieces.

I immediately thought of this project when I needed to use the trim. I found another shop that sold the fixin's for the the fobs, Bag Lady of SC, and placed my order. Months ago...

The stars were aligned today. Today was craft or get off the pot day. Use or donate. I got all my stuff out and gave it a try.

I made three. One with the old 40's trim and two with Grandma's..


This is one of the 1940's trim.

It's got a shabby chic thing going. Or just shabby depending on how you feel about things like this. It isn't perfect. Marks, flaws... But I don't know. I kind of like that.


This is Grandma's trim.

Her's looks almost brand new and I have three color versions of this trim.

And Grandma's again...


I may add some buttonalia to the first one but I'm not sure yet. And honestly I'm not sure if I've done the trims justice by using them. Perhaps these old beautiful things would be better suited to grand garments than fobs? On one hand I love that they could be used and viewed daily. On the other hand should they really be used (and with fusible web yet) on a thing like a key fob? Or should they be used on a sweet little child's shirt?

I'm a bit torn really. And also have I really decluttered? Or just changed the clutters form?

And last but not least although late, very late...

The winner of the button is

blue rhinestone


email me at
mom at crazysuburbanmom dot com

or click the link on the side bar!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The story of a hanger (for vintage thingies Thursday)

This hanger wasn't something I bought intentionally.


I bought (and sold) something that was hanging on it.
But this hanger, I kept.


Everything about it seems permanent. Thought out.



And meant to be kept forever.

It's used in a soft, wooden way. Golden-brown and aged. Storied.

And it's so unlike all the things people buy today and expect to break; and are disappointed when they hang around a bit too long. When things break we can go buy new things. And buying new things is what we all want, right?


But I kept this hanger long after the item hanging on it was gone and I think Mrs. Keller - The person who a long time ago ordered this hanger for her downtown Park Avenue office - would be pleased.

Somehow that pleases me, too.

Visit Vintage Thursday Thingies!
Colorado Lady

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Dalomba Days


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekly Weight Watcher visual with a woof

So my total loss as a visual?


Is that little mink dog bed the cutest thing ever? Faux mink, people. Faux!

I was looking for something a little different this week and I couldn't find anything. Ginger was no help; when I asked her she ignored me.

Except when her eyes said, Unless this involves a dog cookie go away.

ginger and the doody in the gym bag...

So I was on my own pretty much.

But Ginger did get me thinking dog related items and that's how I found Blingblingpuppy and this totally stylin' dog bed.


I've lost so far about a dog bed plus a dog depending on how much the dog weighs, I suppose. Granted this is a piece of furniture for a very small dog...But Hey, it's a piece of furniture! And I'll take it!

And so would Ginger but she's going to need a major attitude adjustment before she gets a $600 dog bed, Young lady and don't you forget it!

Weight Watchers Momentum Program

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Retro Tuesday Fridge Edition

retrotuesay stamp

I rarely plan Retro Tuesday ahead of time. What happens is after some coffee and railing about the unfairness of my hair, I go through magazines, see what grabs my attention Tuesday morning and go with that.

With one exception, I did the same thing this morning. Something was on my mind. Well, okay many things were on my mind, many things are always on my mind which is why I never pre-write my posts - I just wake up and write whatever's there.

But anyway - Last night I was watching HGTV and yet again a family was buying a house - That could be the tag-line of HGTV (COME SEE YET ANOTHER FAMILY BUY A HOUSE TONIGHT!) and I was struck how they AGAIN said, Oh look! We don't have to redo the kitchen, it already has nice granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. And I'm thinking right now I guess the tag-line of HGTV could be, COME SEE YET ANOTHER FAMILY BUY A HOUSE WITH GRANITE COUNTER TOPS AND STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES. I used to like that station and now it's, I don't know, not applicable. Fluff. It's become the Food Network, Interior Design Version and don't get me started on the Food Network.

My apologies. This post is getting all off track and unwieldy but I am SO over granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. I get that they are nice and high end but C'mon! Enough already.

So when I was looking at the June 1965 issue of Family Circle and saw this Whirlpool Fridge I made an audible Squeee loud enough to disturb Ginger.


And I had to laugh at the, Closed it looks like any other refrigerator, title.
When was the last time you saw a color like that on a closed fridge?

But than I looked closer at the inside. Is that pink in there?


Oh yeah, it's pink along the edges.

A pink and aqua fridge was the perfect antidote for my stainless weary brain. And I stared at it for a while and started wondering what the stuff was. Of course I saw the requisite 60's jello concoction...


But look closer, it's brand placement central in there...


See 'em?

I may have a new game in the making... All I need is a stack of vintage magazine and a magnifying glass. Spot the products! 7-up.... Gerber... I think there's a Pyrex Fridge dish. Not to mention the deviled eggs, maybe the quintessential shrimp cocktail and that square ham there?

