The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-08-30

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dude, your mom's bangin'

Next week my kid starts his luthier apprenticeship. I talked about it in last week's weekly weight watcher update here. It's not close enough for him to live at home and I'm having a tough time of it.

Ma, you have to let go.


Yesterday we took a trip to the guitar school to sign stuff and pick up a tool list so today he can order a bunch of guitar related paraphernalia. We've been to the school a few times, but not recently.

We made good time on the drive, exchanged guitar-related pleasantries on arrival - Well, they did, I wouldn't know a guitar-related pleasantry from a corn on the cob - And commenced guitar-related conflabbing. Head Guitar Repair Dude goes over tools and contracts and logistics. Strings, frets, whatevs. Out of nowhere Head Guitar Repair Dude says, Did you get your hair cut? And my kid says, Yeah. Head Guitar Repair Dude is all, Not you, Dude, your mom.

Yeah, I say and he's all, You look totally different. I'm thinking it's the diet, not the hair.

They move on to other stuff. Safety, listening, being on time, and than this, Did you lose like 30 pounds or something? And I go, More like 20.

And he looks at my kid and says, Dude! Your mom's bangin'...

Than we all fist bump to my success. So I'm mad blushing about now because this isn't something that's happened recently and my kid totally reminded me about the blushing later.

More than once

And they go on about more guitar - I don't know - stuff. And my kid gets the list and they finish talking instruments and tools and more guitar related - I don't know, stuff.

On the way out the guy yells to my kid, See you next Wednesday and Dude, bring back your Mom.

I really enjoyed this because I've not seen this look on my kids face in a really long time.


That magical mix of horror and What the??

So, okay.

Reality check. While that was lots of fun, I'm nowhere near bangin', but I did appreciate someone noticing my pre-bangin' efforts.

Thanks Mr. Head Guitar Repair Dude. You're the first person to notice.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The kitchen table of my dreams...and a few blog tiaras

I read a lot of blogs. I spend more time reading other people's blogs than I do working on my own which is a bit odd, perhaps. I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately and I think I do this for the same reason I read non-fiction instead of fiction; there is so much I wish to learn. So much that interests me.

This post is actually about Fall Nesting, a theme I picked up from The Inspired Room. But stick with me for a minute because that blog got me thinking the blogs I read are as random as my interests so I want to give out a few Blog Tiaras.

blog tiara

A Cat Named Anabel
Because she is an amazing writer and funny, oh! So funny.

Vonlipi's Favorites
Because she has the best Pyrex karma of anyone I know.
Pink, for Pete's sake. She finds pink!

Because I never know what she will say, and I love it all.

Dealing in Subterfuges

Because if you love the shows Top Chef and
Project Runway, you will love this blog more.

Okay, now on to my point.
Fall Nesting.

Over at The Inspired Room the talk was of fall nesting and what it means to her; nurturing. I agree and I had a funny experience this week at the A&P. I walked down the produce aisle and was hit in the face by the smell of cinnamon, in a good way. I finally found the stack of scented pine cones it was coming from.

Fall is almost here, I thought.

Yesterday I saw a local estate sale advertised with many high end 50's and 60's items. One item I really want but can't afford. An original Saarinen table and chairs; priced at $3000. I want it because it reminds me of the one my friend's mom had and it was a place I spent a lot of time. A happy place. A place I felt good.

I have a table and chairs, of course. A nice one, a wood one. I never eat there, it's not comfortable. I eat on the sofa. I've been thinking in the last few months that if I had a table and chairs like Diane's mom,I'd eat in the dining room. Than yesterday this sale came up, and I saw the table and the almost chairs (hers were a bit different).

I think nesting is a good theme for the fall -perhaps not just the fall - and in my estate sale forays I should seek out the table and chairs that would a joy to sit at. Make my own home the home of my memories.


I found this dining set at Sudio 50's ; a site worth checking out. This is the set my friend's mom had; those are the chairs. Although the dream-chairs had atomic aqua seats, Diane's mom did later recover the chairs in a dusty moss. I would need chairs in maybe a gold color?

Someday, perhaps if my retro karma is really good.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekly Weight Watchers Visual

My total weight loss so far and the shipping weight of this?



Which is, um... Wow. Kind of shocking to me.

I've been posting things and some of them seem heavy but rugs? I don't know, rugs really seem heavy to me. Have you ever tried to carry a rolled up rug?

I found that picture and looked up the shipping weight and went, Damn. And than went, Damn, again. And I've pretty much been a-saying, Damn since I looked up the shipping weight on that 2' 7 x 11' 10 Persian Tabriz Runner Rug and it matched my weight loss.

So unless you want to read me say Damn again I'm pretty much tapped out for words.


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Old pictures, memories, thoughts...

The girl who swallowed herself...

Do you suppose there was a time before I was me when I was really me?


