The Crazy Suburban Mom: 2009-07-26

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Stuff I don't get #1

My phone rang yesterday in the grocery store and like a million times before I got a collective dirty look from all within earshot.

It's not that they were doing anything special it's just that most people seem to regard my ring tone as a hideous offensive awful. See, my phone rings. It sounds like a phone. A clanging old-time phone with a, you know, bell?

I can't wrap my mind around why my ringtone irritates people so. Plus....Not fifteen minutes before I got the canned food aisle glare-down ; the produce aisle was all a-giggle as another phone alerted with with a string of burps and farts the likes of which I haven't heard since my son's 11th birthday party...

Granted, that phone belonged to an 8 year old boy but that brings up another thing I don't get....

Why is it a good idea for an 8 year old boy to have access to ring tones?


Want to share something you don't get?


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Total weight loss so far with visual

My weight loss total so far

in a girly 3-D visual dramatization.


Why yes, that is a Hello Kitty bowling ball since you asked.

I figure Miss Kitty in the round is about 10 pounds which is what I've lost; around 10 pounds.

My theory is anyone who needs a ball over 10 pounds wouldn't be caught dead hurling Hello Kitty down a lane so chances are they don't make Hello Kitty bowling balls much over 10 pounds.

So, yes. I've lost just over 10 pounds now and I've worked on an eating issue of mine.

Every a meal doesn't have to be the event.

Eating can just be about getting to 'not hungry'. Your company can be the event, your life can be the event... The rolls and butter? They should not be the high point in your day.

This has been a crazy weight loss moment.

Thank you.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My feet are as ugly as Cruella DeVille's face...

...if her face was calloused, cracked and looked like she could put cigarettes out with it.

Which I guess makes my feet worse looking than her face.


To recap.

My feet are pure evil because they look like they want to make a fur coat out of puppies, can put cigarettes out with their feety faces, and have crevices that would make the Grand Canyon weep with jealousy.

Want to know where I'm going with this?

My birthday was in March and my dad gave me some money to get something I wanted. Want is hard. There are so many things I need that want gets chucked to the back burner. I put the money in a drawer and waited.

Until a week ago when I found these.


They are called Women's Penny Slide Shoes
and aren't they adorable in all their brightly colored patent leathery splendor?

They are from and not only did I find something I really, really wanted but they were on sale for $12.99 and I got free shipping. So did I rejoice in my ability to get shoes that I loved for less than half price?

No, I did what any other sane woman would do.


I ordered them in a second color.

So what's the problem? My problem is the shoes are so beautiful they sing. No, really. They actually sing. Whole show tunes float up from my magical patent leather party shoes which makes my grumpy cracked cigarette stamping Cruella-faced feet even grumpier. And appear even uglier if that's possible.

I need some suggestions for foot care products. I know lots of you do reviews and I'm hoping maybe someone has done a review on some kind of foot cream that can turn my feet human again?

Pedicures are a wonderful thing, and while I think professional help would speed up the un-Shreking of my feet, right now that's not in my budget. So ladies, don't tell me how wondrous pedicures are... it will only make me jealous of the foot massages that I'm missing.

The soles of my feet are counting on you to tell me what can help them. My heels are decidedly uninterested, think they are beyond help and think being able to put out cigarettes is kind of cool. And my toes are wiggling with anticipation and telling my heels to shut up.


Why if it isn't Retro Tuesday again?

retrotuesay stamp


I keep running across these fabulous dinette sets. I think they attract my attention because I don't eat at my kitchen table; I eat on the couch. I know that's an awful thing to admit but my chairs are wood and uncomfortable. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them.

I love these dinettes because are informal and very comfy looking. But they are also modern and colorful - and very fashion forward. I would love to run across one someday, for real.


The yellow one would go better in my kitchen but I wish the chairs had the gingham pattern too. I love that the top set has the pattern on table and chairs and I think it must have been very daring to mix colors! This was in a 1952 magazine.

This next one is one year later...


But it looks so much more modern to me!

Everything about it, from the design to the dinette being in a dining area rather than an eat-kitchen. The first picture looked closer kitchens in magazines from the 1940's while the second one looks closer to the kitchens from the 1960's.

I got curious about this Lowry dude because every ad around this time seems to have "9 out of 10 experts" spouting some nonsense but it turns out Raymond Lowry really was important. Really really important. He's called the Father of Industrial Design and is responsible for things and logos as diverse as the coca-cola and U.S. postal logos to the Greyhound bus (the actual bus) and Cold Spot Refrigerator for Sears. His website has tons more information about him.

The things you learn when your looking through old magazines, right?

I have one more thing for you this Retro Tuesday.

I was going through a community cookbook yesterday and one of the things was a pre-printed shopping list to help you with your menu planning. It was fascinating. Sort of a time capsule into the year the cookbook was published, 1968.


There are so many things on there that would never be considered weekly purchases today. I can't remember the last time I needed lard, for example. Or liver. Or sardines. Wow.

I certainly don't need jello weekly. Or starch. I don't think I've ever bought starch. I've muddled through most of the abbreviations but I can't figure out some of them so I photoshopped some check marks in...

Any thoughts about what those could be? Not a clue on my end.

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Hello Kitty Winners!

Hello kitty giveaway on my blog

The winners of the Freakfest Keyword Hello Kitty Giveaway are:

Vonlipi is my sister in Pyrex except her Pyrex is way better. Her blog is Vonlipi's Favorites.

Lisa who's blog is Cheerios Underfoot and has a dog like I once did. Skye ate, among other things, a box of uncooked Bisquick, a can of general foods international coffee, an entire ice cream cake, and a plastic tape dispenser (with the tape).

Nancy who's dog Charlie sounds adorable!! And I can just picture her and Charlie holding 'hands'!

Congratulations ! Email with your address and I'll send you Hello Kitty


Monday, July 27, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

You're out with friends and family.

Everyone's talking and laughing and having fun
and than out of nowhere your family starts making
fun of you about something ridiculous and untrue.

For arguments sake, let pretend I have a Pyrex addiction.

Not that I do.


And you're sitting there with a smile, you know, pasted on
waiting for the torture to end.

But it doesn't because they keep going on and on
about how much Pyrex you have and so
finally you're all, Shut up I do not.

But by than they're all laughing so hard they are
doubled over and saying, Oh, sure you don't. And than you're
not smiling anymore and they are all, You are SUCH a big baby.


And than you leave the room but can still hear them making fun of
how many places ALL over house the Pyrex is and not just one
piece either but as many pieces will fit in any given space.

And you cover your ears and yell, SHUT UP ALREADY WITH


And they just roll their eyes at you and you know
that because you can hear their Pyrex-hating
eyeballs rolling around in their eye sockets and
than they say, It's so bad she has to stack the stuff outside.

And you cringe.


Because it's true.

I looked in some vintage magazines this morning for a Pyrex ad but couldn't find one. I'd noticed this before and thought I missed them but no, couldn't find one ad. Which is odd; there are certainly ads for everything else in the world.

I did find something else that I love and have run across from time to time at sales. But never brought home.

While you can stack pyrex, put it on shelves, in closets, on top of major appliances and even leave it in your van until the family leaves so you can hide it somewhere in the house... The same thing can not be said of chairs.



I really love mid-century modern chairs.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stationary Winners

Yoplait Thick and Creamy Gift Photo

This Giveaway is over and I really enjoyed everyone's comments.

The first winner is Debbie at Suburb Sanity who is VERY funny...

The second is Sofia Smils, Congratulations! Sofia

Email your addresses to


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