So for my new game of what do you see in the vintage Fridge, What do you see?


How 'bout these? Canada dry, Coca-Cola, Del-Monte ketchup?
Lindsey olives, I think. More Pyrex of the turquoise variety...


Now the freezer, I can't pick any out but maybe you can?

Last day for my vintage button giveaway - want to win this?

blue rhinestone

Enter here

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Show off your Art 9/14 Blog Hop

I don't do a ton of mcklinky blog hops but I wanted to do this one. I haven't done small format art called ACEO Cards (art cards originals and editions) in a long time. The only requirement is that they are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Other than that, they can be any medium. I worked this small until I had problems with my eyes and I've not worked this small since.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Dream aceo


facing therapy aceo

Collage with photography

Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me  ACEO

Collage with photography

Hanging on ACEO

Sliding down the wall
Collage with drawing

its a pear

Retro pear
Painting on canvas

The yin and yang of the TV show "24" ACEO

Collage with photography

I have a vintage button giveaway going on

blue rhinestone

It's a pretty one!


Vintage button giveaway for the Like a Virgin Declutter Fest

Had a busy week-end rocking The Like a Virgin Declutter Fest...

I accomplished a lot this week-end although looking around, I don't know. It looks the same around here despite having a(nother) van-full ready to go to the VNA rummage sale, which concerns me. Why is that it that no matter how much you give away, what you have just multiplies to fill the available space? That is why I'm glad my house is small; I'm almost afraid if I had a bigger house, I'd just have a bigger pile of crap to deal with.

On to the Like a Virgin Declutter Fest...

Here are some of the things I'm keeping.

Two major things I had to find places for or let
go were a lamp I loved and a 50's Naugahyde hassock.
I think I've worked it out.


Both were large and had moved around a lot. This week-end I moved a chair to a corner and created a reading nook, something I've always wanted to do. It's not a place you can view the television and that is kind of the point. I'd like to change the pillows but other than that, I'm happy with the main placement.

I like glass. I like the shine and the glow of it. I really like the colors and the art of glass.


This vase wasn't expensive but I love the design. The silver thing I believe is a butter dish that I got on the last day of an estate sale a few months ago. I paid four dollars and was told it's silver plate, very tarnished at the time, although the man who sold it to me looked like he thought he made a mistake about that, kept turning it over and over in his hand but didn't want to say anything to me. I really don't know.


I can't identify the mark on the bottom...


But I think it might be what is called holloware. Something used a long time ago and generally plate and very heavy. This is very heavy and looks hand wrought. Its irregular, not machine made and it's spitting in some of the crease areas. According to wiki
holloware is:

Holloware (or hollowware[1]) is a term that refers to table service items such as sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, teapots, soup tureens, hot food covers, water pitchers, platters, butter pat plates and other metal items that went with the china on a table. It does not include flatware. Holloware was constructed to last a long time. It differs from some other silverplated items in being made with thicker walls and more layers of silverplate.

Dining car holloware is a type of railroad collectible (railroadiana). The relative value of pieces depends on their scarcity, age and condition, and the popularity of the trains the items were used on.

I am keeping this one, it seems to have an interesting history either way because it's totally banged up.

This is something an Aunt gave me.


It's a large glass chip and dip bowl with a metal frame that fits over it, holds the middle smaller dip bowl and three edge tooth pick caddies. I'm keeping this probably more emotionally although I do use this for company. I think she had this at least 50 years.

More glass.


A yellow and brilliant blue Blenko vase and similarly colored inexpensive bowl.
Keeping them because of my glass fetish.

Now these...


I'm torn about these. They tweak my love of
vintage kitchen things and my love of glass. I'm having a harder time deciding what to do with these...

I bought them to use them but haven't. And I don't know what to do with them but I can't bring myself to load them into the van and donate them so I'm a bit verklempt about what to do with these. I'm putting off my decision about these.

I did let a bunch of stuff go to keep this vintage Pyrex...


This restaurant platter...

green restaurant ware platter

And the one with this rim...

blue platter

And half the buttons...


But I decided since everyone was grooving on the buttons
I'm going to have a vintage button giveaway...

Or a few!

I'm going to start with the big rhinestone buttons
, since those are the ones everyone loved.

blue rhinestone

The first one is going to be a short one to see how it goes. But the thing with the giveaways is I can't always find the winners and what's up with that? Don't you want this button? I mean I know you do!

So do me a favor - help me out.

Help me find you, please.

Tell me what you want to do with the really, really large beautiful vintage rhinestone button in the comment section...

And subscribe to this thread, leave your email, link to me in your blog...Something ladies!

This contest will run until Wednesday September 16, 2009 at 12 am. eastern time and I'll announce the winner that day. I need to hear from the winner by September 18.


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