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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Retro Tuesday Addiction

retrotuesay stamp

Did you ever see ads like this?


Geritol was huge in the 60's, and into the 70's, I think.

Iron-poor blood, it was called. Want to see non-refutable lab evidence?


There was much ado about tired.

Tired ,tired, tired.

I think tired, tired, tired was the 'yadda yadda yadda' of the 60's. There was stuff about always being tired. Waking up tired. Going to bed tired. Feeling tired. Looking tired.

Well, I don't need to type that, it's here in the ad.


I'm exhausted just reading how tired women were the 60's....

But I wonder...

You know me and my little friend, Google. I can't let those freaky-deaky ads go, I have to find out what was behind those nutty claims.

As the ad says...


Here's my theory on the pervasive exhaustion.

According the book:
Drugs in America: Sociology, Economics, and Politics
Ansley Hamid, PhD, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

"Many physicians refused to believe woman capable of tolerating minor ailments without the support of drugs. As a result, in 1974 two-thirds of the almost twenty-two million new prescriptions for Valium and thirty-eight million refill prescriptions were written for woman, and seventy-one percent of the over six million new prescriptions and twelve million refill prescriptions for Librium were for woman."

Um, that's 21 million total new prescriptions for those two drugs alone. The number of pills dispensed must have been in the ventigigajillions and it doesn't include prescriptions started before 1974; which must be a tidy stash.

So, what's my point here? Geritol was around forever, as were many products of that ilk. I'm sure it was a fine product but really... Is it any wonder so many woman looked exhausted; were exhausted?
Over 20 million new prescriptions a year were written on these two tranquilizers alone. For some perspective on the numbers- According to the 1970 United States census the counted female population was 104,299,734.

When you account for the years and years of woman already scoring refills by 1974
isn't that more prescriptions for woman than women?

Oy. Now my head hurts from math and ridiculousness so I'm filing today's Retro Tuesday under 'Much Fuster-Cluckery' and taking a shower.
Or maybe a bath? Didn't they do the whole Calgon, take me away thing back than? Was that just code for Bring me my Valium, James?

(* A side note - According to Trends and Patterns of Drug Use - Valium's best year was 1975 with 61. 3 million perscriptions.)


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Monday, August 31, 2009

Thrifting SCORE!

I haven't done a Yard Sale SCORE! in a while and I've found some great things in the last few months...


Butterfly Gold (I think it's called) Pyrex fridge dishes,
gravy boat and plate (for said boat). I think I paid $1.50
for all of these, maybe less... If you like this pattern, you're in luck!
It doesn't seem overly popular on eBay for most pieces
so prices aren't crazy. I listed these and they didn't even sell. Go figure.

Fire king made a lot of things in a pattern called Soreno. I think that is what
the next thing is. It's not a very popular Fire King pattern but I found this
small gold dish that goes with my kitchen and a green ashtray I keep outside.


It might have been called a berry bowl, not sure about the size though. This
pattern can be had cheap on eBay, it doesn't seem popular at all. I paid less
than a dollar at a thrift store.

Now this is something I don't usually buy but these were there
the last three times I went to the thrift store and I finally broke down.
I bought all three dishes and four cups and broke one cup washing it.


The plates are marked Colorcraft the cups aren't marked. I was going
to sell them but I'm thinking of keeping them and trying to find more.
They are really retro heaven and I'm sick (SICK!) about breaking a cup.

Diner Ware? Restaurant Ware? Ever heard of it? I hadn't
until I ran across all these cups and bought them all for, I
think 75 cents each? When I looked them up there are tons
of people already collecting them. Most are by Syracuse China.






I had planned on selling these but I don't think I can.
They feel so good in your hand and they are lovely. Simply designed.

Just lovely.

And these glasses... Oh my!

I found three large ones and three shot glasses and it was love
at first sight. These glasses may be my favorite thrift purchase in
the history of thrift purchases! I'm never going to sell these.

Never, never, never... And I don't even do shots.

And as to these?


I found four and I can't part with the Florida Retro Pink Flamingo Glasses
either. Luckily my family is enchanted with both sets of glasses...

All is well on the glassware front.

A departure from the kitchen things is a Dooney and Bourke
briefcase from the 80's I think that I picked up for $20. I needed
a laptop case because I am giving mine to my son.


And this retailed for (omg!) over $300 as crazy as that seems, and it's in
mad-great shape. I feel like yard sale karma was with me Saturday!

Don't know if I'm the only one with a thing for buttons, I've
never posted buttons before but here goes!

aqua buttons

Buttons used to be distinctive...

vintage hat shaped button

Sculptural like art...

large vintage flower buttons

Carved like gems...

vintage green buttons

Or simply beautiful...

But there was a level of pride in design associated with them that is missing today.


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Want to see other peoples finds?

Check out


Southern Hospitality

Yard sale finds! You will find hers and many others there!
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